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I just bought a 20 pt merkabah and on the meditation u say to anoint your hands with the white aroma oil- STILLNESS? just wondering which type of oil you're referring to. Stillness itself?


My Calya Journey-Wise System works in 17 Color Realms. You can study the complete system of self-help and Color Healing right on using your daily Aura Color to help you navigate life.
Link to Old-Earth home page:

On that page - in the top right area - you will see a beautiful color wheel with the caption 'What Color will help me now?"

Click on it for one way to find your daily Aura Color Realm:

I am also an Aromatherapist and have blended essential oils to help convey and support the spiritual work of each Realm. The White Realm Oil blend is called STILLNESS - here is a link: You do not have to anoint with it to accomplish the meditation, but it is wonderful support item.
And here is a link to the Other White Realm products:

Calya Journey-Wise is a marvelous system, complete with crystals, oils, meditation, and books and cds and your own personal spiritual journey-path can be followed as you wander through Old-Earth!

I know that was the long-version of the answer, but I wanted to make sure you understood the Journey-work and the website.

Here, too, is a quick link right to the STILLNESS oil:

Please find your color daily and Safe Passage, O, Seeker and Journey-Wise!

Also read my fantasy fiction books Calya Journey-Wise... paperbacks or eBooks available here or at Amazon and other places.


Hi Calya, I have a question about ghosts.
Do you believe that ghosts are people's spirits that hang around or wander around for any length of time?

I was hearing heavy footsteps walking down my hallway back and forth and it would stop right at the entrance of my doorframe and then walk back to the back bedroom and do it all over again. This went on for two years after my uncle died in 2005.

Finally it stopped in Dec. 2007. The footsteps would be going on even when I was sleeping and sometimes would wake me up and I could feel a strong presence staring and looking in at me so I would look and would see nothing. Sometimes I'd be in the kitchen downstairs and I could hear heavy walking right above me on the ceiling which is where the back bedroom is upstairs and the weight of the footsteps would be standing right above me. I'm wondering if it was my uncles spirit or not.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Good Morning, R!
Nice to hear from you!

Ghosts! Hmmmmmmmm....!

As nothing has ever been proven one way or any other, it is certainly up to an individuals personal belief system.

I believe there is a Body&Soul&Spirit for each living thing - animals and trees, crystals and people.

I believe that there is a veil of energy which connects all things to all things, and includes a Collective Consciousness.

I believe that wen we die, the Soul - individual aspects- and Spirit - collective aspects-, are freed - released - and reabsorbed back into the Veil, retaining the individuals aspects and continues on their Journey.

Sometimes, here in this plane, when a person or animal dies in body, their spirit/soul stays in this plane - refusing or not knowing how to move on through the Veil.

NOW, sir!
You knew it was your uncle - you heard him and in your heart you knew.

The best thing would have been to talk to him, ask what he needed, and tell him that it was OK and time to move through the Veil - on into the Light; that he would be safe and you would be fine.

You might want to call to him and tell him these things now as, I also believe, those passed over can still hear our voices and feel our good wishes and love and vice versa! And even if none of this is true, it helps us.

All the best,


I recently received the 6 (six) packs of Tiny Tumble Gemstones from you. I want to put them into my drinking water to charge it.

Is it safe?
Do they contain any toxins? I tried to seperate them into individual crystals but I just could not.

I hope you are not laughing your head off! Can you tell me the names of all the crystals in each pack? Frederick


Good Morning, Frederic, thanks for your note.

I wasn't laughing until you said you hoped I wasn't!!! :)

I actually wouldn't recommend you charge your water with the tiny tumble as - well, they are so tiny!

If you put them in a gauze bag - like a tea bag or even a tea diffuser that would be much better, and that is the same method for a foot soak or full bath.

If I had known your intent, I would have sent you a couple of the gauze tea bags.
The larger tumble are much easier to work with for these purposes; many even use a quartz clusters.

First thing, place a hand towel in a glass or ceramic basin so the stones do not chip and wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water (washing up liquid is fine or best is a pure glycerin soap, like Pears) and rinse very well. Drain over paper towel and store in a glass container. Plastics are not used.

As for the types of stones: Quartz, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Aventurine, moss Agate, Carnelian, Citrine, Tree Jasper, Sodalite, and Agate.

That's what I can remember. Why not keep them mixed and get multi-energies at the same time?

Oh, and no, no toxins. But lots of dust, dirt and debris, probably polishing wax... wash well.

So, not laughing but waving cheers, *:-h wave

Comfort and Joy!


Hello, J and I have been talking a lot recently about the readings we have received in the past. We are wondering how far ahead some of the readings predict events? Or if they have an expiration, so to speak.

The reason we wonder this is that J has been noticing some things happening that readings by you and some others have shown her. For example in one of the readings you did for her, you described a man (appearance & other details you mentioned) and up until June of this year she had never met a guy that was even close in anyway.

In most of my readings they were right on about things.
Thank you for your help. Have a nice weekend.


Hi, M, and thank for your question! The time is very flexible with readings. Sometimes the energies manifest quickly and sometimes, due to changes in our behaviors and mind set, it never happens at all!

That is because we have FREE WILL and are the authors of our own lives.
No reading is set in stone - it just describes the swirling ethereal energies that are floating around us and may or may not come into being. That's why I always encourage folks to do their Color Realm Journey-Work and say:

The reason we do Readings and Divinations is to find out what the current energy patterns are surrounding a person, place, thing, idea, question...

If we see a pattern developing that we like, we can help it along, keep it flowing and build on it. If we see one developing that we do not like, we have time to change course and avoid the predicted outcome.

Take Care!

Good for J! and I will post this as an anonymous FAQ!


Calya, I have a question.
What is your opinion about these so called..."A year and a day" witch courses that some of these witch shops offer?

I personally believe that there are certain people who have never taken those classes and they know more compared to some people who have taken them. Although I've been told that learning hands on in class is different from reading books or what's on the internet.

I understand, I have taken a few hands on courses but not the year and a day course and I feel that I know more than a lot of those who did take them.

Thank you and hope to hear back from you.


Hi, Ray, nice to hear from you!

I have not studied with any of them, so I can't really say much about them.

The term 'a year and a day' comes from Irish (Northern European) Tradition and is a symbol of completeness - as we know the calendar we use now is a corruption f actual time and dates so 'a yer and a day' is a reference to the natural order and the ancient time.

You don't have to be taught by anyone... it is in our very nature to know and the nature of our hearts to be kind. We only learn and are taught by others to be out of synch with nature, out of touch with spirit and out of step with kindness. Study on your own or make fiends with others.

Your Magick is in you and just because we know, we don't have to show. The more you know the closer we must guard it; only sharing with those who are seeking truth and kind.



Dear Calya,

First of all, I love your site. I am writing to ask you a question about the colors tan and beige.
I am looking for more energetic information about them.

I was going to look at both the brown and peach categories, since these colors seem to be connected to brown and peach, but I wanted to get your take on it.

Thank you! :)


Greetings, Dominique, and thank you for your kind words.

This is a very good question and it shows that you have some deeper understanding of how colors work.

Tan and Beige are Browns but have the aspects of gold/yellow/red orange or as you say Peach attached to tan depending on the shade and tint and, of course, White and perhaps gold attached to beige. One really good way is to use a font color scheme to pinpoint the exact color with which you are working.

Brown carries the energies of being stable through being flexible with memory enhancement and if we then add in White for Beige - we get being still and spirit led into a deeper understanding of what we have learned and the flexibility of following the remembered lessons.

Tan carries the Brown energy with added Orange for focus and is not quite as ethereal but more solid and heavy as with a feet planted firmly in action energy.
Tan then becomes - according to what shade and tint you are using - a solid knowing of memory and lessons with a bit more here and now action because of the Orange.

Here is a link to my color wheel: or you can use this one with the points of direction on it...

Then add in the amounts of Brown meaning and White or Red etc... to reach the meaning of your color.

The lighter the color the more ethereal the aspects and so therefore the more spiritual the action. Remember, color is a Universal Principle and affects all we do.

Hope this all helps. Here is a link to my Certification course: and you can read lots of articles here:

I would be honored to have you as a student in the New Year!

Comfort and Joy!


I was wondering if I could get your opinion on a wand situation. A friend of mine is offering to trade her wand that was gifted to her by her ex. The ex had programmed the wand but she doesn't know what the program was. Can a wand be reprogrammed? I don't want to take someone else's drama if this isn't possible.


Greetings, Thanks for your important question...

A wand is a tool; but it is also a friend.
It wants to be clean and well cared for and well loved. So, if you like the wand, I am sure it would rather be with you than with someone who doesn't want it. Who wouldn't?

A "wounded" wand can be cleansed, refreshed, restored, and yes, re-programmed. It takes a little effort and attention on your part, but I bet the two of you will do some very kind works. Here is a link to the page of articles and classes: and, scrolling done on that page to STONES, here are ones where you can learn about cleansing and programming:

It works the same for wands or any other tools you might have... or furniture, or jewelry, etc.... Read here also about Wounded Healers:

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions. Much Joy and Happy Magick,


Is it true that if another persons soul energy merges with your own that it can empower you and you could become stronger?
I read something like that, I do believe that.

I actually felt someone else's energy from their soul as it touched me and I wish I could get more of it, ha.
Thanks, R


Yes, I believe that is true, as well.

I considerate to be Consort Love or Soul Mate love as it is commonly called.
(Although anyone on your Journey with you is a Soul Mate - like a ship mate.)

Both parties must be in agreement and both parties must consent to the linking.
A momentary seeking or touching as you put it, is a more common occurance in my experience.

Watch out for Energy Vampires! These are the ones who connect and 'suck out' your energy without your consent leaving you drained, depressed, and greatly fatigued.

Question: Hi Calya,... I have a quick question for you.
For quite some time now I keep hearing my spirit guides telling me..."You're kinetic." I looked up the meaning of that word and it's energy that's in motion (moving energy). But aren't we all kinetic if you think about it?? Can I use this to my advantage in magick? Thanks.

Answer:Good Monday Morning!
Kinetic energy is the energy used to move - things that are in motion are using that type of energy.
However, Psychic Kinetic energy means a person has the psychic ability to move objects.

Most of the time it is out of control and simply breaks things, snaps things, knocks them off the table, etc.
This is most often seen when we are distraught, and experiencing emotions in the extreme... extremely frightened, or angered, or sometimes, but to a lesser degree, joyful.

Most of the time, Psychic Kinetic folks don't fully believe it - and therefore it is extremely difficult to learn to use. Co-operating with the gifts is what we want - not controlling them or allowing them to control us.
Think of being musically gifted - we wouldn't just burst into song or dance or playing our piano anytime and anywhere we chose without being aware of how others would be affected.
We may want to... but we wouldn't. The gift should not control us.

The trouble is, with Psychic Kinetics, it usually erupts ---- for instance - once when I was holding in a lot of rage and trying not to let on, I released it in meditation and shattered a sliding glass door... ooops...

So, if your guides are saying you have this gift... you must ask them to teach you what you should use it for and how to co-operate with it.
Magick must conform our will to the highest good and not be used for selfish gain or to push down others.

Comment: I find your site comforting and I enjoy browsing through your lovely store. You also emit a beautiful essence through cyber space. The first item I bought from you was the black amethyst pendulum and it was lovely...ty. I'm looking forward to my new items!

Question: Hello Calya, I have a question about the Greek god of nature called "Pan." You've heard of him before I'm sure. He has many different names. The god of the woodlands and of wild places and fertility. My question is..."Is he just a representation of nature or is he a real spirit?" I guess to the Christian church they say he is Satan who goes by many different names. Also Greenman. Thank you R

Answer: Our Ancestors lived in close relationship with nature... they felt the spirit of each tree and pant and stone... much as gem-sensitives and Witches and Wizards do today. If it exists, it vibrates, it has life, it has signature, it has personality and therefore spirit... Read my Pendulorum Book for the full Formula Dulra (Principle of Nature); and see here for more on spirit... When a child feels the presence of spirit, and is told there is nothing there - they know differently. Because the presence is dismissed as nothing when it is something, the child then believes he is being singled out and perhaps is in danger because this is an unknown... but the presence is real - it is spirit and is there to be known. We call these spiritual presences gods, goddesses, Faeries, angels, and Pan is the Lord of the Green Woods! He is the combination of the spirits of the trees, earth, stones, animals, water all elementals - all gathered together into one very knowable spirit. That is my belief... Many Blessings,

Question: Calya, the new "diffusers" that I received do you place the Tea Light candle in the bowl and put the drops of oil in the bowl and do you put any water in that same bowl? I just want to make sure I'm using it correctly. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Thank you for your excellent question and I see now that I really need to show a picture with the diffuser set up and burning!!!

The tea lite goes in the bottom bowl and the oils go in the top bulb.

You can add water to the bulb and not use as much oil; the aroma will not be quite as strong or add just the oil for a more intense affect.
If adding the oils without water the oil will evaporate faster and so the diffuser must not be let unattended in case the bulb would over heat.



I have a question. I have a crystal tea light candle holder made out of Smokey Quartz. I was told that when I put the tea light in there and light it; the light and the heat from the flame illuminates and disperses the energy from the crystal out into the auric field around me filling the air with it's energy, is that true and does it really work? I would imagine so but sometimes I don't feel it working, I guess even though I may not feel it working it probably is for sure, right? I read about Smokey Quartz and it's one of my favorite crystals. Take care. R


Here is how I believe things work.......

Stones, crystals, herbs, oils, colors, thoughts - all have vibrational frequency - they vibrate at specific rates to give them their specific attributes.

When we need a specific attribute (say: clearing) we use the frequency which transmits that specific to us so that we may receive it ~ using stones, oils, colors, etc.

Our own THOUGHTS are where we receive - we must align our thoughts with the changes we want to see manifest - we need to change our minds in order to change our Core an radiate the change in our Aura.

We must align our thoughts with the vibration we need and desire to increase in our life; our Aura and our Core.

If we do not align our thoughts and Core to the change we are making, it is the same as spraying water on a window ~ surface gets wet but nothing changes inside.

Lighting the Smokey Quartz candlestone - which must be beautiful! - sprays a dose of Black energy on your Aura - clears it a bit but makes no permanent inner change. We must do the releasing Meditations to help facilitate the complete work - that is Journey-Work and that is my Calya Journey-Wise System...

Hope this is a help to you,


Just a question for you. If using a multicolour gemstone or crystal, ie watermelon tourmaline or ametrine, (or even something like a crystal point with a smokey and amethyst phantom with harlequin spots) do you concentrate on the colour that you need that day. EG with ametrine but are in yellow, do you ask for the yellow ray and not the purple?

Also on Amazon I saw a book review written by an American Indian with a point of view on how crystals are misused and should not be placed on Chakras. That they can aggravate a condition?

I wouldn't have thought crystals would work like that although I do understand that it comes from the intent of the user. Would love your thoughts.


We know that if my Purple is high and excessive and I add more Purple or say Amethyst or even say Charoite which is lighter - it will aggravate the Chakra or Realm and distort it even more.
That is exactly why I devised my system the way I did. Too many people were just skipping the balance message.

I found too many people just guessing what should be done, too many people deciding for others what they need to do now... People are too extremely complicated and need to be allowed to run their own life and taught the means to do so, You are in a position to help others take control and participate in the energy flow of their own life by being a practitioner of the Calya Journey-Wise System.

Many years ago when Reiki first started to hit the US scene, a practitioner and I traded services. She told me my heart Chakra was closed and she was going to open it....

I said absolutely not! She had no idea what I had been through or when my heart Chakra was ready to be balanced and healed enough to relax or open, or what other steps needed to happen first in order for me to heal in the proper order for me... She had no right whatsoever to make that determination and I decided to address that in my system.

Each individual needs to be allowed to Journey their own path... We guide, we teach the system, and we help all we can when they ask for help. No one should presume to determine when another needs to face issues or how they should deal with them. Holding a Master Level Attunement in Reiki is not a cart blanch to mess with someone else's Chakras! So from the intent can come misuse (guessing wrongly) and from the lack of respect of the individual and from the healers ego can come misuse (I know what you need...), and from not checking the balance line can come misuse (Ah! - Purple - add Purple!!!).

If we believe that stones, oils, and thought intentions can cause effects all through vibrational therapy - then they can cause helpful and hindering effects.


Hi, I was just wondering if I could ask a question about the "what tree are you" quiz that you have on your web site. I'm only asking because I have been asked myself and don't know the answer. This is the question that was put to me about this quiz

"has this tree quiz been changed to suit Southern Hemisphere Kimberley ? Otherwise it's out of character with the seasons here in Australia"
I'm not to sure if you can help, but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



I really think that the Northern European tree meanings would apply to trees wherever you are ~ Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Now, the dates might be reversed for you down under folks... but I would think that the Trees would correspond with Zodiac signs and be the same. I would ask you to please run a little experiment on this matter; ask a few questions and let me know your results. I find that the Trees for the birth dates are spot on here in USA and Europe. How do they line up with personalities for you and your friends? I have also attached an e-mail from one of my students who lives in New Zealand. (I fall in the dates of the Rowan tree. Most of the characteristics I can relate to other than likes to draw attention to as I am not comfortable when spotlight is on me.

I think it is not so much northern/southern hemisphere debate here other than the fact that the trees in this system relate to the trees that are native to that particular area. Our trees here have similar properties but obviously are different.
A little like a zodiac sign. Those don't change depending on where you are in the world.

What does make a difference is how energy flows and generally you will find that it is reversed down under. Water flows in the opposite direction. North relates to fire whereas south is earth. The moon appears upside down to how you would see her, and here you definitely see a pussy cat face when she is full.
All our sabbats are opposite to yours as the seasons are opposite so a good guide to all is mother nature and how she travels through her cycle.

I will look into it further for you. A good way to see how energy moves is if you take a sphere and look down on it. You are looking down on the northern hemisphere. Rotate is slowly clockwise, then if you look at it from underneath it is moving anticlockwise (southern hemisphere.) Also our deosil is anticlockwise.
This is just one opinion. I have friends who still use clockwise to raise energy and anticlockwise to banish, but my thoughts are it goes against how energy flows down here.

I'm still experimenting with certain spells to see where I get the best result so if I find anything else will let you know.
AF )
Thanks for the question hope this helps. I will put your question on my FAQ page. Joy! Calya of Thistledown


Can you tell me step by step how to do my Journey-Work?


You want to Journey each day. You will change a little bit at a time because we can't do it all at once--- so we do it one step at a time.

  1. First, determine your color message - use the CD or the Audio Meditation right here on the site...Audio Meditation

    Let's say your color for today is Black...

    To do the Black energy work and any color energy work:
  2. Go to the Black Chapter and find yourself on the Black balance line. Here is the Black Chapter LINK
    (You could start from the find your color by Magick Picture page... and click on the Black picture... then the Black Chapter LINK to find where you are on the balance line.)

    If you are balanced or depleted, as it tells you there, use Black - if you are on the excessive side use the opposite color work or White, as it says.

  3. Read the entire chapter. Pay attention to the words and information that is there. See how it relates to your life right at that moment.
    Answer the questions and it is a good idea to write out your answers.

  4. Gather the Magickal items. Click on the color square that says Select here to gather the Magickal Items you Need...

    It will take you to the Color Realm page where the support items are displayed.

  5. Purchase something that catches your eye...
    You need to collect some items from each Color Realm to have on hand each time you enter Black or any other color.
    The oil is good, a gemstone, a crystal, a piece of jewelry...

  6. Do the Releasing Meditation. Click on the Black Chakra Meditation picture half way down the page on the right- the picture of the Black Castle gate. It will take you to the Black Meditation pagel

    click on the castle to enter the Realm...

    You will have to read it as you meditate if you do not have my Magickal Meditations CD. With your issues and question answers in mind, do the releasing meditation.........

That is it for the day...
On the next day do your next color....

YOU MUST DO THE WORK>>> READ AND LOOK INWARD< ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND DO THE RELEASE IN THE MEDITATION WITH THE COLOR SUPPORT ITEMS> and you must do this every day being very honest with your self when you answer the questions..... Joy! Calya


Is there a Magickal phrase you could tell me to help with distractions when I meditate and ongoing pain?


Here is a Magick word phrase used to help such cases... may it bring you ease and Comfort and Joy...

"Alimpan... Aeldran... Astigan... Aweccan..."
pronounced {al-eem-paan... Eyel-draan... Az-ti-gaan...A-vui-caan}

It means (Come to pass... Elder Ancestors... I ascend... I awaken)




One should never give oneself over to be directed by an unseen, unknown force, now should they? But we can trust our true Deep Inner nature to steer us straight.

Now, I do understand what you are asking.... If I ask "Does he love me?" and my pendulum answers 'Yes...', then is it because he really does or is it because I wish it and my inner self wants the answer to be 'yes'?

But pendulums, which show us our deepest desires, give us OUR truth. They are tools that tell us exactly what we want... which is often a difficult thing to discern and understand. Pendulums are tools to help us discover answers. but our Motives and Intentions must be of a high integrity.
Once we know that, then we can act accordingly.

Using a pendulum or any other Divination tool, presupposes that we are in accord with the Magickal Principals - (Harm None) and fully aware that Magick conforms us to the highest good and NOT the other way around. Magickal Powers are tools to govern the self and never used to rule others.

So, yes, the pendulum tells you what you want to know... what you already really know in your heart ...what you want the answer to be. All great works of spirituality will agree, we must know what and how to ask in order to get an answer.

Instead of asking, "Does he love me?" I should ask "Do I love him enough to respect his wishes and his right to choose for his own life?"
That is the higher, more loving question.

The tool must be used for its purpose and the purpose of a Pendulum is to see what the energy is surrounding a person, place thing or idea... because we are dowsing NOW for a future outcome, many intricate things are involved and any one could change the outcome. "Does he love me?" "Yes, he does... that is one of the outcomes that could happen at this time... if you walk that particular path and nothing changes..."


I want to buy something, that can draw the right man to me. Iím trying this because, well, It canít hurt me anymore then what I spend at the therapist. I have to trust again.


You could use the Soul Mates Love Spell to draw in Mr Right - it also helps you to focus on what it is you truly are looking for in a partner.
You might try some Journey-work with a Love Quest Reading that will help you to take the next best steps to find a love; learn to trust and love.

For a simple first step, you could use the Love Bind Rune - just set it in your space and let the spell start to work for you... it will prepare your spirit for love. When you are ready to dig deeper into your Journey-work, I suggest the Aura Magick Package .


I'm curious to find out what is the best, most resonant pendulum in in the world that we know of? What would you recommend as a high caliber, super high frequency reading crystal pendulum?
For instance seeking out sacred grounds, seeking gems and stones, and finding high vibrational frequencies etc.


My favorite high caliber pendulum is the one I use in most of my work... especially when I read for several people one after the other... Quartz tip with Copper barrel and Amethyst top.
I call it my Copper Wand Pendulum.

Quartz is the most resonant crystal structure - please read my article on Vogel Crystals and also about Quartz here.
Copper is the best metal for seeking EMF and it seems to clear away distracting energies. Both will intensify the focus of the seeker.