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Kyanite Pyramid Extractor-Generator

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Healers Tools...

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2.5" Blue Kyanite Wand...$19.95

You may see this Healing Crystal tool listed in other places, but here at Old-Earth the instructions for body layouts and how to use and care for your new tool are included.
Please always follow the advice of your own health-care provider.

Pyramid Extractor.........$32.95

This is called an Acra - a Healing Crystal to help bring radiant relief to discomforts.

In my own personal practice and use, I have found:

Kyanite Pyramid Extractor-Generator: A wonderful Healers Tool which helps find direction and purpose, worth and awareness.

  • awareness - temporarily helps heighten
  • clarity - becomes keen
  • emotions - work together
  • will and wit - strengthen

Beautiful Blue Kyanite Crystals are known for:

  • finding your direction in life
  • working on the Autonomic Nervous system- helps balance total body functions
  • building family relationships- self-worth
Blue Kyanite was once used as a magnetic field finder, like a compass and it's interior crystal structure aligns with the Earths ley lines when it is developing.

Metaphysical Meaning of Kyanite

Order this ceramic tile Keep
for your Acra...$4.95

Acra not included

Tiles are Out of Stock

Includes Instructions for lay-outs...

Blue Kyanite Healers Tools - Acra

with Instructions


2.5 X 2.5
1/2inch tall

Color Healing:

Silver and Blue

Acra only

no instruction sheet

The Construction:
Blue Kyanite Pyramid Generator: The four polished Blue Kyanite crystals radiate energies in an even flow - soothing and building.

The Quartz Pyramid draws in power to the base and then creates from it very stable conditions. The base of the Pyramid is a square having the Scared Geometry number of four- stable and sure. The top of the Pyramid is a point - one - focused and still, the energies are intensified for a single purpose.

The Result: A tool (acra) you must have in your Healers Kit.