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Quartz Pyramid Extractor-Generator

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Quartz Pyramid Extractor-Generator........$32.95

This is called an Acra -
a Healing Crystal to bring radiant relief to discomforts

In my own personal practice and use, I have found:

Quartz Pyramid Extractor-Generator: A wonderful Healers Tool which brings near immediate relief, warmth, and power.

  • pain - temporarily numbs away
  • confusion - disperses
  • anxiety - relaxes
  • heartaches - gain perspective

It is said to be useful for: headaches, joint pains, carpal tunnel, sinus congestion, tooth ache, colds, back ache, bruises, sprains, spasms, weight loss, emotional upsets, confusion, fatigue, anger, sadness, resentments, jealousies, spiritual fog, and more...

You may see this Healing Crystal tool listed in other places, but here at Old-Earth the instructions for body layouts and how to use and care for your new tool are included.

Please always follow the advice of your own health-care provider.

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Order this ceramic tile Keep
for your Acra...$4.95

Acra not included

Tiles are Out of Stock

Includes Instructions for lay-outs...

Quartz Healers Tools - Acra



3.5 X 3.5
1/2inch tall

Color Healing:

Silver and White

The Construction:

Quartz Pyramid Generator: The polished Quartz points radiate energies outward, having the Sacred Geometry number of two - energies that develop motion and direct the flow.

The Quartz Pyramid draws in power to the base and then creates from it very stable conditions. The base of the Pyramid is a square having the Scared Geometry number of four- stable and sure. The top of the Pyramid is a point - one - focused and still, the energies are intensified for a single purpose.

The Result: A tool (acra) you must have in your Healers Kit.