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Make Crystal Grids

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Crystal Grids ebook
Crystal Grids ~ Dark Matters Ebook...$9.95

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Crystal Grids... Gemstone Healing Grids...

Make Crystal Grids for Healing and Magick

Crystal Grids Set Energy in Motion.

Crystal Grids are made by the placing of intent specific gemstones and crystals in a geometric pattern usually around a center power stone. The Center power stone symbolizes your specific intent and the crystal grid stones draw in the Healing Energies from other planes and Earth Elementals.

They gather at the Grid to become a Well of Grace, a source of Magickal power.

Your strength of will and clear intent are the Magickal Charm that activates the Gemstone Crystal Grid and keeps it flowing; for you must give energy to it and take energy from it. Usually left in place for long-term action, Crystal Grids are marvelous Spells.

Draw in the healing Powers of the planet and align your Healing Space with the Elementals by placing these stones on your land, in your rooms or on your Altar.

This shop is called Guildmaster Grids

Learn to make a Gemstone Grid or purchase below...

Crystal Grids ebook

New e-book~ Crystal Grids
for Healing and Magick...$9.95


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Crystal Grid- Banish

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Amethyst Grid-

Banish Grid
Blessings Grid
Dragonfyre Grid
Lightworker Grid
Past Life Grid
Shield and Mend Gird
Tranquility Grid
Win Grid

A Gemstone Power Grid... Crystal Healing Grid... Crystal Power Grid...Gemstone Healing Power Grid... Crystal Grids for Healing and Magick... No matter what name you use a Crystal Grid can be used for any intention, from the simple goal of "bring more money" to the more serious, "banish this curse" to the great goal of "heal the planet". Whatever your intention, the crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when done with your clean intention. Tumbled, rough or faceted stones are set as ally stones around the "Master Crystal" or Generator.

How to make a Gemstone Healing Power Grid
  • Choose your Purpose for the Grid- Your mind must be very clear on what it is you want.
    • Choose one goal at a time and focus.
    • Write it down on a small slip of paper.
      You will use this clear intention to charge the crystals and activate the Grid.
    • Decide on your layout pattern and stones.

  • Decide on a place to set up the Grid where it can be left un-disturbed. Always be grateful to any animals or children which care to enter as they bring their own totem energy to your Spell. However, try not to place the Grid where it will be inconvenient or annoying to others. Know where the Directions are for your stone placement; West, North, East, South. Sweep the space clean with a broom, incense, bells/drums, a wand, a sprinkle of pure salt. Dispel and banish energies which wish you "ill or nil" and invite in those who wish you "help and harmony".
    • Create your grid on a tray or board so it can be moved if needed.
    • Use a shallow pan filled with clean sand or even un-cooked rice grains.
    • Devise it on paper first, then place the stones on the paper.

  • Hold your Center Master Crystal in your hands and let your Intention flow into it. Place it on the Grid. Put your written Intention under it. This is now "charged".

  • Starting in the West, place your ally stones in the pattern and request that they be empowered for your intent by the all energies that wish you well.

  • Breathe and relax, incense or Aromatherapy is a good addition, as is music, but not necessary.

  • Visualize the Master Crystal glowing with your Magick and the ally stones pulsing slowly, first one then the next. You may wish to use your Magick Wand for this part. See this "charge" flow faster and faster until the whole grid is activated and "humming".

  • Imagine your goal being met and accomplished

  • Be grateful; say a prayer of gratitude and slowly back away, leaving the grid to continue it's purposeful work.
The best and most affective Magick is worked when you follow your heart and your own intuition. Be sure your goals are benign.

When you are finished using the grid, you can return the stones to the earth or any natural water source, or keep them for another use later. Some grid stones are to be passed on to others.
Be sure to cleanse the stones before using them again. How Do I Set Up an Altar...