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Angel Altar: How to build


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Angel Altar:Symbols and Meanings

Here is information on how to build an Angel Altar for aligning with the Ethereal Realms of Spirit. Spirit or Ether is one of the Five Elements and embodies the attributes of connecting to something beyond ourselves... beyond what is seen in this world.

When you create an Angelic Altar you are setting aside a space that you are naming as Sacred - for the exclusive use for Angels! You will be building a place of sanctuary, where you can go to seek advice, peace, strength and encouragement. A place so you can tell the Angels, "Meet me here..."

You Will Need:

  • A selected place - in the Center of your area
  • White, Pink, Violet fabric - even some fabrics that shimmer
  • Angel accessories - like pictures, books, tools, and artifacts
  • Angel Candles... flowers are good, too
  • White, Pink, Violet stones and crystals
  • STILLNESS Oil / burner
  • Notebooks and pens come in handy

When you need to:

  • Step through the Mystick Veil
  • Intensify Spirit Connections
  • Belong to the Oneness of Spirit
  • Feel/ Hear Spirit Response
  • Work with the Angels and their Magick
  • Create a Still Point in your daily life

I suggest that you make yourself an Angel Altar and learn to enter the portal...

1. Find your place... Using a compass, find the points of direction of your space - West - North - East - South. Set your oil burner to begin invoking the Angels.

2. Designate the center and set a table or use a shelf in the area which is the approximate center of your space and cleanse it with Sage, Incense, Bells, Drums, sweeping or any manner you choose... but most importantly, clearing intentions. Outside space is wonderful to use, too.

3. Drape it... with your chosen cloth and place as many candles as safely possible or just one. Collect Angel accessories, all kinds of things which bear the images of angels or remind you of your Spirit collaborators. One of the things you will begin to find is feathers. Angels love to leave you little signs of feathers once you have established a relationship with them. As you acquire these different items, bring them to place upon your Altar for it is here that you are developing a well of deep Ethereal Elemental Energy. The more you visit your altar the more you call in the Angelic energies and the greater their presence and ease of access.

4. Place Energy Stones... Use Celestite, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, White Selenite, Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline, or any White, Pink, Violet stones or shells and place them in bowls, piles, arrange them as you please. Your Altar needs to reflect your energy, so use things that come to you as you Journey and have meaning to you personally. These will change as time passes.

5. Light the candle(s) and as you visualize the Light from your candle and the light of your own heart shining together, walk in a circle around the altar. Imagine the Light continues to shine where you have walked, leaving a glowing circle around your space.

Say these words of consecration (or use your own version):

Angels, of the Higher Realms* I am here in this place of my own free will. This sacred space tells of my belief in the Higher Realms and in my own purpose here. I have built this altar as a Meeting Ground and I ask now that you surround me with your Light so I may sense your presence here with me.

Later, once you have established a relationship with the Angels and have studied them more, you will be able to call on specific Light Beings by name and for their unique help when needed.

Now relax and meditate on your issue or question - ask for help, guidance, or empowerment. Take your time... listen to the guidance... feel your Angelic Guides with you - touching you softly... hear their wings... See in your mind's eye symbols and words to help you understand their wisdom. Meditation connections should be done daily as this develops and deepens the energy well.

Then, when you feel ready, ask to be shown the portal of your altar... the place where the Angels enter and leave. Slowly open your eyes... You will be shown an image of a door - a gate - a portal of some sort - high or low - big or small... Note this well - remember where it is within your circle and set a marker there. Use a crystal, bell or feather or whatever seems right to you.

When you are done, thank the Angels for their presence and their help and bid them farewell. Blow out the candles to signify that the meeting is over and, to show your gratitude, wait until the smoke has stopped rising; it is taking your thanks to the Higher Realms.

Visit your Altar daily - to clean and change things as needed and keep the space charged. Never leave candles or oil burners unattended.

ŠAngel Blessings ~ Calya of Old-Earth ~ 2014