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Aromatherapy for Healing and Magick

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy Breathing Ritual

How can I cope... Metaphysical Maintenance


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Aromatherapy ~ Calya Color Aromatherapy

Excerpt from the Keeper of the Realms©

- Tolus explaining Anointing Breathing Ritual     Metaphysical Maintenance...

"Essential oils of flowers, herbs, rich tree saps, are all oozing with the very Life Force of the plant that gives them to us for our healing. Respect the gifts, be grateful. The Colors of the Realms are used to return your Aura to balance for you cannot Journey wisely without balance. You will learn this Ritual and perform it each day."

"There are five points we anoint in the Breathing Ritual." He continued without waiting for us to feel caught up to him. "They are head, here at the temples; heart, along the breast bone; hands, at the wrist; hollow, over the stomach; and heels. Come here, Little Doughton."

He called Dourstan over to use him to illustrate the points, poking him, turning him roughly and lifting his clothing to expose the skin of his stomach for the point of Hollow; taking vexing pleasure in the ill-treatment of our friend. Door was fuming.
Then he pushed him back toward us saying, "Repeat after me, 'The breath of the Moment, the Moment of mystery. I am anointed for the purpose I seek." He laughed with derision in his voice as we fumbled our way through the chanted words.

"You, Calya, are seeking Your Path, for all our sakes, and this day your Aura glows White; which is why I chose to teach you this breathing now. All of you anoint the places I showed you with this White Realm Oil of Stillness then sit here and lie back on these pillows."

The oil had a spicy floral fragrance but not sweet. As I used it, I had a thought and so asked a question,

"My Lord, what about our color of the day? Should we all be using our Princess's color or our own?"

" No one cares what color your Aura shows…" he mumbled and pointed for us to get down on the floor then struck the small gong twice as we fumbled with the oil bottle and tangled our clothing trying to get at the correct spots.

We tried to relax and bring deep flowing breaths down into our bellies as he directed us to do, to his shouts of, "Dresn Boh… close your eyes… slowly… slowly… feel the flow… feel the rhythm… imagine the Light of Mystery flowing like the air you breathe…. Dresn Boh… pay attention… relax… keep breathing… smell the aroma… feel the aroma… feel the shimmering light flowing through your whole body…"

I soon found myself totally absorbed in the flow and the fragrance..."


Buy the Book... Read the Prologue to Keeper of the Realms...

It is up to each individual to remember to take the time needed to care of their own Self. Through Calya Journey-Work we are able to help clean, untangle, sort, and repair so that we can continue on with life; and with hope, thrive. It is how we cope; for some hurts will always remain in our memory and the scars left by others help to make us who we are.
This continuous Journey is called Metaphysical Maintenance.

Just think of how much better you would feel if you could breathe clearly ~ think clearly ~ manage the stress and move forward on a clear Path.

Using the color vibrational signatures of exotic herbs, spices and resins, each oil blend delivers balancing color frequencies along with the Ancient Benefits of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Calya Aroma-Aura Oils are expertly blended from Pure Organic Essential Oils ~ 12ml cobalt blue dropper-top bottles ~ Undiluted…choose from 17---see chart

Try a drop or two in one of my Aromatherapy oil diffusers to create a special ambiance or adjust the frequency of your environment.

Five to ten drops in a full tub of hot water is a great way to give your body/soul/spirit the Realm Energies you need; or just a drop on the wrist as an anointing oil for a wonderful way of wearing your Color Realm for the Day!

Use with the Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook or Pendulorum, the Practicum on Pendulums for a complete Mystickal, Magickal, Metaphysical way to progress on your Lifes Journey Path.

Calya Journey-Wise and Calya Aromatherapy should not be used on children or overly sensitive people or as a substitute for conventional medicine. We are not responsible for allergic reactions. Always follow the advice of your Health Care Provider.

The Path:

As with all Light Energy Work; whether a form of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Magick, Healing Touch, Light of Evermoore or "a rose by any other name"; there is one Universal Principal in action- LOVE.

Love is the capacity to care enough about another being that you would share the very energy of your own life to help them; to give them comfort and joy.
It is a high calling and it has spread like star dust since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions and experiences of another; but not by simply logically trying to understand, but by linking with their consciousness. It is an innate gift that is found most often in women and has roots in the Female nature... Yin-Goddess-Mothering.
Mothers know what the infant needs even without words.

It is a knowing- without explanation... it is a willingness to know and to feel and to help. It is a Free Will choice. The Empath then willingly shares of the energies of their Aura to bring changes and balance... healing even though they may feel drained after they do so and as any one in the Healing and Psychic Reading fields will tell you, some people drain you.

One can be trained, one can be attuned, one can be gifted… but it is still a Journey.

We need to

  • constantly balance our own energies
  • bring honor to our own motives
  • seek enlightenment for our own souls
and so be a beacon for others.    Start your own Journey...