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Magick Spell - Distance Healing - Full Moon

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The Magickal Life:
Know by the brilliant Golden Light of the Sun, but also by the Shimmering Silver Light of the Moon!

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Welcome! Divination Class

Divination- Some are more Gifted than Others

Divination and Meditation are intricately intertwined. Although all Divination needs Meditation and Magickal Focus, not all Meditation leads to Divination. We must have the desire and honorable reason to seek in order to divine; and some are more Gifted in this area than others.

Magickal Meditation is the art of Focusing the Mind to learn the Spiritual Codes so that our Guides may communicate with us. It is learning the Language of the Super-Natural.
  • Create a pathway to the door of your All-conscious. It takes Time and practice to be able to bring ourselves into a Meditative state and Imagination is the Key that unlocks that Door between the conscious mind, (that is the Self-Conscious), and the sub-conscious mind, (that is the All-Conscious).

  • Relax and sit or lay in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths and then stretch and adjust your position. Celtic Harp music is a good background for Magickal Meditation.

  • Do not "clear your mind", Focus Your Mind. Imagine a cave in back of a waterfall. Picture yourself walking, crawling, climbing and getting behind the waters and into the cave.

    Follow the cave until you come to a cavern with a glorious fountain. Watch as the waters spouting from this fountain change colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Clear, Pink... (repeat)

  • Practice this until you can do it with ease and then add this: with each color change, cup your hand and drink the water. Feel the difference between the colors.
    Study the Calya's Color Healing Magick Chart and apply the information with focus. The Red is fiery and creative, the Blue is icy and joyful and so forth.

  • As you imagine these feelings and focus your thoughts on these attributes you are establishing a Color Code by which you can communicate with the Spirit Realms. Later, should your Spirit Guide give you Red as an Magickal Energy Message, you will know and feel what that means.
    When we are seeking information and gathering guidance from the Ethereal Realms and our unseen guides, that is Divination.
    Divination, then, is the practiced art of gathering guidance and knowledge from the Spirit Realms. Unknown facts that are kept from us by others; the hidden, or occult, meanings of omens and dreams; even Cosmic Truths that may guide us to make better choices for our lives all become available to us through the Art of Divination.

    Setting up a Sacred Space or Altar is a good idea; the designated place where Meditations, Divinations and Rituals are performed.
    Not only will this keep all of our tools and books near at hand for quick referrals, but the crystals and other objects we use to amplify the Magickal connections will accumulate power and increase the Sacredness of the Space; eventually manifesting an anima loci or Spirit of the Place.

    Set up an Altar...

    A Ritual is any set of repeatable steps we use to alert the inner self that a change is about to take place.
    Even our morning routine is a type of ritual we use to tell ourselves to get ready, the day is starting. The Ritual, when used properly, sets certain physiological chemical reactions into motion to create interior power and change. It will support our Motive and increase our Magick.

    When entering an altered state, one must be very clear about Motive and Intention. Motive is the force that is moving you to seek; the reason you believe you deserve to be given the information. Note the words used here; the "reason" that "you believe" that "you deserve" to be "given" the information.
    Intention is what you "intend" to do with the information if you receive it.

    If you do not adhere to the Highest Code of Ethics, the Old Code, then not only will you be denied access to the Realms, but no power will be added to your Intentions. You will not get your Wish!

    Choose your Tool-
    There is a deep part of you that is always in contact with the All, the One, and the untarnished Code of Ethical Behavior to which we hold.

    We sometimes hear this connection called the sub-conscious or the un-conscious; but perhaps a better term might be the All-conscious.
    With a Crystal Ball, Scrying Mirror, Seer Stone or even a Bowl of Water, you can clear away the clutter, debris and confusion of the Conscious Mind and focus on the deep knowledge hidden within the All-Conscious:
    One is that which is known in the brilliant Golden Light of the Sun, and the other that which is revealed by the shimmering Silver Light of the Moon.

    By studying website, you can learn about your own Magickal powers, how to refine and strengthen them and how to work your Magick with honor to help yourself, others and to help heal the Planet.

    Crystal Healing Power Grids...