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Reiki: What is Reiki

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Ancient Light of Evermoore Reiki...

What is Reiki...

Reiki is a Japanese word (pronounced 'ray-kee') and means 'universal life energy.'

Practiced around the world, Reiki is a hands-on alternative healing technique that involves the exchange of various frequencies of Life Force energy between a practitioner and one who is seeking relief.

The Practitioner uses specific Reiki Energy symbols - passed from one Reiki Master to the next in attunments - and focused healing intentions.

Reiki and other Light Energy Healing work can help clear the way for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Growing towards being a better and kinder being is the goal; and that is where Empathy enters in; for the high Spiritual Principal is that we desire to heal for the sake of the other and not for any attention it may bring to ourselves.

Ancient Light of Evermoore Reiki is one of the many forms of Reiki.
We use the word "Reiki" as a point of modern reference; however, our terminology, ritual symbols and practice are very old and very connected to Ancient European traditions, the Healing Chalice Well and the Unicorn.

Calya Journey-Wise: The Business of Magickal Healing

The Path:

As with all Light Energy Work; whether a form of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Magick, Healing Touch, Light of Evermoore or "a rose by any other name"; there is one Universal Principal in action- LOVE.

Love is the capacity to care enough about another being that you would share the very energy of your own life to help them; to give them comfort and joy.
It is a high calling and it has spread like star dust since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions and experiences of another; but not by simply logically trying to understand, but by linking with their consciousness. It is an innate gift that is found most often in women and has roots in the Female nature... Yin-Goddess-Mothering.
Mothers know what the infant needs even without words.

It is a knowing- without explanation... it is an willingness to know and to feel and to help. It is a Free Will choice. The Empath then willing shares of the energies of their Aura to bring changes and balance... healing even though they may feel drained after they do so and as any one in the Healing and Psychic Reading fields will tell you, some people drain you.

One can be trained, one can be attuned, one can be gifted… but it is still a Journey.

We need to

  • constantly balance our own energies
  • bring honor to our own motives
  • seek enlightenment for our own souls
and so be a beacon for others.    Start your own Journey...

The Healing Sign:

As you meditate and gather your Healing Light Energy over the next few days, please attach our healing sigil, the Vesica Pisces, to the Sun when you see it.
This Healing Sign will follow the "Sun's Path" connecting us all as we participate in worldwide Healing Events.

Thank you for your time, effort and blessings.