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New Age Jewelry: Healing Meanings

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New Age Jewelry: Healing Meanings and Properties

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Gemstone Healing Tools

Crystals, Stones ...Seeds and Bones... All things of Nature are Treasures! ...and they will Gift their Healing Magick to us to:

  • protect
  • nurture
  • teach
  • empower
  • change

Wear gemstone jewelry and use gemstone Healing Crystals as tools. Collect gemstones and keep your Crystals close to you. Be patient and listen...



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Stones and Bones for Energy Healing...

Wearing a Talisman of Gemstones and Crystals is an Ancient practice. It keeps the POWER or Magick of the piece close at all times and works because All things, including people, are affected by the vibrations of all other things.

A Violin and a Drum will pick up each others sound waves or vibrations; they will resonate. By playing one, it will cause a vibration on the same frequency to occur in the other.
This is called it's VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OUTPUT; and it is how we Heal and make Magickal Changes with Crystals, Oils, Colors and Thoughts.

Your Spirit Guides speak and act on FREQUENCIES not seen or heard by everyone!

Raw versus. Enhanced

The raw and natural state is considered to be the most Elemental Nature of the stone and I find myself drawn to the crystals that are the most natural, the least altered, the least cut, polished, heat treated etc.... I like them that way.

But Healing Crystals are friends and tools. They are willing to share their energies with us no matter what and so need to be cleaned and spruced up to take a more user-friendly form. The acid bath helps to clean away debris that is other than the crystal and bring out the sparkle!
There are some dyed stones or glass-man made crystals that still have energy signature, as all things do, but they are as you might guess, not as powerful or useful as a stone of Elemental Nature.

You can purchase crystals that have not been treated with cleaning or "tampering" ... that is how they come to market from the mines, but it is sometimes difficult to find them or to prove. Think of most of the human-tampering as taking the gemstones to a beauty parlor for cosmetic purposes in order to market them as sparkling gemstones.
However, you and I and many others are now taking part in the Crystal Wisdom and like our food and gemstones fresh and natural! It is a new market over the past years since the Cosmic Convergence in the mid-90's.

But... there are many wonderful places where you can mine and search for your own stones. Perhaps that would be an intriguing hobby for you! Arkansas, Herkimer NY, Colorado, California and even your own yard!

In my own work, I use some of each. But even the ones that come directly from a Miner friend of mine, I cleanse in a mild acid bath (lemon juice and water)when applicable and charge.

Please see my article on Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals.

I find that the tool I choose for the task at hand is determined by the energetic shift needed and what I have available. A cut and polished piece will direct the Light energy more efficiently, but a gouged up, dusky piece will be more of a deep interior action.

Gemstones and Bones, Crystals and Prayers- Gemstone Healing is meant to be for everyone... including the poorest of the poor. The more enhanced, heat treated, shaped and polished, water clear or expensive the piece is does not determine the strength of energy purpose of the piece or the healing effect obtained. As always, it is the focused and honorable intention that is channeled through the Crystal friend with Love.

The wonderful thing about our Crystal friends is that their interior structure, chemistry and inherent qualities are not changed even though they may have been enhanced by a "facial and a make-over"- (acid bath and high polish) or even a "cut and color"! (cut, shaped and irradiated)

AND... you know how it is.... just when you have decided to use ALL NATURAL gemstones for your Healing work, along comes this incredible piece that calls out to you and you are hooked.... "Yes, All right you can come home with me..."