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Create Your Own Healing Space

FREE Magickal Home Class Once the focal point of every dwelling, the Magickal Hearth drew family members into its circle of warmth and light; reminding each of the importance of love of home, loyalty and relying on each other.

Gathering around camp fires, and later fireplaces, created a Magickal Healing Space for talking, sharing food, sorting out differences, and for participating in the ever changing Seasons and Cycles of Nature; the Magickal Ceremonies of the Wheel of the Year.

Eventually replaced by the television; and now the separate "glowing embers" of computers and cell-phones, our modern-day mantle shelf is the last vestige of the Sacred Home Altar. Creating a Magickal Healing Space in your home or work-place helps to keep you mindful of who you really are!

Create your own Healing Space for Meditation, Relaxation or Magick.
Here are wonderful things to help!

  • Construct your Healing Grove using the Natural Energy of the Planet
  • Amplify those energies with Gemstone Power Grids
  • Anoint yourself with Healing Oils
  • Light the Incense, let its fragrance drift through you
  • Harp music will float you into other Realms
  • Book in hand; find your Comfort, your Peace, your Magick
  • Gem Windows, Candlestones and Salt Lamps will enhance the Light
  • Surround yourself with the Gemstone Healing Magick of these pieces

    Create your HEALING GROVE, with wonderful treasures to keep you mindful of the Enchantments of Nature and to enhance your Magickal living space.

The Magickal Life:
The real Magick on Earth is that Time changes everything.
Those things of the Ethereal Realms are the constants, the never-changing Truths and the Immortal Beings who remain the same, untouched by decay, deception or the ravages of Time for Evermoore.

Healing Home Class:

  • Plot the Ley Lines... Read here...

    See How to Prepare Yourself for Ritual for specifics on preparing your self.  Print FREE Pendulum Charts

  • Choose your Gateway Stone... Read here...
  • Starting in the Spring - Find your Green Realm of love, tolerance, and healing.

    March: Finding Your Green Realm... of balance

    Take out your Dowsing Journal with the drawing of your home. Using your Color Wheel chart which you printed for the first class - turn it to find your Green Realm. Which room or area of your home aligns with the North-North-East direction? This is where you are working this month. Whichever room that is for you, it is your Green Realm of love, tolerance, and healing. Read more here... Create a Healing Space here using Green fabrics and stones. Your goal is to decorate with Green things - plants are excellent source of Green energy. Here is where you will draw in and make a Well of Deep Green Healing energy.

    Decor with Green:

    Green in home decor or clothing is unpretentious and natural. It will show friendly energies and promote a feeling of inclusiveness and acceptance of differences. Great for conference rooms and family rooms, the darker the better for calmness if good light is included. It compliments other natural colors and binds them together. Green is hearty and generous.

    Read here on preparing your space...

    Once you have assembled your stones, candles and fabrics, performed the Preparation Ritual, Call in Green Realm energy and initiate the Green Meditation here. Light a green candle and read here...

Welcome Home... ~ FREE CLASS ~ continued...

April: Find Your Lime Green Realm... Manifesting...

Take out your Dowsing Journal with the drawing of your home.
Using your Color Wheel chart which you printed for the first class - turn it to find your Lime Realm. Which room or area of your home aligns with the Central-North-East direction? This is the room/area where you are working this month.
Whichever room that is for you, it is your Lime Realm of getting things done and getting the rewards for all of your hard work.

This is the place on your home where you should set projects that need to be accomplished like crafts, hobbies, writing, homework, bill-paying. And if for instance your Lime Realm falls in a stairwell or a bath room, just add dragonflies, the symbol of Lime Realm, and Golden Green colors and stones.

One very good thing to add is a Crystal Grid, any purpose would be fine, but to enhance that magnificent Lime Realm energy add a Crystal Grid of Accomplishment...!
Get it done now! Read more here...

Decor with Lime:

Lime in home decor or clothing is self-possessed and "all about me". It will show frustration energies if it is too Yellow and promote a feeling of self-absorption. Great for kitchens and rooms that need high energy for getting ready to meet the world, it stimulates a pulling together of energies, refreshing thoughts and a willingness to get things done. It blends well with it's neighbors, Blues and Browns. Lime is hard working, responsible and yet refreshing at the same time.

Crystal Grids are a wonderful way of adding stones and crystals to your decor and enhancing the energy of your Magickal Home. You can purchase one here in Old Earth or learn to build your own...

Read More Here: Make a Crystal Grid...

Prepare and Cleanse your space. As you 'Spring Clean' your home, Cleanse your space of unwanted energies, as well with smudge, incense, or Aroma Aura Oils:

May... Find Your Golden Realm... Matching...

By now you understand the procedure... overlay the map you made of your living space with the Color Wheel - find your Yellow Realm

Yellow is the new day dawning, and the bright sunrise of spring! It gives you challenge and change and open-hearted hope to move forward into the year and into your own life path.

Yellow Realm should be where you do your best thinking of new ideas! Make sure it is sunny or has good lighting and try to have winds which open easily to let in the winds of change.

Why not try a Crystal Garden?   

It can be kept inside your Magickal Home or outside... click here for the page of instructions and lots of garden photos...

Lovely boxes suit this decor as they help us to ritually 'put down our box' of what we think we know and be open to the new thing which is com g our way---- you can't even see it yet!

Try these inlaid alabaster boxes...

and ,of course, Citrine!

Decor with Yellow:

Yellow in home decor or clothing is open and embracing. It will show energies of new thinking and promote a feeling of acceptance and jovial energy, like the Sun. Great for children's study rooms, it stimulates inquisitive minds and an eagerness to learn. It welcomes other colors especially cool ones like Blue and Purple. Yellow is warm and inclusive, happy and fun.


June: PEACH - Find your Peach Realm of Courage and Encouragement...

Working this month you want to build a cozy, comforting, non-threatening space... a space of comfort and joy, where sweetness is encouraged and refuge is given.

Find the East-Southeast position on your chart by continuing as described above. Which room is located there in your home?
For me, it is my kitchen entry. We have 'copper' backsplash with a scented candle on the stove, and twinkle lights over the top of the cabinets. The door is white with patterned glass; and there are herbs growing in the entry deck. Just inside, a homey gas parlor stove adds more comfort and joy! Magick! But no matter what it is for you,try adding some twinkle lights, soft, delicate harp music, click here... a Jasmine candle in a Silver glass holder click here... will enhance that cozy cottage charm.

Make this a retreat for yourself and for those who need to feel comforted and brave in the face of fears and stress.

Live plants or vines or some lovely artificial ones will encourage release of tension and quirky details like beads or
gemstone chip necklaces are great.

In the Calya Journey-Wise novels, Trelania's rose covered cottage, governing seat of the Peach Realm, is described as follows:

We were ushered through Trelania's cozy cottage into the front parlor with its plump chairs dressed in orange and blue flowers and gathered by a cheery fire.

Crisp, white lace curtains trimmed the little windows and, in the whimsical style of this Realm, there were trinkets and beads, curios and adornments strung form every hook and nail. Shelves of books and glowing candles caught my wandering eye but there were also vases of fresh summer blossoms, and tiny pots of incense burning with that Peach Realm fragrance of Patchouli, Tangerine, and Jasmine.

In fact, blooming Jasmine plants vined up and over delicate trellises set in the darkened corners of the room, away from the firelight, adding to the living, breathing charm. Rousing himself from a snug basket by the fire, a large peach colored cat decided we were all too annoying for him and left, swaggering with tail held high to boldly climb the stairs with undisguised pique as we sat in silence and watched.

The Mistress of Peach continued, "It takes more courage to truthfully say what you need then to pretend you don't need it, like you do, then secretly blame others for not giving it to you. That's actually unkind." She winced.

Dumb-founded, Calya sat with mouth open as Trelania delicately waved her hand sent dozens of tiny fireflies swirling, twinkling like copper-sparks up into the dark rafters with their faint chimes echoing. Boldly sweet, Peach Magick swirled.

Decor with Peach:

Peach in home decor or clothing is soft, warm light. It shows charm and elegance and allows light to diffuse irritations and angry energies.
Peach promotes a feeling of calm, comfort! Great for dining areas and offices, it stimulates co-operation on projects by supporting courage needed to not feel threatened. It opposes forcefulness and aggression yet is non-threatening itself.

Peach is charming and disarming.

Try the Peach Chakra Meditation and the wonderful Peach Realm Oil with Jasmine, Tangerine, and Patchouli...

click the cottage...


July: ORANGE - Set up your Orange Realm of directed fiery focus...

Working this month you want to work on decoraring a space of fiery focus, a place where work is accomplished, and your direction is clear... You need fire!

Find the Southeast position on your chart by continuing as described above. Which room is located there in your home?
For me, it is my dining room. The gas parlor stove is located there and my Queen Ann table is the perfect sunny spot by the garden window to focus, write and work, and plan!

But no matter what it is for you,try adding some incense and candles.
click here... and here...

Let in as much sunshine as possible and use golden-orange wood and fire symbols.

And most of all, keep your wands at the ready! click here...

Clay pots, terra cotta, and sun symbols work well to bring in that fiery energy, too! Soapstone Burners...

Decor with Orange:

Orange in home decor or clothing is delicious! It is the stimulator of hungers and desires and sunny dispositions. It will bring a fresh start to mornings and so breakfast rooms and kitchens do well with Orange. If there is a work space where you need to focus and accomplish use it there but be sure you are well fed first or you will just be distracted. Orange is dry, bare-bones details, and focus; it wastes no time.

Orange is finding out exactly what it is that you want!

Try the Orange Chakra Meditation and the deep Orange Realm Oil FOCUS with Amber, Fennel, and Orange oils...

click the kiln...


August: RED - Set up your Red Realm of Dragon Power and Motivation...!

Work this month to create a special place of ambition and motivtional energies. Bring out things that will inspire you to get that project DONE - you know, the one you keep putting off even though you really want to get at it!

August Red reminds us that time is ticking away... the first harvest is celebrated on August 1st (Lughnasagh) and tomatoes are ripening! Whatever you wanted to get done ths year - get to it! The light is waning in the northern hemisphere and many plants and flowers have blossomed and faded... BUT there is still lots of summer energy left to help you get things done!

Red Energy supports your creative ambitions.

Red stones - Red Tiger Eye   Red Jasper   Fire Opal   and more...
are all used Metaphysically to stimulate sexuality, improve circulation and to dispel lethargy and depression.

Burn away apathy with Red Color Healing and get moving with these Fiery Motivation Charms. Set up Sun symbols to celebrate your Life Force - do some Thai Chi or run!!!!

Red is for August... hot Summer Sun... Red Tomatoes... The first of the Apples... and a last vibrant push of energy to get things done, because the Harvest approaches...

Meaning of the Color Red... AND finally - this is where you want to set up your Dragon Altarto to call up your inner strength and power with the Dragon Scream!

Click here to learn how... Dragon Altar...


September: PINK - Set up your Pink Realm of Sovereignty...!

Work this month to create your Regal Realm! Mercy and kindness - these are the hallmarks of your Realm - and so why not set up a throne room - or at least a place where you feel you rule!

Pink is for September and Virgo...

The perpetual optimist, Virgo is always new, the continuous virgin. Ancient Astrology aligns the energies with the crown and brow of the head and Virgos like to be in charge of finding the answer, eternally sure that they can find the way. They can lose patience with those who do not share their zeal and enthusiasm for details; and become critical of the plans of others. Get your Virgo Zodiac Kit - Not just for Virgos - but for anyone who wants to increase hope nd self-realization!

Meaning of the Color Pink...

 Metaphysically, it is time to decide exactly how you want things done. You get to say. This month you need to take charge and you most likely are feeling that you truly want to take charge. When you do, you need to be able to say what is and what is not acceptable. Add Pink to assert your power and feel confident about the things you want to accomplish and rely on yourself to do them! You will love yourself for it. Set up a space for yourself in the West inner rooms of your home... some place where you will not be disturbed - your inner sanctum - your cave and use shades of PINK to bring n sovereignty. Pink pillows. mauve rug, etc. and Rose Quartz clusters.

Pink Chakra Meditation

Meditate on who you think you are... Who you want to be... How you want things in your life to be...! Pink will keep you "mighty in gentleness" and help you to find and keep your calm, self-reliant dignity... your Crown.

Become a Declareat

Cherry Quartz Healers Tool...$198.95

When it is time to declare for the things you hold dear... Kindness, Compassion and Mercy, you will be glad you have this artifact.

As an Intercessor and Declareate, you are attuned to the workings of Spirit Magick. Hold this artifact in your hands, symbolic of how far you have come... and let the power of Mercy be broadcast from your heart.

This is the lesson of Mercy; gentle in strength and mighty in gentleness.


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October: BROWN - Set up your Brown Realm of Records...!

Work this month to create your library and your Tower of Records! I realize technology lets you take your eBooks with you - but let's face it, there is nothing like the look, feel, smell, and companionship of a real book!

Brown is for October and Libra...

People born under Libra are sensitive to the feelings of others and how the actions of each individual are affecting a situation. They love to be the center of attention and get their views out in the open. They are bright, quick witted and charming. Libra insists upon good moral behavior and loves witty banter, well written stories, art and music. They intuitively understand the need for culture. Get your Libra Zodiac Kit - Not just for Libras - but for anyone who wants to meditate on increasing balance and culture.

SPECIAL on Gemstone Spheres~ see them here...!

Meaning of the Color Brown...

 Metaphysically, it is time to work on your books. This might mean studying, or learning new things, or reading all those books on your list! or eve getting family photos and archives sorted. This month build your book space - a place for yourself to sit and read... to sit and ponder and research - yes, even a computer space. Clean it up, sort it out, organize, categorize, and get reading! It should be in the inner snug rooms in the east sunrise, not sunset, light helps with thinking and learning. Use rich shades of Brown to bring in stability. Brown pillows, amber glass, golden brown wood and chocolate brown rugs, etc. and glorious Amber and, of course, Tiger Eye will help set the stage for lots and lots of books.

3" Amber Glass Crystal Balls...$34.95

Brown Chakra Meditation

Meditate on who you think you were... might have been... genetics.. ancestry.. And how that effects you now. It helps us to forgive our parents and relatives for being human and having fractured flaws. Brown Breathing Ritual Meditation will help you to increase memory, stability, flexibility, study skills and Past Life recollections

Books are good friends... See them all here...

Calya Meditation CD...?Ghost Stories...?


Next Month... Purple...