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How to Use New Age Pendulums

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Sacred Geometry Chart
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The Magickal Life:
As in the Star of David, a snowflake or any crystalline gemstone, Six is the Sacred Geometry Code for Divine Beloved Energy which has been made manifest here on Earth.

Sacred Geometry is the Universal study of the relationship of numbers and their corresponding spatial geometric shapes and practice of using these Metaphysical forces for Healing and Magickal Changes.
A six-sided pendulum will draw your spirit guides to help you increase your Magickal Powers.

Chakra Color Meanings Chart
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The Magickal Life:

Color is Magick!

Color is determined by Vibrational Frequency Patterns. The elements and chemicals present in a Stone, Plant, or Paint will combine to show you Color; the Secret Color Coded Message that you can use to bring Balance, Healing and Magick to your life.

Each Color Frequency corresponds to a Body Realm which aligns with certain Life Circumstances and is governed by specific Spiritual Principals.

Knowing this Code enables us to use LIGHT; become Enlightened as we participate in this flow.
Calya Journey-Wise teaches this system and code. Calya Journey-Wise Workbook...

Light is Color...and Color is Magick!

Try this Pendulum Chakra Exercise: Hold the Pendulum over the open palm of your hand to find the Chakra Energy pattern. A clockwise circle pattern is a Yang-Outward energy and a counter-clockwise circle is a Yin-Inward energy.
Use these to open and close the Chakras and Auric patterns.

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How to Cleanse and Charge Your Gemstones

Gemstone Pendulums:
How to Use Pendulums and Chakra Healing

© C Avizinis

Learn how to use a Pendulum to find answers and heal Aura and Chakra Energy distortions. of the oldest and simplest methods of obtaining information intuitively.

The Pendulum, a tool known and used by Ancients and Moderns alike, is a marvelous, highly advanced implement that receives and sends vibrational frequency information. It detects and effects and, therefore, must be wielded with great honor, for real changes can be made. It is perfect for healing energies.

Much like an antena, your Pendulum will detect unseen energy waves.
Not only for "yes" or "no" answers, use Pendulums for:

  • decision making
  • finding lost objects
  • determining the Auric Energy of a person, place or thing
  • altering the flow of Auric Energy, to correct or enhance- healing

Different stones, shapes and styles combine to form the perfect one for you!

Decision Making:
Start with a Pendulum Chart. This is a set code of patterns and answers. When there are changes to the pattern, the imbalance or hidden answer is then revealed.
A basic "YES"- to and fro ---   "NO" side to side  ---  "MAYBE" in circles, is a good place to start. First, calling your Pendulum by Name, establish your code by asking questions to which you know the answers. The color of your hair, the weather outside. Once you feel comfortable that your friend is co-operating, ask something you do not know....
Keep track of the answers your Pendulum gives you. This takes time, patience and desire to accomplish the goal and will help develope trust between you.

Finding Lost Ojects
Get out your art supplies for this Chart, paper and color pencils. Draw the area you are searching to the best of your abilities; as long as you know what the shapes symbolize, so will your Pendulum. Ask your Pendulum to 'please show me the place where my earring can be found.'

Your Gem-friend should swing into action and help narrow the search. It is a very good idea to use the other earring or something related to the lost object or person in order to orient your Pendulum to the energy of the item you seek.

Determining and Correcting the Auric Energy
Hold your Pendulum by the end of the chain and let the point hang slightly above the center of the palm of your right hand. Be very still. The Pendulum will pick up the circular pattern of your Auric Wheel or Chakra and begin to swing in a clockwise rotation. (If you are predominantly Left handed, your Left hand will swing clock-wise and your Right will be counter-clockwise).

Practice on yourself and then on family and fiends. They will be joyfully surprised!

All of the Wheels of the body will show rotation and should be smooth, calm, open and strong. When you are familiar with the well-balanced patterns, you will easily recognize ones which are depleted or excessive. The shape will distort and the energy will become eratic.

You can then restore the balance by swinging the Pendulum in the healthy pattern. Hopefully, the Auric Wheel will remember it and restore the pattern.
Keep repeating this and to learn more read my book Pendulorum...

Secret Color Code
In my book Pendulorum: the Practicum on Pendulums, you will learn to construct each Pendulums own Color Vibrational Frequency Code. Each Pendulum is a different Entity and Energy; some are "hams" and "show-offs" and some are "Mysterious" or "sulky"; but each wants to be known and appreciated for who they are and each wants to help it's human friend, you.

With it's personal color chart, your Pendulum will be able to help you find the energy surrounding anything and translate that into workable information with the Calya Journey-Wise System and the Gemstone Powers pages of this website.

More Pendulum Information
All things affect all other things. This is a Universal Truth that is found not only in the physical realms but also the metaphysical. Metaphysics being the study and use of knowledge and wisdom beyond that which science has proved; much like the marvelously weird parlor game of the 18th century, electricity!
Mystickal, Magickal, Metaphysical things can sometimes be deemed folly, weird or even evil to some. They are not; but they can be wondrously helpful.

Through the millennia, Pendulums have been used to detect everything from water, oil, and gold to nuclear submarines; and with great accuracy. Davinci, Einstein, Chemist Robert Boyle, and General George Patton are all names associated with the use of Pendulums. As is one name in particular, Charles Foucald.

Remember your trip to the museum of Science and the large pendulum suspended from the ceiling tracing patterns in the sand? That is a Foucald Pendulum marking out the rotation of the Earth. The swing of the pendulum does not create the rotation it detects it, and proves the unseen; the rotation of the planet producing its vibrational frequency, how frequently it vibrates.

All elements, substances and beings have this Natural Property of All Things, Vibrational Frequency output. Our Ancients began wearing jewelry based on the unseen energetic output they felt from the stones and bones found along the path or in the Sacred Grove. These became the first Pendulums, the first tools of "detect and affect", the first sympathetic magick.

As one can imagine, this took thousands and thousand of trials and errors over thousands of years. The clinical research and field work took place in every culture until great amounts of knowledge were accumulated and proved. There is thought that the more refined the stone or bone became, the higher the level of consciousness/intelligence that was achieved. Then the higher the level of consciousness the greater the desire for more refined stones; and elaborate jewelry.
All the stones and gems, cut into myriad shapes and polished forms, became better conductors of information, more powerful tools, more Magickal friends.

The more refined and defined the tool, the more magickal the work, the more Honor was required to work for help and harmony and keep from hindrance and harm. This is Spiritual Enlightenment.

Elements, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and compounds all have different energy output, and can be, therefore, differentiated. Our thoughts and auras are included in this Elemental Chemistry and, following this logic, are able to be detected and affected. (See my book Pendulorum ------------the Practicum on Pendulums pg 2 for the Formula Dulra or rule of the nature of things). The Calya Journey-Wise system gives us a code by which to learn how to work with the Vibrational Frequency output of things, lost articles, decisions and most of all the Realms of Light. This interaction of our "charkas" or the Color Realms of our body/soul/spirit are what form our Auric Field and that is a code that can guide us, like our own Secret Color-Coded Map, on our Journey-Quest through this Life.

The Magickal life

is a wonderful way to learn how to choose a Pendulum and learn their Secret Codes!
Be sure to ask for Autograph!

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