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New Age Metaphysical Ritual: Programming Your Crystals

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Program Your Crystals and Magickal Tools©

(©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)

What Does Crystal Programming Mean:
To Program a Crystal, Gemstone or tool means to store coded information within it for a specific purpose.

Rituals using energy patterns, colors, symbols, thoughts, emotions, musical tones can be used for your Crystal Programming Code; but most importantly a clear Purpose and honorable intention is needed.

You must first ask your gemstone friend for their willingness to co-operate then follow the procedure below.
Your Crystal will hold it's intended program of purpose until it is cleared.

Programming Ritual:

You will need:

Set your Sacred Space with candles, Incense, Oils, musical instruments or recorded music, a cloth or pillow in the appropriate color for your crystal to rest upon and a well chosen purpose in your intentions.

1. Choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Choose your items, colors, symbols for your ritual.

2. Hold the cleansed and charged crystal in both hands and declare your Intention- for example "Protection from Bullies".
If you choose, you can write it down before you start.
Ask the help of all those who wish you Help and Harmony; and in our example, all those who will add their Protection Powers to your tool. Take a relaxing breath of the moment and focus your intentions.

3. Place the Crystal in your power hand (right hand if you are right handed) and raise your receiving hand (left) palm up. Feel the energy arrive into your receiving hand. When you are ready, place your hands together again and transfer the "Protection Energy" you received to the Tool. You may also receive from spirits a symbol to use or special name or words.
Take your time.

4. If you have planned to use oils for anointing or a symbol, use them now. Repeat your intention verbally and draw the symbol on the tool, anoint it with the chosen oil. (Burgundy is the color of Protection and STRENGTH Oil is the Burgundy Blend. --- You might want to trace a "triangle" for creating a new energy or a "pentagram" to get energy moving to your Magick. Do this with your Wand Finger (1st finger) of your Power hand.) Your Crystal is now Programmed. Thank all the Spirits who have helped you and your Crystal Friend.
Store your tool respectfully.

Retrieve Programming:
Programming for any tool or crystal, even if not programmed by you, can be done by gently rubbing the crystal while asking politely for its programming to be released. It is then activated.

The Power of Your Gemstones and Tools:
Each type of Gemstone, Crystal and Magickal tool has an energetic and spiritual power already. Because of Universal Principals that exist, it's chemistry and the shape it has taken combine to form a code of character and power, much like our DNA.

Humans have learned these codes; and the results that can be obtained by using and repeating these codes is Magick. Once you have chosen the Crystal for it's innate characteristics and properties, you can then give it a specific function code.
This code designates it to be used for a specific purpose.

Whether you use Natural Crystals, Polished gemstones, carved stones, or tools of wood, cloth, metals or other materials in combination, the Magickal results can be planned and the purpose can be programmed.

A Word of Caution:
Your Mind and Psyche are very powerful. The power of your willfully chosen words is the most important tool you have; do not take it lightly. Acting to bring Hindrance and Harm to another is not honorable and neither is directing Energy Healing or Magick towards another with out permission. When first starting, choose general words like "peace", "joy" or "balance" rather than specific directions of how you think those things should be obtained by another. Just because you "know" that their heart Chakra should be opened, does not give you the right to open it, or the knowledge of the steps they need to take on their Journey.