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The Magickal Life:
Odin is the Chief God of Norse Mythology. He embodies qualities of omnipotence, strength, leadership, benevolence and Wisdom.
In the Symbology of the TAROT, the Hanged Man card usually shows a man hung upside down by his foot.This is Odin.

He made a sacrifice of himself to himself and hung upon the WORLD TREE of LIFE, Yggdrasil, for nine long days and nine long nights until he spied the RUNES in the branches of the trees and tracks of the animals. Nature gave him the means of communicating Knowledge and Magickal WISDOM and He continues to teach us this Art.

Rune Meanings, Readings, and Layouts

Ancient Runes - Magick of Language

Five Rune Crossroads Layout

When reading runes, I recommend that you gently empty the entire set of Runes in front of you.
Put a cloth down first to protect the Gemstone Runes from possible damage.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and concentrate on your question. Or you can simply ask for some guidance for your life at this time.

Let your hand drift over the Runes and pick the one which seems to call to you; the one which just seems right.
Look up it's meaning on your Rune Chart.

For the Five Rune Crossroads Layout, pick Five Runes in this manner, while thinking of your question, and lay them in the pattern shown. Look up each meaning and note what it speaks to you


2    1    3


1. Clarifies the real energy of the question.
This rune tells you what is truly in your heart.

2. Shows the Past.
What has brought you to this time of questioning.

3. Tells you all of the energies surrounding you now.
People, situations, karma, material and spiritual influences

4. Represents the Crossroad Decision.
This shows the things you must accept or possibly change, if you are willing.

5. The Final Out Come.
Some things cannot be changed.

Ancient Runes Chart of Meanings...
Rune Readings...
Gemstone Runes...
Gemstone Color Healing Powers...

Runes Ancient Symbols of Magick

All languages began as picture writing, hieroglyphs. In Ancient times, symbols were understood to capture, communicate and even transfer the energy of that which they represented. That is the Magick of Language and as we study the Runes, we shall develop a greater appreciation of all languages, our ability to communicate and the true Power of Words.

Our own Alphabet is derived mostly from the Ancient Norse Celtic Runes and our words and language, then, hold Primal Powers. Let us see how this works. A single symbol or letter holds the essence of the primal energy to which it is aligned. These elements are assigned to a God or Goddess, the personification of different Universal Energies.

The Rune or letter becomes a whole character; we know it fully without thinking it through or naming it's attributes. If you read the word "fire", you know well of what I write. Through past life experience you have a full understanding and there is no need to give a description of what fire is, the word tells it all. We are familiar with whole words as language, but...

Each Rune carries with it a whole story...
"F" (the rune Feoh) is the Primal Symbol for Fire, an absolute necessity of our Ancient Ancestors. We get words like fear, first, flame and find from this Rune's energy. In the word Fire it tells of the hard won acquisition of Fire itself and how frightful the loss of it would be.

"I" (the Rune Is, pronounced 'ice') is the primal symbol for ice, oneness and alone, we get our words I and isolation and independent from this Rune. In the word Fire, it tells us the story of ice, cold and being alone.

"R" (the Rune Rad) is the symbol of journey or going around in circles. We get our words radius, radial, and radio from this Rune; the energy to radiate out from the center, make a circle. In the word Fire it tells us of the radiant circle that comes from the fire and the circle that gathers around it.

"E" (the Rune Elks) is the symbol of Elk horns. This is a great clan symbol, the power of family and coming together for protection and the Good Luck that provides. If our Ancestors could follow a herd of Elk they were better assured of survival and a sure food supply. Words like each and every come from this Rune. In the word Fire it tells us of the clan brought together because of the Fire. Everyone's Survival by depending on each other.

So then, out of the word Fire comes a whole story told to us by our Ancients:
Out of the fear and the darkness we found the first flame. We were alone, out there in the ice and cold, isolated one from the other. The warmth that radiated from this flame drew us in, brought us together into the circle of light around the fire. We learned from each other, banded together as a clan and survived. We followed the Elk and, because of the Fire, we were alone no more.

Through the Magick of Runemal, the study and practice of the Runes, all our words have stories to tell. Our very names become magickal words as potent as 'Abracadabra'! Even more so, because they belong to us personally and they encourage us to find our true purpose and empower our lives with the Magick of the Runes.

Heiorglyphs- Pictures-Symbols

Have you ever witnessed a sunrise? The Earth is bundled in a soft blanket of dark clouds; a calm stillness keeps watch in anticipation. You join in, scarcely breathing, watching, waiting, scanning the horizon…..waiting…
Suddenly, the first light beams break through the darkness and it is daybreak, the crack of dawn, and morning has broken.

You have witnessed "Ken", the energy of new light, new thoughts, a new way, a new day, another chance, enlightenment. Can you feel the refreshing hope attached to that daybreak? Our Ancestors knew it well and reverenced this Primal Power.

The Runes are symbols of Nature; the elementals we see around us, and the concepts of universal human nature within.
Not only do we have a Rune for the Power of Fire represented by, Feoh , but also the Power of Need , Nyd; and Choices, Jera.
Once we learn our Alphabet of single symbols they form the basis of a Magickal Language to be used in Divinations, Communicating with the Spirit Realms; Spell Work and our own Magick.

If one can some way align with the power of Good Luck and Protection, Elks, and bind it to travel and journeys, Rad, one may find they can have a safer flight with less aggravation! That way is the Magick of Runes.

Reading the Runes

Readings can be done by:
  • casting these Magick Stones onto a cloth covered table, called a Cosmos Field
  • pulling them singly from their Pouch as an individual Energy Message
  • placing them in specific pattern layouts
    for a deeper understanding of the many challenges ahead

  • decision making
  • finding lost objects
  • determining the Auric Energy of a person, place or thing

The word "Futhark" is the first six letters of this Magickal alphabet. Latin was, and still is, the Universal Language of Knowledge and very often used in spell work and science, making communication easier for those who may speak different tongues.
Our own Alphabet is derived mostly from the Ancient Norse Celtic Runes and our words and language, then, hold Primal Powers. Let us see how this works. A single symbol or letter holds the essence of the primal energy to which it is aligned. These elements are assigned to a God or Goddess, the personification of different Universal Energies.

The Runes are divided into three sets of eight with one blank rune bringing the total to twenty-five in each set. The groups are dedicated to three different entities that govern a variety of aspects of communal daily life, the Aettir

Freyja's Aett- Feoh Ur Thorn As Rad Ken Gyfu Wyn-
Freyja, as Earth Mother goddess and wife consort of Odin, was sought out for domestic problems and questions. These Aett are concerned with Creativity, including art, poetry, music and invention; Love, romantic, familial and friendship, and because of this authority over love, she was also overseer of Death.

Hagal's Aett- Hagal Nyd Is Jera Eoh Peorth Elhaz Sigil-
Hagal is the frost, ice and snow and is associated with Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, and more over the World Tree, Yggdrasil which connects the Land of our World, the Land of the Gods and the Land of the Dead. Therefore these Aett are concerned with an individual's personal Journey, learning lessons of independence and co-operation, hardships and achievements.

Tyr's Aett- Tyr Birkin Ehwaz Mann Lagu Ing Odal Daeg-
Tyr was a Warrior. He was willing to make self-sacrifice, and had the courage to do what others would not. These Aett are concerned with an individual's Spiritual Attainment, a willingness to serve huamanity, and the urgency of doing good today, not waiting for someone else to do it. He has authority over moving along the Tree of Life, the World Tree.

Wyrd the Blank Rune of Destiny -The blank Rune represents the vast Cosmic Oneness from which All Things may come. All things are possible and it is our Destiny to determine and Journey toward our Destination.

You've Decided to Journey
Now, once you're away,
Know it will take you
a year and a day.

The way isn't easy
and you'll oft' times feel lost
But that's part of the bargain
and part of the cost.

There are Guides who are waiting,
Companions, as well,
with songs to be sung
and stories to tell

To learn of your-self
FEAR DRAGONS you'll face
and with love, joy and beauty
those fears you'll replace

So Let Us Be Off!
there is much to be done!
For each soft twinkling Star
is a Glorious Sun!