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Magick Wand Class


The word "MAGICK" is the Old English spelling of the modern word "magic". It is used by many in the Pagan, Wiccan, Earth-Magick Traditions to show the difference between what they do and the slight of hand stage tricks performed for entertainment.
It comes from the word Mage and Magi, meaning wise and learned; one who is in tune with the workings of the Universe.

A strong will
and a focused release
helps Wishes come true!

Practice, Precision, Patience

Practice, Precision, Patience

Magic Wand Class: How to use a Magick Wand

FINALLY FINSIHED!   Wand Class in the Castle
teaching the use of Magick Wands

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Magic Wands for Healing and Casting...

There are three steps to using a Magick Wand:

  • 1. Casting
  • 2. Strokes
  • 3. Incantations

A Magick Wand transforms your inner intentions into a powerful outward Magickal Charge!

Weather you are a Mystic Healer, Pagan, Wiccan, Wittan, Nature-folk, Elfin, Mystickal or just interested,
I invite you to read here for some basic information and then continue on to
my Stroke by Stroke Wand Class Manual,     Wand Class in the Castle

A Magick Wand of either wood or metal and gemstone is always at my side.

A Magick Wand is often the first tool given to a young Pagan or Wiccan Witch or Wizard to help them to learn to direct their energies in a controlled manner. Very important!

All Pagan, Wiccan and Nature-based peoples use Wands for Rituals and Spells, but also for day to day Magick. Your Wand is an extension of yourself and, unlike in the films, the results of your Magick will not be instantaneous.

The most difficult part of Magick is holding onto the focus, sometimes for a very long time. It may even be years before the wave of energy you cast returns to you as accomplished results.

The more practiced you are as an Honorable Witch or Wizard, the quicker the result.

Just as pointing with your index finger (in Wizard-speak- your Wand finger), brings focused attention to what you mean,
using your Magick Wand brings intense focus to what you are trying to accomplish and amplifies the power of your Magick.

Crystal Healers know well the added benefits of using a gemstone or crystal wand or a Vogel cut crystal to direct, move and amplify energies.

1. Casting- Inner Specific Intentions:

You must have a specific inner intention, well thought out before hand or be extremely quick witted at a moments notice should the need arise in order to effectively use a Magick Wand. Wit is the same word as Witch, Wizard and Wise.

You must choose your desired outcome....

  • What do you intend to call forth to your life. What do you want?
  • Stop- Reflect on how this would bring help and harmony to you...
  • Could it bring Hindrance and Harm?
  • NOW... How would this affect others?

Then be very focused and not waver on desiring your chosen outcome. This is the inner intention that you are going to CAST out of you and into being in your life.

Your Magickal Energetic Release follows the flow of your thoughts and the magnitude of your Power follows the strength of your will; the intensity of your focus.
It takes practice and time. You must be clear, focused, calm, intense and patient.
Still you may miss the mark. There are never any guarantees.

The Strokes and Incantations are very important as they symbolize the Mystickal Force that is being called upon to assist you. Runes and other Sacred Geometry shapes are often traced. But most important is the Intention. It must be well thought and not haphazard; well executed and honorable.

REMEMBER: We can never cross the will of another.
All the wonderful, powerful Magickal forces we can draw upon to get what we want will decay to poison and crumble to dust if used to control the Free Will of another.
It is strictly forbidden to do so in the Old Code.

Choosing the Wand

It has been said that the wand chooses the wizard; and that is true, mostly.

You will be drawn to the particular wood for the purpose that it wields. Your Inner Spirit and the Tree Spirit of the wood of the wand will connect. Some witches and wizards have only one wand others have several. Choose with care and attention to what you are trying goto do. You may want different wands for different purposes and seasons. Simplicity is always best.

When adding Crystals and Gemstones, start with Quartz as it is amplifier of all Magick. You can define your own style as you progress.

Because the Spirits know of things outside of time (past and future) they may know of some work which you will be called on to perform, so listen to you guides and your own heart when choosing.

Therefore, the wand calls to the wizard, but the wizard actually chooses the wand!
Always and Everywhere, we have FREE WILL!

Browse the selection of woods... Celtic Tree Chart

The first wands were branches found at Scared Sites or cut from Sacred Trees to carry the Tree's Power at all times. For example, The Great Oak Forest in Wicklow, Ireland, once sacred to the Druids, gave us the Shillelagh, a club, walking stick and Magick Wand.

If some good fortune had come from the use of the wand it was even more honor and a symbol of the event was marked upon it.
As Tree Lore developed and memories were added, the wand became more desired and was considered more powerful; gemstones were added for their powers.

Walking sticks, Staffs, hair-ornaments and royal scepters all have their origins in Magick Wands.

2. Strokes- Bring from Inner to Outer

The movements a witch or wizard makes with their Magick Wand are called strokes. A Stroke begins the process of developing the inner intention in the outer world. The Stroke of the Wand clears the field, prepares the field, and gives form to your inner intention.

Think of the each stroke as a letter. Learning to use them becomes like spelling a word or phrase. That is where the term CASTING a SPELL comes from; and when you use a series of them linked together they form your Magick Word. You cast your inner intention into being with a Spell.

When using a Magick Wand I use 17 strokes. You will find them in the Wand Manual.

It is important to learn them well separately before you start to link them together in a pattern. Do not be vague, reckless or sloppy, or the results will be the same!

Once you have them down, start combining them to suit your needs. Harm None and Do as You Will. You do not have to use them only as I suggest. Be your wonderfully creative self.

Always and Everywhere, we have FREE WILL!

3. Incantations- Sing Your Spell into Being

Incantations are your specifically stated intentions put out in vibrations to entrust and give charge of your Spell Intention to the Spirit, the Astral Realms, the Cosmos, to whatever tradition, deity, philosophy or higher power you ascribe.

The word Incantation comes from the Latin "in-cantare" which, according to Webster's Dictionary, means a formula or charm-words used to produce magical or supernatural effects. "Cantare" means to sing. Enchant has the same root and the same magickal effects.

The musical tones of Nature, including the human voice, can excite us, lull us to sleep, make us cry, make us full of glee! Tones are a part of vibrational therapy and when we converse, we exchange meaningful tones.

From learning the Alphabet Song to advertising jingles that stay in our heads, musical tones produce magickal effects, they create patterns. Patterns create in reality, they give form to ideas. Every word you think or speak creates vibration and form in reality. It maybe fleeting here in the Earth Plane but it has been Cosmically Committed and therefore exists.

The Rule of Three, the Law of Triples, states that whatever you send out, three times stronger returns to you.

This means that if you send out gratitude you will receive the energy to be three times as grateful.
If you send out bitterness and envy you will receive back the energy to be three times more bitter and envious.
If you send out a declaration of your will to create calm, you will receive back the energy of three times the calm.

Grasp this well.

Incantations, then, are your specifically stated intentions put out in vibrations to Cosmically Commit your Spell Intention to deity. Once you have done so you are in partnership. You are not sub-ordinate, but neither are you alone. Help and extra power are near at hand and Magick is afoot!

In Ancient times, symbols were understood to capture, communicate and even transfer the energy of that which they represented. That is the Magick of Language and why words have the power to transform. Latin was, and still is, the Universal Language of Knowledge and very often used in spell work and science, making communication easier for those who speak different tongues. However, many magical and craft words have their roots in the Celtic/Germanic languages, including Anglo-Saxon. But, as always, it is the honorable Power of Intent of our heart which works the real Magick!

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