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Magick Words: Glossary of New Age Words

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Glossary of Magic Words and Useful Incantations

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Clairvoyant - clear-seeing. A Clairvoyant can "see" or understand by an ability sometimes called a sixth sense as it is beyond sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. That is, they receive information through their brains sensory knowledge of things that are not within their physical presence, to perceive things that others can't.

  • Claire-Audiants- can hear things happening or being said
  • Claire-sencients- fully know things without being told or reading or researching
  • Claire-omnients- can smell and taste things that are not there Psychics are information gatherers and very often have connections with Spirit Guides

Crone -
a wise,old woman. She is the Third stage of feminine development and considered the most powerful.

Past child-bearing years, her Female Psychic Powers are now boosted and she is closer to the Sacred, Un-seen, and Ethereal than ever before! In days gone by, Crones had to keep their eyes on the ground when out in public. They were not allowed to look at others for fear of the "Evil Eye"; but were sought out for help in matters of health, wealth, love, cursing others, protection, spirituality and calling the the Un-seen.

Dragon -
The Myth, Mystery and Guardian of the History of Magick.

Dragon Things...

Once upon a time, all creatures held the sacred belief that we were meant to thrive together on this planet... giving and taking what we needed, allowing and being allowed to be as we naturally are born to be... this is kindness.

Dragons, Elves, Humans and all other Magickal creatures were set here to learn and to tend to the needs of the bountiful planet, Mother Earth.

Dragons took this charge very seriously and still do. They want to protect and defend the planet and its inhabitants even from those who dwell here who would be so selfish as to willfully take more than they need out of greed and arrogance.

Dragons only rage when there is arrogance and selfishness. And although they can jealously guard their stones and crystals (for the stones protection, of course!) they are actually kindhearted and noble, desiring that all should be tolerant of the fascinating facets and fractured flaws of all. The Dragonfly was once very large, pre-"historically". The myth connection is that they are the same creature.
The Mystery has to do with the use of Light as a Magickal tool; they both have the green/blue shift of color refraction which marks them as useful allies in shape shifting, color magick and Light Energy Healing, the Dragonfly on it's wings the Dragon on it's scales.

They are both guardians of the TREASURE- enlightenment. ...and the workings of the Realms of the Faer Folk. They both "speak" in riddles.... the Dragonfly with it's flight patterns (very flighty and illusive) and the Dragon, with it's dragony voice, always poses a riddle before letting you pass. Answer the riddle correctly and you will be rewarded with the TREASURE!

How to build a Dragon Altar... when enough is enough...

Dragon Riddle
The village of Havendel is bordered on the North by the River Garin. It is bordered on the East by Lake Logasn. On it's Western border is the Great Gray Swamp, which stretches on for as far as any have ever been. The Mountains of Misery lock them securly on the Southern border, a fine protection but also isolation. Why, after long deliberation, did the people of Havendel decide to dig a very deep well in the very center of the village?


Dulra -
(dthul-rah) Nature from the Irish Gaelic.

Magickal Crafts work with joining the Natural and the Super-Natural; and gratefully acknowledge that humans are part of both Worlds.

Ethereal -
Made of Ether- Light and Energy- The Never-ending Realms.

Those things of the Ethereal Realms are the constants, the never-changing Truths and the Immortal Beings who remain the same, untouched by decay, deception or the ravages of Time for Evermoore.

also Fairy, Fairie, or Faer Folk

Members of the un-seen order who tend to the maintainance of things here on Earth. Beings of Light and Energy, it is said that humans destroyed the Natural Bridge that once linked the two Realms by their greed, disregard and disbelief. Some still are working to repair that Sky-Bridge.

Gnome -
(nome) Wise Keepers of the Lands.

The word "GNOME" has the meaning of a WISE SAYING or a person of Wisdom. In Faery Lore, Dwarves mine for crystals and precious metals deep in the mountains. Gnomes are similar but are the care-takers of wild growing things, plants and animals. They live in extensive, tightly-knit Clans; some dwell in the great forests, some by lakes and streams or in woodland meadows; and others have now decided to move into the Gardens of humans. They are so inclined to move to these gardens to help with the growing of things, yes; but also to keep humans from overstepping their bounds!

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