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Magick Words: Glossary of New Age Words

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Glossary of Magic Words and Useful Incantations

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What is synesthesia? ...see below

GREEN MAN- Lord of the Woods-

Green Man is the consort of the Goddess; joining with her in Spring Fertility Rites so that she may blossom and bear bountiful Summer fruits and enter the Autumn Harvest with abundance and prosperity; resting in the Winter always protected by her love, the Green Man.

Ley Lines
are the Mystical, Magickal energy fields which run through the Earth due to the magnetic alignment of rock formations and plates. They are said to link places in the landscape by spiritual forces. Sometimes known as Mother Earths Aura, Gem-sensitives, and Earth-Magick folk can feel them and use them to support their love and healing of the planet. Chart the Ley Lines of your home...

The Art and Science of Wisdom.

The word "MAGICK" is the Old English spelling of the modern word "magic".
It is used by many in the Pagan, Wiccan, Earth-Magick Traditions to show the difference between what they do and the slight of hand stage tricks performed for entertainment.
It comes from the word Mage and Magi, meaning wise and learned; one who is in tune with the workings of the Universe.

Hidden, not visible, the unseen

Demonized and darkened through the centuries, the word 'occult' has to do with seeing and seeing has to do with understanding. When we consult things that are not readily known to us, we are seeking the occult. Divination, scrying, readings of any kind are methods of seeking out that which we do not know--- it is learning truth from scources beyond the visible. That is why we must learn to recognize and trust our guides.
The root is occulus - having to do with the eyes.

A person blessed with the ability to experience a stimulus from the world outside of themselves with more than one of his/her senses simultaneously and involuntarily is a synesthete. For example, say every time you hear the song “Happy Birthday” you smell jasmine, regardless of the actual presence of jasmine, then you are experiencing synesthesia, in this case a blending of olfaction and hearing. It is a rare ability - and has often been tied to genius.

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