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Magick Words: Glossary of New Age Words

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New Age - Metaphysical
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Magick Tools: Glossary of Magic Words and Useful Incantations

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In Ancient times, symbols were understood to capture, communicate and even transfer the energy of that which they represented.
That is the Magick of Language and why words have the power to transform.

Latin was, and still is, the Universal Language of Knowledge and very often used in spell work and science, making communication easier for those who speak different tongues.
However, many magical and craft words have their roots in the Celtic/Germanic languages, including Anglo-Saxon.

But, as always, it is the honorable Power of Intent of our heart which works the real Magick!

To Manifest quickly---a mutated word originally taken from Ancient Arabic.

Wise Magi from the Arabian cultures came to Europe in the Middle Ages. Already accomplished in the esoteric studies; including Astrology, mathematics, Alchemy and herbology; many of the words from their languages were Mystical and seemed magickal. This one has stayed theatrically popular but used magickaly.

Literally "all-chemicals". The Art and Science of working changes in the Natural order to suit one's will.

As Science developed in the Middle Ages, logic, learning, reason and understanding began to replace pure faith in long held practices; especially where healing and medicine were concerned. Alchemist were the first Chemist and Pharmacists. Some did become more greedy than others, at the urging of their royal patrons, and the race to be the first to "spin straw into gold" was on.

(ah-ta-may) A ritual knife, symbolizing the Male aspects of Nature and Spellcraft. It signifies the energies of the South-East- like the sword of the East and the wand of the South combined.

Used in directing the Life Force Energies much like a Wand. In modern times, usually well ornamented but not sharp.

Besom -
(beh-shom) Broom, usually kept for a ritual tool, but sometimes used in the home as well, made of Scotch Broom or Willow or even other grasses.

Used to "sweep" clear the accumulation of all sorts of energies and kept by the fireside when not being used to remind any un-welcomed spirit-visitor of what can be expected.

Witches flying on brooms comes from the practice of Astral Projection and Dream-Flight in which the practitioner stayed close by the fire to keep the body warm while the spirit frolicked elsewhere!

Cauldron -
Basic tool for soup, potion making and brewing things up in a spell. Symbol of the West, and the Water element- the womb of the Goddess and emotions.

The cauldron was originally a cooking pot, everyone had one. The symbolism is richer for the wide held belief that we all come from the Cosmic Cauldron of Life- like a big spirit-filled soup pot- and, when we die, we shall return.

Crystals -
Natural stones of six-sided geological  formation which often have a a translucent color. All Crystals are stones; but all stones are not Crystals. Gemstones have vibrational frequency out-put which gives each unique personality, character and Healing Properties

These are not the same as man-made jewelry crystals formed with chemicals and heat in a lab. Very pretty, sparkly and somewhat healing.

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