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New Age Books: Self-help Book- Calya Journey-Wise

Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook

$24.95 ON SALE $19.00


175 pages


Black and White with gray scale illustrations

Author ~ Official Site ~ Catherine Avizinis

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Chakra Healing: Complete How to... 

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Calya Journey-Wise Meditation CD...$24.95
ON SALE $19.00

The Magickal Life:
Your Aura shifts and changes daily, like the weather patterns of the planet.
Each Auric Realm vibrates at a different Color Frequency; and each Realm has its own issues and ailments, questions and victories.

No one else can tell you when you are ready to make changes, face shadows; only your own body, soul, and spirit can say; and just knowing that you need to change doesn't mean you know how to change!

Use the Calya System and Participate in your own life! Use the Color Messages from your own Aura to help you navigate your Journey-Quest!

...and here is a CD with all of the Meditations you will need as you Journey-Wise...

Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook......$24.95 ON SALE $19.00

New Age Chakra Healing: Self-help Book

I have spent my life studying Archaic Wisdom... seeking out spiritual paths and refining what I have learned into simple practice.

Here is my Chakra Healing Workbook,
Calya Journey-Wise a Pathway for a Meaningful Life.

Chakra Healing and Mystickal Practice...
This is a Complete Color Divination System. Learn Metaphysical Guidance and Soul-Searching Techniques to help you to Balance and Heal.

by Catherine Avizinis.

Calya Journey-Wise System...

Chakra Color Healing and Color Magick go hand in hand. By using my Color Healing System you will:

  • Learn to manage your own behavior and problems
  • Learn Healing Meditations to find your Aura messages
  • Learn Interior Inspection through Spiritual Principals
  • Learn Exterior support from Crystals, Movements, Foods and Oils
  • Learn to Produce Changes with Deep Releasing Meditations

The Wisdom and Knowledge to live a life full of Magick, Wonder and Joy is not a secret for only the few... my Color Healing System will teach you to:

  • know your own heart
  • choose and follow your path
  • accomplish your life by participating in your daily Aura shifts


Be sure to let me know to whom to write the autograph in the PayPal comments space when you check out!

Click the Color Wheel to Find Your Personal Daily Color...

Calya Journey-Wise: The Business of Magickal Healing