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New Age Books: How to us a Pendulum

Pendulorum: the Practicum on Pendulums
with Free Pendulum



50 pages


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A Customer's Note about my Pendulorum Book... "Hello Calya,
I just got my book today. I love it!
Its very different than some of the other books I've been reading. And I love the large font!! I took it with me on my lunch and started doing some of your tests you have written. Found out today my Pendulum does not like being in my purse and would rather be at home in the gold box where I keep my other gemstones. When I asked if it had a name it replied maybe. Then I guessed that meant we need to create a name, and it replied yes. So I said... because of the color and the beautiful swirls it reminded me of cotton candy and asked if it liked that name. I have a 'Rose Quartz' and it replied yes."

The Keeper of the Realms book 1

Magickal Fantasy... Forever Love...

Follow the Crystal Path - book 2

The Magickal Journey goes on... Are you coming?

Pendulorum: the Practicum on Pendulums.............$14.95

Now with Free Pendulum

Learn New Age teachings and Chakra Healing with this book on Pendulum work:
like taking a Pendulum class with me...

In this pendulum book you will learn everything you need to use a pendulum to find answers to questions, guidance and more.
This magickal text book transports you to your Practicum Class in Pendulums! It's like being in one of my classes.

I will:

  • guide you in selecting and "befriending" your Pendulum

  • teach you the Formula Dulra -advanced wisdom

  • teach you to make a Color Chart for each of your Pendulums

  • give you clear techniques for Pendulum Divination

  • for Beginners to Advanced

Pendulums gives us much more than "YES" or "NO" answers...MUCH MORE!

This is the Best Book on Pendulums

I would be honored to autograph your books for you. Be sure to let me know to whom to write the autograph in the comments space at check out!

TRY THIS: Hold your Pendulum by the end of it's chain, over your open palm. It will slowly pick up the flow pattern of your Aura or hand chakra.
A clockwise circle pattern is a Yang-Outward energy and a counter-clockwise circle is a Yin-Inward energy.
When doing Healing work use these to open and close the Chakras and Auric patterns.

Pendulum Article...

(©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)

Gemstone Pendulums...

All things, including people, are affected by the vibrations of all other things.

A Violin and a Drum will pick up each others sound waves or vibrations; they will resonate- by playing one, it will cause a vibration on the same frequency to occur in the other.
This is called it's VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OUTPUT or Magickal Healing Property; and it is how we Heal and make Magickal Healing Changes with Crystals, Oils, Colors and Thoughts.
Your Pendulum obtains hidden and unknown information and then communicates to you through this same Magick.

Your Spirit Guides speak and act on FREQUENCIES not seen or heard by everyone!