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Breathing Meditation Ritual

We are not just our physical selves. We are multi-dimensional beings, composed of an Inner Spirit, a mental body, an emotional body, a vital body, and a physical body.

Select your oil...

Welcome! ...to Breathing Ritual 101©

A Ritual is any set of repeatable steps we use
to alert the inner self that a change is about to take place.

Always Find your color first...

To determine your color, first click here to listen to
"Throw Your Stones in the Fountain Meditation"
then return here to continue.

You may also want to purchase your own workbook...Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook

Although not a daily requirement, Breathing Ritual will help you make more potent changes... and achieve Metaphysical Maintenance

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Simple Method: Aromatherapy Breathing Ritual

After you know which Color you need at this time...

  • Set your Aromatherapy Oil burner with the needed Calya Color blend
  • Use music to support the energies
  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed
  • Visualize a large ball of radiant Golden light a few inches over your head
  • Visualize that as your inhale, you draw in deep breaths of that energy through your crown, filling first your lower abdomen and progressively your entire being with golden light
  • Imagine yourself absorbing that light as it nourishes, cleanses & heals your whole being
  • your Spirit and all of your bodies - dissolving all blocked and toxic energies
  • Now exhale all of the debris
  • Repeat this exercise, visualizing a ball of Red light
Continue through the entire spectrum like this, visualizing a ball of Orange light; Yellow light; Green light; Blue light; Indigo light; and Violet light. Go through the spectrum at whatever pace feels appropriate. Take some time to visualize yourself in a state of perfect, radiant health. Benefits of this meditation: Cleansing, balancing, & healing at all levels... Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Vital, & Physical. Develops concentration & visualization abilities.

Breathing Ritual Color Healing:

Gemstones, Crystals, Oils, Releasing Meditations, and other Holistic modalities work on tiny vibrational levels.
The effects are subtle and best suited to subtle energy distortions.

Everything that exists Vibrates in different wave lengths or frequencies called colors; including our Body/Soul/Spirit.
These Color Patterns make up our Auric Field; our Chakras, or REALMS.
If we don't know that we can correct the distortions which continually occur, they can go on for a long time. Balancing Daily is best, Calya Journey-Wise gives you steps for Metaphysical Maintainance.

Knowing the Body Area where the Dis-ease has manifested, will show you the Color Healing Magick needed to best bring that Energy back to balance, diminishing pain and restoring Comfort and Joy!

Any Change for the Good is called a Healing.

We are Body - Soul & Spirit

A Storm in any of these Realms will cause imbalance and, if not alleviated , will manifest as Dis-ease.
Gemstones, by means of their chemistry and color, will share their own auric energy to help us heal.

Gemstone Healing in the Physical Body - composed of:

  • Solids (bones, muscles, organs)
  • Liquids (blood, plasma, hormones, body fluids)
  • Energy (nerve impulses- which link to soul reactions)

    Is there injury, malfunction or simple aging?

Gemstone Healing in the Soul- which is our:

  • Intellect (ability to reason and remember)
  • Emotions (how we feel or react for survival)
  • Will (how we choose to act- which connects to spirit being)

    Certain belief structures, locked in emotional reactions from old wounds or inappropriate choices may cause distortions which hinder well-being.

Gemstone Healing in the Spirit - which is comprised of:
  • Universal Life Force (makes us alive)
  • Human Life Force (makes us Human)
  • Individual Life Force (makes us Unique Expression of the Oneness)

    Here there may be mis-understandings about our deep connections to each other and the Source.

The energy of these bodies becomes progressively subtler from physical to spiritual. Illness begins with disharmony in one of these energy bodies. If not harmonized, the dis-ease moves outward, effecting the denser bodies, ultimately manifesting as physical illness. Metaphysical healing release requires restoring harmony to all of our bodies. This meditation is designed to cleanse and harmonize your various bodies with the healing energies of color.

Advanced Method:

Gather the Materials you will need:

  • Bath Salts
  • Oils/Mysts
  • Robe or Fabrics in Your Color
  • Crystals/Jewelry
  • the Realm tool (ex. Gray-a cloak, Violet-a staff)
  • Music to Enhance (Red-Brass/ very pounding
    Rhythm, Yellow-Flute or CD's that suit you.)
  • Soft Lights (please be careful with candles!)
    Dimmer Light or an Enclosed lantern can be very nice.
  • Your Calya Journey-wiseDaily Workbook & Journal
  • Anything else you would personally like to add.

Preparing thoughtfully prevents disruption later during your Ritual.

(Note-Know the Direction Points, N-S-E-W, of your space... click here)

Assemble your tools and calm yourself. Recall your color and what it means and also what it is specifically that you are about to try to accomplish then, light your lamp. Call in all kind and Helpful Energies to assist you and align with you. Stand facing the West.

Lift the lantern and call out.

"I am on my Journey Quest oh Wondrous Waters of the West-I call to the Ancestors to help me find my path. Lower lantern to "path" I acknowledge you My Ancestral Family and the connections which link me to you.
May you bring to me understanding of myself and my powers on this part of my Journey."

"Energies Sweet, Energies Strong Justice and Truth sing your Song Power of the Waters, Power of the Waves I honor the West and what Life's Mystery Gave."

Holding up your lantern, move slowly to face the North.
"I am Journeying Forth oh Nurturing North, I call to the Nature Energies to help me find my path. Lower lantern

"I acknowledge the clockwork of the Universe and this Natural World and that I am a part of the structure and flow…may you bring to me self-worth and proper alignment on this part of my Journey."

"Energies Sweet, Energies Strong Comfort and Joy Sing your Song Power of Earth Plant Crystal and Stone I honor the North and Journey not Alone."

Holding up the lantern, move slowly to the East.

"I am willing to feast oh Enlightening Winds of the East, I call to the Powers of Light and Air to help me find my path."

Lower lantern

"I acknowledge the need for releasing what I know in order that I may grasp the new things. May you bring to me change on this part of my Journey."

"Energies Sweet, Energies Strong Change and Expansion Sings your Song Power of Air, Power of Light I honor the East for my wings of Flight."

Holding up the lantern, move slowly to face the South.

"I will keep on, I vow, oh Splendid Fire of the South. I call on the Transforming powers of Fire to help me find my path. "

Lower the lantern

"I acknowledge the creative Life-Force and that I may use it to create harmony or hindrance. May you bring to me fiery pure motives on this part of my Journey."

"Energies Sweet, Energies Strong Challenge and Honor Sing your Song Power of Hammer, Wand and Flame I honor the South with a Fire the same."

Holding up the lantern complete the circle facing West, go to the center and call out:

"Spiritual Realms I call for Protection from anything which may hinder or harm-I now Enter into the (color ) Ritual of ( purpose) of the Realm of ________.

Place your lantern in a safe place and myst or anoint yourself and your space with appropriate color blend and visualize yourself surrounded with the energies, or if you're doing a Ritual bath now is the time to draw it and with intent slowly scrub with the salts and then luxuriate in the waters for as long as you'd like.

When done, towel off then apply the appropriate oil and do the appropriate Movement and see your space filling with the Energies.
Place the tools near you and the crystals on the charkas. Now it is time for the Releasing Meditation. Try to read and visualize the meditation at the same time-after a few times you'll remember it well enough to simply do the release.

Remember these Rituals and Visualizations will facilitate physiological release by employing mental stimulus-go with the flow of your emotions the flutter of image-your first thoughts are the most telling so don't try to figure anything out just watch the "film." And if your mind takes you in another direction go with that, too. After all you're seeking deep knowledge-if you access something be proud of yourself, it could be an important piece to your puzzle quest. Sometimes you may have trouble "seeing" ; don't worry, just keep going and feel the perception of the words you are reading.

(*Note-There are times when our puzzle is just too traumatic to try to put it back together on our own. Please; many highly trained, beautifully compassionate doctors and therapists are available Journey-wise is not meant as a substitute for Professional assistance-never try to live alone. If you are overly distraught, sad, suicidal, afraid or lonely-tell someone.)

After you close down the meditation give yourself time to Return, Rest and Reflect, before making your Journal Entry. Then close down the entire circle of energy you have created. Safe Passage.

Read the full Meditation here...Throw Your Stones in the Fountain Meditation...

By referring to my Articles you can learn more about your own Magickal powers, how to refine and strengthen them, and how to work your Magick with honor to help yoursel and others.

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