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Calya Journey-Wise: The Keeper of the Realms©

Author ~ Official Site ~ Catherine Avizinis

Calya Journey-Wise: The Keeper of the Realms©

Catherine Avizinis

Calya Journey-Wise Trilogy

Magick is real... and it is waiting just beyond the sealed gateway for someone to bring it back. When it is announced by the King of Calaith that his unsettled daughter, the aging Princess Calya, is the One Who is Found for the task, it sets into motion her journey-quest to find the truth concerning her magical heritage, mystical destiny and the real meaning of forever love. Calya is Ascending.

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Keeper of the Realms...

eBook/PDF $6.99

...an epic hero's quest with a female leading the way.
paperback - 350 pages - 100,740 words- 5x8inches

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Winner: Gold Medal...Women's Fiction

My book, Calya Journey-Wise: The Keeper of the Realms has won the Gold Medal in Women's Fiction category in a judged contest held by Reader's Favorite.

There are four levels of prizes awarded: Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and Finalist in the All Around competition.

I am very honored to recieve this award.

Awarded 5 Stars by Reader's Favorite... click here


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She must restore Magick, reunite worlds, and repel an invasion all by learning and using the power of the Sacred Feminine... and falling into Forever Love...

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Come away with me now to a land where dragonflies deliver messages, crystals sing and the Realms of Color and Light bestow their healing secrets upon those who will seek.

This is a tale of the hero's quest with a female leading the way!

She must restore Magick, reunite worlds, and repel an invasion all by learning and using the power of the Sacred Feminine... and falling into Forever Love...

Calya Journey-Wise is a novel in three books and here is the first one... The Keeper of the Realms

Read the Prologue free below...

If you are a lover of a good story or you are on your own Magickal Journey; you will love the rich language and wonderful settings in this book as you follow Calya on her mystical Journey-Quest to save her two worlds and her one love. ...an inescapable, undeniable forever love... It will bring back memories of things you never knew.

This is the story that started it all... ...an epic hero's quest with a female leading the way. She must restore Magick, reunite worlds, and repel an invasion all by learning and using the power of the Sacred Feminine... and falling into Forever Love... More to come ~

Below is the Prologue which begins the story of Calya Journey-Wise: Keeper of the Realms.



Ago and Away... Ago and Away... and once upon a time, there were two kingdoms. One was of this world and the other was not.

For ages, each lived without knowing of the existence of the other; until one day, Csdrel, Regal Lord of Hammeril, opened the Gate.

The Calaithians worked hard for all that they had. They were strong, resourceful, and proud. Their lives were filled with joys and sorrows, prosperities and wars for they greatly protected all that was their own; but for the aMaun people of Hammeril, life was Magick!

They created the fabric of their lives by the weaving of Shadow and Light, Color and Willful Thought with but one rule to guide them; Harm None.

Each aMaun followed his unique Journey-Quest. Step by step, day by day, they learned to make decisions based on Justice and Mercy as they slowly awakened the Divine Light of their own Spirit and strengthened the powers of their own Magick so they could fulfill their destiny. They knew full and well that Magickal Powers were tools to be used to govern the self and not to be used to rule others.

And that is how it came to pass that Csdrel, while following the difficult path of his own Journey-Quest, came to seek the Wisdom of the Mystical aDrohl who lived far above the mists of the Sacred Mountains and far beyond the edge of the Cloudless Sky.

"Is there nothing more?" he asked them. "Is this all that there is?" "Shall we never go beyond what we now know?" Those who had made the difficult journey before him had not dared to ask these questions nor had they dared to demand answers.

The Wise aDrohl knew that the time had come, and so to Csdrel the Gate between the Worlds was shown and to him the Key was given, and to him was revealed what chaos might occur if he were to open the Gate. For it is one thing to have the grand power of Magickal Changes sparkling from your very fingertips and another to Harm None; one thing to gain the secrets of Mercy and Compassion that allow you to soar into the highest Realms of Spirit and quite another thing to then live out those High Lessons in a troublesome, powerless world below.

But Csdrel, Regal Lord of Hammeril, was ready and anxious for new worlds, the next adventure; something grand, and by his own willful thought, he did open.

Into Calaith went Csdrel and with him, Laerdal, his trusted advisor. The land there was pleasant and green; it grew very much like Hammeril. As they journeyed, they found the Calaithians to be hearty and welcoming to strangers. One thing, however, was greatly different; the Calaithians had no Magickal Powers of Change at their fingertips nor could they heal even the simplest of wounds to relieve even the smallest of sufferings.

At first, only a few aMaun dared to journey through the Gate between the Worlds. But eventually, it became the place of choice for holidays and daring fun. Over time, more and more aMaun explored the land of Calaith as part of Csdrel's grand adventure.

By the advice of the aDrohl and the voting of the High Council of Hammeril, it was decreed that Magick should not be used in Calaith and that the aMaun themselves should try to remain discreet and unknown. Csdrel did not agree.

In fact, the more energy of the land of Calaith he absorbed the more self-serving and bold his Magick became when he was back in Hammeril. He grew obsessed with protecting the Calaithians and the Gate as if they were his own, and, eventually, he began to use the increasing strength of his powers to control the very thoughts of those in Hammeril who disagreed with him. No one was safe; no one could be sure even of their own quiet thoughts. This choice was an extreme violation of the Sacred Code for to interfere with the free will of another is to do them great harm. Csdrel would not be told.

But in Calaith, friendships grew; love blossomed,secrets were shared,and Magick was revealed; and lo and behold, Calaithian children began to be born with the Magickal Powers of Change sparkling from their fingertips.

The Calaithians greatly protected all that was their own, and when some were able to be helped or saved by aMaun Magick and others were not, those with Magick were accused of judging who could live and who should die. Suspicion, fear, vengeance, war...! The foretold Chaos of the Terrible Times was unleashed, for death is a mighty uniter.

Some say that Csdrel was killed in a hunting accident; some say he was stopped, once and for all, by members of his own High Council. All that was known was that war raged and he was gone and his sister, Shune of Shulee, became Regal Lady of Hammeril, with great protest on her part.

Shune had no heart for governing nor patience for negotiations and no concern for anyone but her convenient friends. However, her Journey-Quest had shown her this about herself so she devised a plan. She decided to bear a child who would rule in her place. Tolus Dalwynara was crowned Regal Lord of Hammeril at the moment of his birth. Shune left him in the care of Arom the Chancellor and his wife Aless to be schooled by the Council and to learn of his purpose; and so he did, with an occasional mother and unknown father.

It was in the twenty seventh year of his reign, that the Terrible Times became as vicious as any war could be and he ordered that the Gate between the Worlds be closed and sealed.

Many on both sides vehemently opposed this, for lives would be shredded, torn apart, mingled families would be sealed away from each other forever. But strangely, one by one, members of the High Council changed their minds and voted to approve the Regal Lord's decree. From that time on he was known in certain circles as 'Csdrel's Arm' and 'Treacherous Tolus the Tempter' and suspected of tampering with the minds and free will of any he chose.

There was at that time another group who took council together, a group of aMaun rebels, who refused to abandon the Calaithians to the chaos unleashed upon them by aMaun. These rebels defied the young Regal Lord and fled in secret to Calaith to try to end the war of the Terrible Times themselves. They believed it was a duty of Mercy for the aMaun to do so; to stay in Calaith, repair what went wrong and restore peace and trust between the people was their goal, and they were determined to accomplish it with kindness, hard work, and no magick.

When Tolus found out he was furious. He raged and threatened and demanded that they forfeit their treachery and return. They steadfastly ignored him and would not respond.

So, on that dreadful day, the Gate was closed. It was sealed and hidden; guarded and forgotten; lost from memory; and for a thousand years, the Calaithians cloaked the remnant of the rebels and the story of the Gate between the Worlds in whispered myths and shadows, to greatly protect them as if they were their own.


©This work in its entirety and all names, places, characters, and products referred to herein are copyrights of Catherine Avizinis, Calya Journey-Wise, and Old-Earth.com. 1995-0n et al...

All copyrights and other rights are reserved worldwide. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means for any purpose except as provided by the US copyright laws and the express, written permission of the author.