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Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path

Author Catherine Avizinis
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Crystal Path book

Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path - paperback...$14.95!

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379 pages - 113,687 words

Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path - eBook...$7.95

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379 pages - 113,687 words

Whoever holds the Seed Crystals, holds the Magickal essence of the Realms.
Whoever possesses them controls their power and knows their secrets.
Calya has them. Csdrel wants them back.

What if the hero chosen to save Three Worlds is a dutiful princess who can't bring herself to kill and whose Magickal power is being sweet and gentle kind and true? How can that save her people from the invading Csdrel, the vile reverse empath who makes others live the evil he feels?
Is Tolus, her Soul-Mate, really Csdrel after all?

In Follow the Crystal Path, the Journey-Quest to restore Magick continues, but it is soon evident that memories are muddled, history hoaxed, and Calya's worst fears are true; there is something dreadfully wrong in the High World of Gwalish, no help is coming from the aDrohl; and, unseen, Csdrel walks among them.

Because of the Elder's Long Spell, Calya is actually on a Crystal Path. Not only restoring Magick, but retrieving the forgotten Seed Crystals Csdrel stole long ago and hid in the Between Times with the Magickal Creatures, who he 'buried alive in darkness'. But Pink Crystal was hidden in Calaith, just as Calya was. He couldn't get at it, until she arrived in Hammeril wearing it around her neck.

"Sweet and gentle, kind and true. What kind of power is that?"

Truth is a twisted knot tied by Csdrel.

  • great writing - deep insights
  • characters with weaknesses and strengths you'll recognize
  • strong plots - unforeseen twists
  • richly detailed Magickal worlds you won't want to leave…

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and here is one from Tolus point of view...!

Somewhere, deep within us, dwells a light.

It is a glow of hope that somewhere, afar off, dwell beings who know the end from the beginning, who see the worth of all our troubles, efforts, and heartaches, and have only our very best interest glowing in their hearts.
Beings who, if they chose to, could change the course of events in worlds or our own small lives, by the power that bursts from their will and sparkles from their fingertips with a simple wave of their hand.

And somewhere, within that light of hope, dwells the belief that somehow, we are like them.
We, too, if given the chance, could change the course of events in worlds or our own lives. We could bestow healing and goodness, exact justice and retribution by the very power of our will sparkling from our fingertips with a wave of our hand, if we could just remember how; if we could only just remember our Magick.

Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path Are you coming?


'Like the gossamer wing of a dragonfly, truth is elusive; changing... shifting with the light, even when you are sure you know what you know. Truth hides, even in the brightest light.
Truth shifts even when you are looking right at it... because everyone lies.'
Dithero, Scribe to Calya


Calya Journey-Wise is a Magickal Fantasy novel presented in three books.

1. The Keeper of the Realms


Magick is real… and it is waiting just beyond the sealed gateway for someone to bring it back. When it is announced by the King of Calaith that his unsettled daughter, the aging Princess Calya, is the One Who is Found for the task, it sets into motion her journey-quest to find the truth concerning her magical heritage, mystical destiny and the real meaning of forever love. Calya is Ascending.

Every culture tells wondrous tales of heroes who undertake a Mystick Quest; from Brendan the Voyager to Hercules, from Frodo to Harry Potter.

And the Quest is always the same; to gain hidden Wisdom, Other-Worldly Understanding and prove Self-worth, usually to themselves. Often times they show weakness, cowardliness, confusion and they even fail; but it is the Journey that is important. For even the greatest victories of any Mythic Hero are only temporary. Time passes... Life ends... and a new generation takes on the task of proving themselves all over again.

We are all on our own Journey-Quest. We are all the Hero of our own Mystickal Saga; seeking Wisdom and selflessness, winning battles and loosing, filled with darkness and light.

Take time to listen to the tale another has to tell... so many little time!