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Calya Journey-Wise: On to Evermoore

Author ~ Official Site ~ Catherine Avizinis

Calya Journey-Wise Trilogy

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Coming in 2019!

Heartache beyond measure... grief too much to bear... Where is love and Mercy in all of this chaos?
As the Journey-Quest continues, Calya and Tolus are torn apart and thrown into different worlds.
Each must follow their own quest to the same end… kill the aDrohl or save them? But which is it?

On to Evermoore book

Calya Journey-Wise: On to Evermoore - paperback...$14.95!

Still writting....!!!!Quill

...an epic hero's quest with a female leading the way.
paperback - 5x8inches

"THEY CHOSE Csdrel - they chose their own plan! You didn't conjure Long Spells, they did!" Galdur shouted at Arom in terrible anger. "You think they didn't double-cross me? I be in book -forever!"

Softly, Calya asked what we all wondered, "Please, what more of their Never-ending Purpose?"

"To live on!" Galdur shouted. "Blasted aDrohl gods need to die to live on! They cast their original Long Spell tormenting Three Worlds for thousands of years for one purpose only - to raise up heroes able to break it! Killing aDrohl frees everyone. But which path fulfills this test… eh? Use Dresn powerful weapon… Aendn Sword? Kill 'em, bring 'em to justice or is yer victory and Ascension won by mercy? Refuse to murder 'em for compassion's sake, to prove you be more merciful than Gwalish. Choose wrong path, torment will continue, but... choose right path; it will change everything!"

Tolus sneered, his sores flared like burning coals and the Tourmaline in his forehead glinted fiercely. "WHATEVER we do," he roared pounding his fist on the table, "we cannot give the aDrohl what they want! We shall find our own way to end their evil. They will be punished for what they have done. Mark me well! You are rising, Calya, Ascending. We do not know where this leads; but we shall go!" We scarcely breathed as his power faded. It was almost Magick.

"So, it is settled." He continued. "Nonn goes to Calaith, Door comes with me, Dithero remains here to govern, and Calya follows her path; wherever that takes her." then he added, "And this sun, she and I are escaping to for a day of romance on Isle Vaide, and none of you are coming!"

"'bout time…!" came a gruff mumble from the Book, as Galdur fluttered his pages several times and slammed shut.


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Calya Journey-Wise is a Magickal Fantasy novel presented in three books, and this is the third.

This story is dedicated to all those who are Magick! It is dedicated to you!
Safe Passage and Journey-Wise...


And the Quest is always the same; to gain hidden Wisdom, Other-Worldly Understanding and prove Self-worth, usually to themselves. Often times they show weakness, cowardliness, confusion and they even fail; but it is the Journey that is important. For even the greatest victories of any Mythic Hero are only temporary. Time passes... Life ends... and a new generation takes on the task of proving themselves all over again.

We are all on our own Journey-Quest. We are all the Hero of our own Mystickal Saga; seeking Wisdom and selflessness, winning battles and loosing, filled with darkness and light.

Take time to listen to the tale another has to tell... so many stories...so little time!