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Calya Journey-Wise Books Wholesale

Calya Journey-Wise Books Wholesale

a Magickal novel by Catherine Avizinis

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Winner: Gold Medal...Women's Fiction

My book, Calya Journey-Wise: The Keeper of the Realms has won the Gold Medal in Women's Fiction category in a judged contest held by Reader's Favorite.

There are four levels of prizes awarded: Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals and Finalist in the All Around competition.

I am very honored to recieve this award.

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Keeper of the Realms...$14.95

paperback - 350 pages - 100,740 words- 5x8inches

epic fiction, fantasy, female lead, magick, quest, women's, unicorn, e-book, paperback epic hero's quest with a female leading the way.
She must restore Magick, reunite worlds, and repel an invasion all by learning and using the power of the Sacred Feminine... and falling into Forever Love...

Keeper of the Realms is the first book in the Calya Journey-Wise series - Read what others are saying...

  • "I BELIEVE!!!!" ...TLaF

  • "I did finish the book and "I LOVE IT!!!!!!".
    It made it even better that I had bought the Aroma Oils also which gave me the opportunity to smell them when the chapter talked about a particular color and associated oil. It was fun to read. I seek my color every day... and I use my diffusers to activate the oils with my candles." GA

  • "I've been whisked away... and I don't want to come back" SB

  • I love the book! It is captivating, mystical, suspenseful, VERY WELL WRITTEN! I read it all in one night! DW

  • "the language is so rich..." MB

  • "I love the characters..." MH

  • "...from the bottom of my heart, I love your/the world you have created with/about Magick" JM

  • "I'm buying my ticket right now and can't wait to read it..." PL

  • "The Prolouge does illuminate the Journey-Work that we do. It gives it a new meaning. I can't wait to read the rest of it:)"
  • "I love this book and can't wait for the next!" JJ

  • "More... I need more...!" JDD

  • "I am enjoying the chapters. I started Chapter 3 when you sent it and I find it fascinating how Calya doesn’t know what to do….where to go, where to begin, trying to find her place. Knowing that there is something that is special about her…BUT WHAT? She’s been chosen, but for what.
    I kind of feel like her…"B

  • "OMG! I’m hooked! I finished the rest last night. I really can appreciate the Realms so much more after reading about their stay in Muzzy. It sheds more light on exactly what and how to address the questions and issues for that particular Realm. Very captivating, well written…I really think you could make a movie out of this."DW

Magick is real… and it is waiting just beyond the sealed gateway for someone to bring it back. When it is announced by the King of Calaith that his unsettled daughter, the aging Princess Calya, is the One Who is Found for the task, it sets into motion her journey-quest to find the truth concerning her magical heritage, mystical destiny and the real meaning of forever love. Calya is Ascending.

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