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Calya Journey-Wise: The Business of Magickal Healing

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Calya Journey-Wise: The Business of Magickal Healing©

How to make a living using your Magickal Healing with the Calya Journey-Wise Certification Course (©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)


How lovely to meet you. Thank you for your questions and your interest in the Calya Journey-Wise System.

It IS a difficult road, isn't it? Knowing this gift you want to give and not being able to find a way to give it...!!!

Healing is a service you provide - Healing is Change for the better and we use Magick because Magick is change using the available energies of the Universe! Healing is Spiritual Magick and does not follow our will but conforms our will to the Universal Laws.... This in the Beyond Time know the best way out of the Maze because they can see it from above!

Basically, you learn more about refining the healing tool that you already have - you!

We learn the codes, draw in the energies, transmute them if needs be, and send them out to do the work of shifting excesses and depletions.

My Calya Journey-Wise System teaches just that - the codes and how to support the work. Take a look here...

On completion of that course which takes 'a year and a day' or as long as it takes you... You will be a Certified Calya Journey-Wise Guide and can build up your own clientele - others work out of their homes, in shops, teach classes, combine it with massage therapy, etc...

Reiki - is a word which means Universal Life Energy. In the not so distant past -many were learning this very ancient practice as if it was something brand new and charging exorbitant amounts of money to teach it to others.

If you are a healer no one can give it to you - If you are not a healer - -same thing - no one can give it to you. In other words you either got it or you don't! Those who find their way to Old-Earth are usually the ones who 'got it'. So, it is a safe bet to say that you have healing abilities and are ready to begin.

The Unicorn Master Level Attunement is about being aligned with a particular method and is very reasonable in price and you also receive other items with that purchase. Click here to see...

My Light of Evermoore Reiki (called Reiki only because it is what people are calling energy healing these days) is an Ancient method and to learn it is free. Click here to read more...

The Master Level Attunement has a set of steps to learn for a deeper experience and use of this type of energy gathering and transfer on a more intense and involved level; and you go at your own pace.

When you are ready, you and I set a date and time and we connect through the energetic Realms. The final Transfer is more of a confirmation that you understand and have received instructions and are welcomed into the High Council. As a member of the High Council you will be called upon to add your healing energies to special events and special callings for healing - (any of which you are free to decline if you chose).

As far as being Certified by some Big Master Reiki group - there isn't one. If you are asking if you will be certified to work on people as a Healer in your state by the Board of Health No, you will not be.
You will need to be a doctor, massage therapist or even a Cosmetologist in order to have a state license to touch people.

However, most states now recognize Energy Healing as an integrated modality which is allowed to carry on in a small business. You will have to check your own state's laws for that. You will not be able to collect on folks insurance - but each state is different.

Now - That aside - you can still make a decent living in a New Age shop. As a legitimate business you can offer Readings, Healing advise and in my course we go over those types of things and just how one goes about getting set up.

You will be able to buy from me at a wholesale price and I will give you contact with other vendors; acting as a guide in both your Spiritual Journey and business one, as well, including how to build your own viable web site like I did - from scratch with HTML code.

Make a living...? Yes - but it requires patience and focus - just like all Magick.

  • Light of Evermoore Energy Healing Reiki = No Charge
  • Light of Evermoore Master Level Reiki = $52.95
  • Calya Journey-Wise Certification Course = $35 enrollment and $35 per chapter test and your supplies.
There are 22 chapters =$770.00 paid out over as long as it takes you to complete your studies.

You do need to purchase 2 books and 1 CD. These are listed in the left margin. and you will need your set of Calya Aroma Aura Oils (at a discounted price) $235.95 You save over $30.00.
Your set of 17 Calya stones is free...

Please ask any and all questions at any time.

Many Blessings and I look forward to working with you,
Comfort and Joy!
Calya of Old-Earth