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Calya-cise: Ritual of Movement


Calya Journey-Wise Trilogy...

Calya-cise: Ritual of Movement

Calya Journey-Wise Trilogy Books... Ritual of Movement


Calya Journey-Wise course will help you to expand your understanding of the Realms, the meaning of the colors, the quest Questions and how to travel.
Comfort and Joy … Safe Passage.

Home Stance-feet aligned under shoulders, knees softly flexed, spine lengthened, pelvis forward, chin tucked, shoulders back, chest open, and arms long with palms up in front of lower abdomen with thumbs closed. All movements are done in a slow, relaxed way-with deep breathing of the color helping to move energies. Work up to 100ct. unless specified.

1.Black-Begin walking…. Are you willing to journey? Leave mark. Are you blaming another? Look in the mirror. 50 toe/heel… 50 heel /toe…Breath.

2.Yellow-Thru the Gate… make the decision to Journey. Enter into participation in your own life…put down your box. Bend down with knees flexed and head dropped. Slowly roll spine up, knees softly flexed, think of all the colors as your hands pass their body areas.

3. Grey-Salutation…. acknowledge there is a problem or issue, something beyond what you know…something outside and inside of you. Be ready to find the new box. Repeat #2, 3x only flow more quickly and swing arms to back overhead when bent down.

4. Purple/Indigo-Searches…. seeking direction, asking and articulating, ask for help. Where to go…look for colors in room that speak to you. Knees flexed, pelvis forward, arms long, palms up, stretch neck by looking slowly side to side then up and down and holding. Relaxed posture-Smile!

5. Blue-Seasons and Cycles…. observing and learning the patterns in your life. How you fit in your own family chain… inherited characteristics. Switching weight from front to back with bent legs, arms circle up, over, down and under; like passing a stick over a large ball. Breath.

6. Aqua-Wings…. you ARE the most important thing in your universe…ready your wings to fly by feeling playful and daring… let self worth soar!!!! 1.) Relaxed posture, lift arms to shoulder height and rotate all the way forward and then back-continue adding head, neck, shoulders and torso-always keeping pelvis forward. 2.) Rotate arms forward raise shoulders to ears and swing back trying to touch relaxed hands.

7. Green-Yin/Yang…. hoping to balance and heal. Activate Giving and receiving in balanced flow. Merge extremes to a balanced rhythm. Relaxed posture, knees bent, side bends with pelvis forward arm stretches up, out, over. Left then right-very slow stretches.

8. Peach-Gargoyle…. Break down old to create new, what is your position of belief? What are you guarding so fiercely? What is you innate fear? Is it still necessary to fight for yourself? Crouch down with your heels flat and arms between your legs, then drop your head and straighten the knees. Repeat three times and growl!

9. Orange-Ocean Depths…. Wants, needs, desires, what's the difference? Pull them up into consciousness and pull up strengths from deep down inside. Lay on the floor-open mid-back (see#2 and #16 to open mid back) with head raised, chin tucked and legs bent but relaxed. Round up and softly pull the small of your back into the floor, then progress to legs lifted, work up to 100ct. each.

10. Pink -Double Helix…. Wring out deep life force. Define your realm ….the worst/best? Move into action, make power usable. Lying flat on your back-arms bent out at shoulders. Roll bent right leg over left leg and relax into stretch. Deep breaths release tapped excess energies. Reverse. Breath pink out the top of your head.

11. Red-Attitude…. Motives - make a stand for your beliefs, wants/needs/desires. Lying on your side with knees slightly bent, pelvis forward and head propped on hand, use the other hand for balance and bring your top bent knee to your face. Then, push it to the back keeping it as close to your bottom leg as you can and always pelvis forward. Three times then lift and stretch the floor leg forward, as well. Reverse.

12. Violet-Moon Faces…. Changes are good, show and know and accept your different aspects. Be grateful that you are able to change your mind. Sit up-bend the right knee flat to the floor with the other knee in front of the body. Bend the left leg upright crossing over the right. The right arm pulls up and over the left leg to stretch and turn the torso, pulling with the left hand. Count to 50 and reverse.

13. Brown-Flying Horse…. Stability through flexibility. Mount up… what's your strategy, plan? Are you willing to compromise where you can? Sit with legs out, bend your right knee in, and turn to face it-relax your body down over the bent leg. Keep your left leg out straight in back. Count to 10, raise your head, walk palms back to bent knee-slowly arch back lifting one arm at a time over your head. Count to 10 and reverse.

14. Burgundy-Battle…. willing to fight for yourself, realm, allies…Strategize and Confront. Who will be defeated; are you ready to be responsible? Moving from #13 sitting with your left knee bent in front of your body, bend the right knee flat to the floor out to the right side-pelvis pulled forward. Rotate your right leg in your hip, lift up two inches and push back slightly with little pulses. Lean to your side for balance, eventually working to sitting upright. Work to 100. Reverse.

15. Pink-Protect…. stand by your decisions, your self and your allies…who are they? Be sure that you know and be honorable when dealing with them. Moving from #14, leaving your right knee bent, bring your right leg bent upright and lift all the body weight up and forward onto the left bent leg. Stretching torso down to the floor, count to 10 and Reverse.

16. Lime-Openness…. Ready to manifest what you truly wanted from the beginning with all the layers peeled away and fears faced and over-come, reach out to help another! Be open to the in-flow from the Universe. Sitting with your legs out, hug your liver (R side) with your left arm and bend to the left with the right arm stretching up and over. 50 count. Reverse, hugging your spleen
(L side) with your right arm, the left arm goes up and over. 50 count. Then bring your feet together in front of you with straight legs and stretch your arms up, out, and over pulling your head down and elbows up and out to open the mid-back. 50 ct.

17. Peach/Pink-Sheila na Gig…. Pride in self and accomplishments. Remembering that Pride keeps you fighting even when there is no cause.
Sitting very upright, draw your knees up as tightly as possible and wrap your arms inside of your thighs and under your knees to grasp the shins. Stretch, grow and breathe. Hold for 10.

18. White-Beyond the Beyond…. See self as part of the web of life, part of the whole, the network…. my Journey matters to the All. Sit with legs out, bracing your body weight on a straightened right arm, and swing the left arm wide over your head and lift your body. Hold for five and reverse and repeat.