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Color Energy Healing: The Authority on Color Healing

What Color Do You Need...

The Keeper of the Realms
book 1

Magickal Fantasy... Forever Love...

Follow the Crystal Path
book 2

The Magickal Journey goes on... Are you coming?

Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook...$24.95

Complete workbook and instructions on how to participate in the Daily Auric Changes of your own Life!

17 Color Energy Healing Meditations...

The Old Code... read

Find Your Color Personality Now...

Healing Crystals Chart

Color Meanings Chart

Daily Aura Workbook

Pendulum Book

Meditation CD

Personal Readings

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Healing with Color...

Learn Light of Evermoore Reiki...
Energy Healing Technique

Pendulorum: Pendulum Book...$14.95

the Best Book on Pendulums- Beginners to Advanced
...how to construct your pendulums color chart and use it in your Journey work

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Calya Journey-Wise Meditation CD...$24.95

You've Decided to Journey
Now, once you're away,
Know it will take you
a year and a day.

The way isn't easy
and you'll oft' times feel lost
But that's part of the bargain
and part of the cost.

There are Guides who are waiting,
Companions, as well,
with songs to be sung
and stories to tell

To learn of your-self
FEAR DRAGONS you'll face
and with love, joy and beauty
those fears you'll replace

So Let Us Be Off!
there is much to be done!
For each soft twinkling Star
is a Glorious Sun!

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Color Energy Healing: The Authority on Color Healing Journey Path©

Color is Light... Light is Energy...

The simple, basic authoritative help you need to Heal with Color Energy in your daily life...
Color is Light...   

Calya Journey-Wise is: the Mystickal Art of using the body as a Magickal tool.

Although I understand when some says they have trouble meditating - using the Body/Soul/Spirit as a healing tool is what the Calya System is all about.
Learning to adjust one's vibrational frequency according to the Universal code of Colors and their Spiritual Principles and then, after garnering that grace and gift from the Ethereal Realms - giving it away to someone else who needs it.
It involves becoming a channel and an instrument but more than that it involves becoming the truest, most free self and a Declareat for what is to be. This doesn't happen overnight...

Color Energy is defined by the varying frequencies in White Light.
LIGHT is Energy; Sacred and Divine; and these varying frequencies are used in
Light Energy-work and your personal Color Healing Journey Path.

I am the author of the Calya Journey-Wise System of Color Energy Healing. My System is a daily guide for working with your Aura Color Energy and learning Universal principles for Spiritual progress.

Remember the board games of childhood where you followed the colorful squares of a Journey-Path to reach the goal and "win" the game?

Your Spiritual Journey can be thought of as a similar Pathway. Each day certain Color Healing Energies are available to you.

Once you are able to find your color energy for the day; knowing the meanings helps you to forecast the events, make Spiritual Progress and Honorable decisions for your life.
The goal is to learn the Spiritual lessons: stay kind and honorable while traveling this path and becoming your most Divine self. ...and if you "win"? ...Awakening.

Each color energy has it's own set of characteristics which give it a unique purpose and personality. Each Color Energy corresponds to:

  • a body area- for physical ailments
  • emotional issues- for Soul Healing
  • and spiritual principals- for Spiritual Enlightenment

When we understand these correlations, the "Secret Color Coded Message", we are then able to use the colors to connect into our own lives and the lives of others with
Aura Energy-Work...

Aura Color Energy-Work...   

We all have all the colors, all of the time- White Light- and they display in our Aura.

Each Auric Realm vibrates at a different Color Frequency; and each Realm has its own issues and ailments, questions and lessons, set backs and victories-

These Spiritual lessons help us to change and grow as Soul-Beings and we are all called to this Healing Journey of Enlightenment.

Each of us absorbs this Universal Life Force Energy flowing continuously through the Cosmos; how we choose to use it, is a Free Will decision.

Your Aura shifts and changes daily, like the weather patterns of the planet.
Every day occurances keep you changing and reacting constantly for survival. As one Color Realm increases and rotates into a "HIGH" pressure system (clock-wise), the opposite Color Realm decreases and will become a "LOW" pressure system (counter-clock-wise) to maintain HOMEOSTASIS- balance.

These shifts signal a Spirit Color Message to you and guide you on your Journey-Path.

Weather patterns - High and Low pressure systems, are like the flow of Yin and Yang energies. Our Auric patterns flow clockwise (outwards/Yang) and counter clockwise (inwards/Yin) just like High and Low pressures and creating shifts in our energies of which we need to be aware in order to address.

All sorts of things affect our Auric 'weather' patterns-emotions, stress, illness, and even the weather. Our natural homeostasis helps return us to balance but sometimes these energies can become depleted or excessive if we do not participate in the balancing. The energies will send out a Color Signal. That is what we are looking for with the Journey-Wise System--- a code to help us participate in our own life.

Knowing the Secret Color Coded Message allows you to participate in the flow of your own life and be better prepared to use the Life Force Energy available to you at any time.

No one else can tell you when you are ready to make changes, face shadows; only your own body, soul, and spirit can say; and just knowing that you need to change or understanding it intellectually, doesn't mean you know how to change!
Healing with Life Force Energy is the real Magick...

Step One:
Find Your Color Message...

Finding your color daily is the most preferred method of Journeying the Realms. Just as you listen to weather reports, finding your color prepares you for the day ahead.

Any of these will give you your Color Message for the day from your inner self, your own spirit; and with the help of the Divine, this is Divination.

You can also find the Aura Color Message of the Energy surrounding another person, a place, thing or question. Then use it to help you achieve your goals.

Step Two:
All About Your Color...

Once you know your Color Message, go to The Color Chapters Page...
Click on your color to go to the chapter information.

Here you will find detailed information on each of the 17 Colors:

  • Meaning of your Color
  • Helpful Keywords
  • Balance Line Chart
  • Complete details of what is happening in your life right now
  • Even some Magickal Practices to learn

Continue your Color Quest by determining if you are Balanced, becoming depleted or growing excessive in this color.

Imagine a Two Headed Dragon.
One head represents the "yin" qualities and the other is the "yang". One Dragon, two opposing heads.

Yin or Regal Lady qualities are:

  • cool
  • soft
  • quiet
  • inward
  • comforting
  • retreating
  • closed
  • dark
  • nurturing
  • gentle strength

Yang or Regal Lord qualities are:

  • hot
  • hard
  • loud
  • outward
  • agitating
  • expansive
  • open
  • bright
  • challenging
  • mighty defender

This is a Fear Dragon... the Two Heads represent extremes of behavior and fears. When we go too far one way the fear raises it's head and scares us back the other way.

We are in a constant push pull flow, and that is the Natural Order of things.

Balance is not a rigid point but flow; refining extremes to a vibrational glow.

The more frequently we make adjustments, as in finding our color and doing the work daily, the more refined our Energies become, until we very easily and quickly
re-align and re-attune to the shifts that come our way...vibrational glow instead of wide scattered swings.

Fear Dragons keep us safe and on our Sacred Path.

Remember: This is a map of your Journey-Quest. It helps you to see if you are veering to the left or right, accumulating too much of one energy or loosing too much of another becoming too fearful and withdrawn or too imposing and aggressive.

Once you know, you can help yourself stay more balanced and accomplish all the things that come to your heart.

Step Three:
Heal Your Soul...

Learning to Heal with Color and Light is all about repairing damage to your Auric web caused by hurts, neglect, attacks both spiritual, physical and Magickal.

Psychic energy "vampires", illness, when things just don't go your way, all accumulate as random energy distortions in your field.

Colors, tones, foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals and even our thoughts are all VIBRATIONS which we can use to help cleanse, balance, and enhance our Auric Realms.

Once you have a working knowledge of the Magick of Color and Light, you will will be able to manifest your deepest wishes in accordance with the Old Code:
Justice, Mercy, Truth, Honor---West, North, East, South--- and in the Spiral center...Magick.

Book mark these pages on your computer and use the Color Messages from your own Aura to help you navigate your Journey-Quest!

Calya Journey-wise...   

Calya Journey-wise is a system of Metaphysical information and self-guidance based on the Celtic Tradition of journeying inward in order to reach the beyond, increase self-knowledge and Magickal Wisdom; ...how to be honorable and effective in this World and the Other. ...Magick.

  • Awareness- Knowing yourself- deciding who you are- what you really want
  • Discovery- Identifying your core belief structures- why you act a certain way
  • Releasing- Dissolving illusions and patterns which may distort your clear thinking
  • Healing- Restructuring unhealthy or unwanted patterns for the better

All of these things help you, the Seeker, to become a SOVEREIGN BEING, who is learning to participate in the Magick of this Planet and truly Love self, others and Life.

This is a Highly refined Mystickal, Magickal, Metaphysical Healing Art which uses
17 vibrational frequency Realms, to release, restore and revitalize your Life Force Energy with honor and purpose. ...Your Destiny.

Your Destiny...   

Learn to participate in your daily Aura shifts by using:

  • Interior Inspection with the Color Chapters and Soul Questions
  • Support your Aura Message with Crystals, Aromatherapy, Tools and Spells
  • Release the blocks with Guided Color Healing Meditations so you can Journey on...

Seek, Find, Open and Use
-your own Magickal Abilities while on your Journey-Quest.
Comfort and Joy, O, Seeker! Journey-Wise!

  • 17 colors, different frequencies and attributes.
  • 17 Energy houses to balance, relax, restore and revive.
  • 17 Realms through which you will have marvelous journeys.

Calya Journey-Wise gives us each a map to follow; a secret color-coded map that is uniquely our own. Using the system daily, enables you to:

  • participate in your own life
  • Seek, Find, Open and Use your own "secret color-coded message"
  • map the pathway you set up in the before time
  • help you learn the lessons you came here to learn
  • and to arrive at your destination, your Destiny

"Take one step and then another and walk until you arrive!"
(Arom speaking to the Five Who Come Seeking...Chapter Two of Calya's Chronicles: Journey to Evermoore)


(Note-There are times when our puzzle is just too traumatic to try to put it back together on our own.
There are many highly trained, beautifully compassionate doctors and therapists available.
Journey-wise is not meant as a substitute for Professional assistance-never try to live alone.
If you are overly distraught, sad, suicidal, afraid or lonely- Please, tell someone.)