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Money Spell Candles

Green Pyramid Money Candle




Color Message:

Money- Money- Money

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Green Pyramid Money Candle Spell............................$7.95

Green Chakra- Balance- Love- Abundance

Write the amount of money you need on paper and place it under this candle.

Burn the candle and watch for your money to arrive!

This Blessed Money Spell Candle is a pyramid, which signifies a new money venture becoming stable.
It uses Green Color Healing Magick Spell for:

  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Financial Success

Fragrance is soft Cherry. Color is dark green.

How to Use this Easy Spell...
  1. Write your specific money need on a slip of paper and place it under the candle.
    (Remember: Ask for a specific amount, not just "more money"...a penney found in the parking lot is more money!)

  2. Ask your favorite diety to recieve your money request and respond to your need.
    (Remember: Ask from your need, not from your greed)

  3. Burn the candle over a month beginning at the New Moon and ending as the Moon grows full.
    (Remember: Money may arrive in stages, not all at once.)

The Magickal Art of Candle Spellwork is very old, easy to use and brings swift and subtle shifts to your life.

  • Prepare your Space and Altar and your self
  • Be mindful of your intention, hold your candle, then place it in a proper holder
  • Speak your wish aloud and light the candle
  • Watch as the candle burns and carries your prayer to the Spirit Realms

Some spells require you to let the candle burn out completely while others burn the candle for the same amount of time for each session.

Deciding for yourself gives more power to your Magick.