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Magick Spells: Cauldrons

Cauldron - 4.5 inch - 3 legs



4.5 inches

3 legs

Black polished metal (not cast iron)

Victorian black metal cauldron suitable for use as smudge pot, inscense burner, mixing oils and potions and for water scrying...

Cauldron with cover - Triple Moon


Sold Out


4 inches -

3 legs with cover

black cast iron

A cauldron bearing a triple moon on both sides with lid and carrying handle. These cauldrons are individually sand molded leading to each cauldron being unique.

Cauldron - 3inch - 3 legs


Sold Out


3 inches - 1lb 4oz

3 legs and cover

black cast iron

This unadorned cauldron has carrying handle and each is individually sand molded leading to each cauldron being unique.

Cauldrons.........................Your Choice

Cast Iron and Metal cauldrons for healing rituals and Magick...

Here you will find cauldrons... The first is cast iron with the Triple Moon design... next unadorned cast iron... and a Victorian desgin black metal...

Use these Black Cauldrons for:

  • Prayers and Meditations
  • Smudge pots and Incense
  • Candle holders
  • Rituals and Message burning

Add your crystals and oils to create a powerful generator; or use as a Keep for your wounded stones.

Cast iron Cauldrons are perfect to burn your granular incense, use with sand and a tablet of Charcoal - sprinkle the resin when the charcoal is incandescent.

Sacred Incense

Aromatherapy Oils


Learning Divination...

Crystal Balls for gazing...

Cauldrons of the Ancients:

Signifying the Deep Well of Cosmic Knowledge and the Womb of the Goddess, the cauldron figures predominantly in myth, legend and ritual.

The Holy Grail, the Chalice, the Tarot suit of Cups, all have the meaning of the fertile depths of the endless comos from where we all come and to which we all return after out life here on Planet Earth is over.

From Witch's brews and conjurings to see future events and their roots, (Bubble... Bubble... toil and trouble...) to mixing aromatic Aromatherapy oils and resins for relaxation, use your cauldron as you are led... even if it is just to remind you that you are divine!

Elemental Affirmation

Air ignites the Fire

Fire incites the Water

Water invites the Earth

Earth entices the Air

Spirit unites us all...


Soap Stone Burners...

Ceramic Oil Burners...

Charcoal for Incense Burners...$4.95