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Jerry and I have been friends for quite some time. He is also a miner of minerals and gemstones and a great animal lover, especially cats which you will notice on each Cd cover artwork.

"I will continue to visit your website and purchase as many items as I can and keep your Home Page running in the background of my computer to keep the tranquil music playing and soothing my soul. Thank you again. G"

Celtic Harp CDs........Jerry Marchand.........Magickal Music.......Paradise Music CDs!


Here in the Trillium Key shop of Old-Earth, you can hear and select New Age Music CDs for Healing work, New Age Meditation, Metaphysical Relaxation and pure enjoyment! Choose from the Celtic Harp of Jerry Marchand or Paradise Music...

  • Mystickal, Magickal
  • Beautifully Woven
  • Hypnotic and Deeply Relaxing

Well known New England-based Celtic Harpist, Jerry Marchand, continues to create the most exquisit music!

It is the perfect background for meditation, healings, ceremonies, restful nights or hectic days!

You are listening to Moonrise from the Twilight Cd by Jerry Marchand
(click the left button to stop the music)

This is the only music I used for Healing sessions, Aromatherapy and as background music in my old Celtic Moon shop (closed 2003). Each CD becomes an immediate favorite.

I can promise you... you will be totaly enchanted!

CDs may not be returned if opened.

Touch of Christmas CD

Calya Journey-Wise Meditation CD...$20.00

Lady of the Lake CD...$9.00

My Perfect Rose CD...$9.00

Hooded Man CD

Seven Swords of Wayland CD...$9.00

Hear the haunting A Promise Kept on the Scottish Small Pipes
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Twilight CD

Sold Out

Merlyn CD

Sold Out

The Crossing at Rainbow Bridge $9.00

Out of Stock

Knight's Journey CD...$9.00

Out of Stock

Enchanted Forest CD ...$9.00

Out of Stock