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Chakra Merkaba Healing Set

7 Chakra Merkaba Velvet Pouch

pouches may vary

w/ chart of instructions


Embroidered Velvet Pouch with Velcro


7 Gemstone Merkabas

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Chakra Merkaba Set.........$32.95

with pouch

Merkabahs help clear debris from your Aura...

7 Quality Gemstone Merkaba Stars give you a complete Chakra Healing Crystal Set.
Instructions for use are included and the Merkabas come in a black Velvet Pouch embroidered with the Chakra symbols with Velcro closure.

Use this set of assorted gemstone Merkabas to heal and balance your emotional and spiritual bodies.

Place these stones where needed to enhance the Chakra Energy of space.

pouches may vary

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Use in Body Layouts, Affirmation Spells and other Magickal works.
If you have been through stress or an ordeal of any kind, you may need to clear debris from your Aura; it will accumulate if you don't like any waste matter. These energies are not 'dark', negative, or 'evil'... just excessive and you need to clear them away. You will be constantly nagged by them if you don't - they will re-cycle through.

If you are Awakening - releasing your inner self - then you have energies to release and also to enhance as you Journey. This is part of your personal transformation.

Please expect differences; picture is representational.

CROWN CHAKRA - SEVENTH CHAKRA Located above the head. This Chakra governs the Soul and links the individual with the One.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA - SIXTH CHAKRA Located between the eyes. This is Mystick intelligence and psychic power.

THROAT CHAKRA - FIFTH CHAKRA Located at the throat. This is self-worth and self-expression as we search for joy.

HEART CHAKRA - FOURTH CHAKRA Located at the heart. This is interaction, tolerance and love.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - THIRD CHAKRA Located at the solar Plexus. This is the instincs and first self.

SACRAL HARA CHAKRA - SECOND CHAKRA Located at the genitals. This is generates life force and fire of sexuality.

ROOT CHAKRA - FIRST CHAKRA Located at the base of the spine and groin area. This is strength and power reserve.