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Color Meaning: Black Color Magic

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  • scattered?
  • pointless?
  • dull?
  • boring?
Boost Black!


  • crazy?
  • annoyed?
  • stuck?
  • captive?
Boost White!

When bothersome patterns become excessive, you need to banish the curse.

  The Black Personality...

Spiritual Guidance Readings

What is troubling you?

Metaphysically, Three is the number of creation energies. Sacred Geometry Chart...

That's why spells contain repetitions of three.

The Law of Triples is an observable condition.
What we send out we become; and our intentions become strengthened within us by the returning wave of our own energy. Think of the tides. So, if a spell is done with compassion and good intent, a wave of that very energy arrives back to the sender - she will become three times more compassionate and desire this the good intention three times more. This feeds the strength of desire which empowers the Magick of our spells.

It is a good thing for those seeking good - not so good for those who seek ill and malicious intentions as they become three times more malicious.

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Color Meaning:Black Color Healing

Metaphysical Meaning for Healing with Color Black

The Realm of Dalwynara

Energy Healing using the color Black brings Grounding, Banishing, Breaking Curses. Black brings closure.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Black bring you grounding of excess energies and the breaking of patterns.
Usually, some difficult energy pattern that keeps repeating in your life will have returned to haunt you; and it is time to banish it and find your true path.

When you work in the Black Color Energy Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your Journey-Path, your Spiritual walk and getting rid of dangers.

The meanings of Black Energy tell us that sometimes we think that lies and illusions we believe in our own mind are real, and this will cause us to veer off our true Spirtual Path. Use the Healing Energy Properties of the Color Black when you need to shatter these illusions, break curses and banish energies which are hindering your Journey by sending the excess energies down to your feet and out into Mother Earth.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Black:

  • Your Shadow Self
  • Grounding of Excess Energies
  • Breaking Curses
  • Foot Chakra
  • Shatter Illusions
  • Restore Reality

Balance Line for Energy Healing with the Color Black:

Find Yourself on the Black Balance Line.
Which block best describes how you feel right now...



Balanced Black



Scattered, lacking direction

Fear Being dull


Fear that you are crazy

Inertia, same old rut

If you find that you are slightly excessive and into the fear or greatly excessive...
use White... the opposite of Black, to balance.

Meanings and Old-Code of the Color Black:

Realm Name

Black Realm of Mirrors

Body Area



Mirrors, Scrying Cauldrons


Radh-    Journey...

Realm Direction

Central- East



Zodiac Sign

The Archer (Nov. 23-Dec. 22)

Major Festival

Samhain- All Hallows- Nov

Time of Year

Between Times

Time of Day





Spirit- Ether


Black Oak or Walnut



Gemstones and Crystals

Smokey Quartz, Hematite,
Obsidian, Tourmaline

Spirit Questions for the Color Black:

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • What Shadow stalks me?
  • What do I find annoying in others right now?
  • Am I on my Path of true desire?
  • What has caused me to wander from my Path?
  • Can I face myself and break the Curse?
Grounding Excess, Cycles end, Shadow Self, Curse Cures, Reality Restores, Reflections

Something is really bothering you. There is something troubling you and it is very annoying. It continues to show up over and over, a behavior, a mistake causing you hardship, grief and to feel overwhelmed and you believe it is all your fault. You feel cursed.

All things contain all things.

There is a Microcosm and a Macrocosm and each Reflects energies of the other. The more Honorably you walk on your Path the more honor will be expected from you... by yourself.

The Law of Triples applies.
That which you create and put out into the energy flow will be drawn back to you with three times the power.

If you put out fear you will become three times more fearful.

If you put out revenge you will become three times more vengeful.

If you put out kindness you will be able to become three times more kind!

There is a shadow self which haunts your inner castle. Your fears, yes, but moreover, your failings and selfish decisions, the parts of you that you deem unworthy, un-pardonable, treacherous or unacceptable. Very often we see these qualities in others and they make us very angry.

Sometimes in black you will feel lost and that your life has no purpose. At other times your purpose will seem as drudgery and you'll feel that you simply must just crawl out of yourself! Seek balance.

What do you see in others that is irritating or unacceptable? When in Black, it is a mirror. You are seeing yourself reflected and you don't like it.

This is the Reality of your Journey.

Face yourself! When you do, the Excess of energy and emotion will be grounded out your legs and feet and absorbed by Mother Earth the Primal Goddess Yin, because Excess extremes would cause you to stray from your Authentic Path.

Recognizing the truth will keep you balanced and grounded and enables you to continue with honor and humility.

Your direction becomes clear and your path of Enlightened Evolution will then be before you.

Ask Yourself these questions:

  • Am I using all the Natural means at my disposal to achieve Super Natural?
  • …And all the Super Natural to Create my Natural life?
  • Am I doing spell work, prayer rituals and ceremony to honor my Life (lives)?
  • Am I trying to be aware of things around me that are Spirit messages? ...Totem animals, Spirit Guides
  • What is my True Path in this part of my Journey?

Take one step and then another-walk until you arrive.

Surround Yourself with Black Energy...
Eat Black foods like coffee, chocolate, Mushrooms. Use Black crystals, wear Black clothing and think Black Thoughts through your Black Meditation.

Gather Black Magickal Items...