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Color Meaning: Gray Color Healing

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  • ill?
  • depressed?
  • sad?
  • collapsed?
Use Gray


  • nothing?
  • void and avoiding?
  • need to escape?
  • confused...?
Use Gray!

Retreat is always an option;
sometimes they are just too strong.

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Color Meaning: Gray Color Healing

Metaphysical Meaning for Healing with Color Gray

The Realm of Brymn

Energy Healing using the color Gray brings Rest, Retreat and Escape.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Gray bring you rest and retreat. It means that you need to allow yourself to escape your surroundings, if even just in meditation. Know that it is time to admit you need to stop.

The meanings of Gray Energy tell us that once we acknowledge that the world is just too strong for us at this time, we can rest and tend to our wounds. Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Gray when you need to get away, admit there are things that are wrong and overwhelming, if even just for a moment. Add Gray Energy to allow yourself to stop.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Gray:

  • Rest
  • Woundedness
  • Escape
  • Retreat
  • Avoidance
  • Depression

Balance Line for the Color Energy Gray:

Find Yourself on the Gray Energy Balance Line.
Which block best describes how you feel right now...



Balanced Gray



Collapse into Self

Fear Being well, lack of attention


Fear Admitting real wound


If you find that you are slightly excessive and into the fear or greatly excessive...
use Gray... the only color that has no need to balance.

No matter where you find yourself excessive, balanced or depleting, continue here with the Gray Work.

Meanings and Old-Code of the Color Gray:

Realm Name

Gray realm of Muzzy

Body Area

All Over


Cloak of Invisibility


Hagal-     Confusion...

Realm Direction

Central North-West


the Cosmos

Zodiac Sign

distant Constellations...

Major Festival


Time of Year


Time of Day

just pre-dawn and just post sunset




Spirit-Mists- Ether





Gemstones and Crystals

Gray Agate, Strontium,
granite, River Stones

Spirit Questions for Healing with the Color Gray:

What are some of the things that are happening in your life right now...?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel Lost and Abandoned?
  • What is the wound in my life?
  • What are the toxins... bad patterns?
  • Do I need Rest? Do I want to Escape?
  • Am I avoiding the truth?
Confusion, Toxins, Disease, Wounded, Need Rest

Realm of Muzzy- we feel it all over.

A Foggy head, sadness, depression, depleted energies, nervous exhaustion, feeling wounded and full of poisons mark this realm.

Remember- Retreat is a viable option, in fact, if your Color message is Gray, Retreat is the best action to take. You are not at a point of moving ahead and the more you try the harder life becomes. The sooner you realize that you need to back-off, back-down, the better.

The Wounds, Sadness and Malaise need to be acknowledged.
Many things may be "wrong" or unsatisfactory; draining your Life Force; poisoning your system and your efforts. You need to retreat and re-group and do nothing! ...that's right.... NOTHING!

What are your issues? Wounds? Hurts? Name them.
What is it you do not want to face? Name it-then don't face it.

Your energy is in back flow. Your cycle is in retrograde.

You need help. Realize this, admit this, speak it out loud, write it down; and then later in your Journey, when your timing is re-aligned, help will be there.

Sometimes when in Gray you will feel just too overwhelmed to Journey or get well. At other times you will avoid stopping or being alone at all cost so you won't have to acknowledge the issue or real hurt. Seek balance.

The Road is fogged over--- you need to make camp.
Find shelter and retreat and rest deeply. No need to progress on your Journey today.

You will not be able to find where to begin to fix what is wrong. Do NOTHING!

Don't concern your mind and heart today.
Rest...pull back...
only NAME the wound and journal it. It is deep and poisons your life.

Name it and know it.
Retreat, you are overwhelmed.

This is a deep moment of identifying a root cause of energy matrix distortion, one of the tangled knots in the web of your Life's energy.
Herein lies a scar.

Today, however, just wrap your cloak of invisibility around you and blend into your surroundings. Do only those things you absolutely feel you can.

Does your Reality seem out of order? Turned in on you? Have you caused another's confusion?

Universal energies are not in a forward flow for you now.

  • Rest
  • Stay Quiet
  • Retreat
  • Disappear
Let the Gentle Mists of invisibility enclose you, and hide you in Reality

We need these times to help us pinpoint issues. Soon the shift will come and end the Chaos.

Surround Yourself with Gray Energy...
Eat Gray foods (anything you feel you can), Use Gray crystals, wear Gray clothing and think Gray Thoughts through your Gray Meditation.

Gather Gray Magickal Items...