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Why Meditate...? Guided Meditations: Color Magic, Chakra Healing, Crystals

Chakra Meditations CD

Learn to manage your own behavior and problems with Color...

Scented Candles, Incense, Lotions, and Oils for Meditation...

Although I understand when some say they have trouble meditating - using the Body/Soul/Spirit as a healing tool is what the Calya System and Reiki are all about.
Learning to adjust one's vibrational frequency according to the Universal code of Colors and their Spiritual Principles and then, after garnering that grace and gift from the Ethereal Realms - giving it away to someone else who needs it.
It involves becoming a channel and an instrument but more than that it involves becoming the truest, most free self and a Declareat for what is to be. This doesn't happen overnight...

Color Magick Pictures take you to Free Chakra Healing Meditations©

(©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)

These are the Color Magick Pictures.
Each one represents a Color Energy and will call to you if you are in need of it's power.

Click on the picture for the Free Guided Meditation and Metaphysical Self-help...

Understand the Basics...Color is Light     Find Your Personal Aura Color Message...

Why Meditate...?

Calya says: There is a purpose in going on your Journey into the Realms with my Magickal Meditations. It could be relaxation, to release some of the days stress and find a calm place of regeneration or it could be to find the answer to a question or the next best step in a decision.
The purpose could be simple or intricate but the visualizations using the codes are what is key. The archetypes used in the codes illicit a physiological response to a mental stimulus.

We can make actual changes to our body chemistry which in turn give rise to behavioral changes and the way we feel and react and progress on our Journey. One of the first meditations I teach, that I use as an example of this, is what I call "The Lemon Trick". Picture for a moment in your mind’s eye a very dark space. Suddenly a bright spotlight flashes on to show a small table with a bright white table cloth a short distance ahead of you. On that table is a clear crystal bowl of lemons.

You can see their shape, their dark yellow color.... Picture yourself walking up to the table... pick up one of the lemons... feel it's texture... it's waxy skin... smell it... Next to the crystal bowl is a knife. Pick up the knife and cut the lemon in half. See all the little spurts of juice squirt out... feel them on your hands... smell the wonderful scent of lemon. Now... bring one of the halves to your mouth and take a big bite into it... What happens in reality... your mouth waters— physiological response to a mental stimulus.

Gray Meditation

Black Meditation

Brown Meditation

Burgundy Meditation

Red Meditation

Orange Meditation

Peach Meditation

Yellow Meditation

Lime Meditation

Green Meditation

Aqua Meditation

Blue Meditation

Indigo Meditation

Purple Meditation

Violet Meditation

Pink Meditation

White Meditation


Use this Color Meditation to help with issues of the day

This Color Healing is calling to you... pay attention

This is the Color Energy you are trying to avoid... Why?

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Remember the board games of childhood where you followed the colorful squares of a Journey-Path to reach the goal and "win" the game?

Your Spiritual Journey can be thought of as a similar Pathway. Each day certain Color Healing Energies are available to you.

Once you are able to find your color energy for the day; knowing the meanings helps you to forecast the events, make Spiritual Progress and Honorable decisions for your life.
The goal is to learn the Spiritual lessons: stay kind and honorable while traveling this path and becoming your most Divine self. ...and if you "win"? ...Awakening.

Color is Magick!

Color is determined by Vibrational Frequency Patterns. The elements and chemicals present in a Stone, Plant, or Paint will combine to show you Color; the Secret Color Coded Message that you can use to bring Balance, Healing and Magick to your life.

Each Color Frequency corresponds to a Body Realm which aligns with certain Life Circumstances and is governed by specific Spiritual Principals.

Knowing this Code enables us to use LIGHT; become Enlightened as we participate in this flow.
Calya Journey-Wise teaches this system and code. Calya Journey-Wise Workbook...

Light is Color...and Color is Magick!

All art work and information is the copyright of and Calya Journey-Wise