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Color Meanings: Color Magick Pictures

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Color Meaning: Your Daily Aura Color Reading©

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Color Magick Pictures - Find the Color Energy You Need Today ---
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  • Take your time... Relax and look at the pictures below...

  • Deep breath and slowly look at them each again.

  • Click on the picture that matches how you feel to learn more.

This is the Chakra Energy Color you need to use today.

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Find Your Daily Color Need...
Throw Your Stones in the Fountain Meditation

Learn to manage your own behavior and problems with Color...

Escape to Beyond...

Gray Healing Magick

Banish the Shadows

Black Healing Magick

Search for Answers

Brown Healing Magick

Work to be Done

Burgundy Healing Magick

Motivate Creativity

Red Healing Magick

Intensely Focus on Task

Orange Healing Magick

Charm Away Fears

Peach Healing Magick

Let Changes Come

Yellow Healing Magick

End Stress- Reward Now

Lime Healing Magick

Naturaly Mend and Thrive

Green Healing Magick

Relief - Release Guilt

Aqua Healing Magick

It's Time for You

Blue Healing Magick

Tell Your Mystickal Dreams

Indigo Healing Magick

Use Passions Powers

Purple Healing Magick

Gratefully Homeward

Violet Healing Magick

Empower Your Self

Pink Healing Magick

Spirit Speaks- Be Still

White Healing Magick

Healing with Color...
Learn How...
Spiritual Guidance Readings

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Color is Magick!

Color is determined by Vibrational Frequency Patterns. The elements and chemicals present in a Stone, Plant, or Paint will combine to show you Color; the Secret Color Coded Message that you can use to bring Balance, Healing and Magick to your life.

Each Color Frequency corresponds to a Body Realm which aligns with certain Life Circumstances and is governed by specific Spiritual Principals.

Knowing this Code enables us to use LIGHT; become Enlightened as we participate in this flow.
Calya Journey-Wise teaches this system and code. Calya Journey-Wise Workbook...

Light is Color...and Color is Magick!

All art work and information is the copyright of old-earth.com and Calya Journey-Wise