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Gemstone Pyramid Set

Healers Tools...

Yellow Healing..

White Healing...

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Beautiful Quality Gold Rutile Spheres...$78.95

Gemstone Pyramid Set.....$14.95

Conical Pyramids for Regeneration...

This Healing Crystal Conical Pyramid set of Rainbow Moonstone and Golden Quartz is used as Generator/Extractors in Chakra Energy Healing.
Master energy of the feminine and masculine in gemstones.

I find Meditation with a conical pyramid brings closure after times of distress and helps me to find a new beginning when things are in chaos.

New Beginnings Meditation is included with your set.

The Pyramid structure draws Life Force (Prana or Chi) in at the point from the Universal Source.

Capturing quantities of energy, it uses it to build volume, generating a focused pool of regeneration in the base.

When joined with your intentions, the pyramid is said to help the thought forms to materialize for your healing works. .

Pyramids are used by healers to restore in dream-work, revitalize during ailments, and preserve foods and medicinals from decay.

Please always follow the advice
of your own health-care provider.

New Beginnings Meditation Included...

Exceptional quality stones from India...

Pyramid Regeneration Set

$14.95 NOW $7.00
w/ Meditation


1in base - 3/4in tall

Color Healing:

Gold and White

Each of these conical pyramids have a sacred Geometry of 10 - top point and circular base - meaning a return to the Beginning to start again. This is great for releasing long held resentment and will be a necessity in your Healers Tool Kit. (See Sacred Geometry)

The word "Pyramid" carries the meaning of two Greek words: pyre meaning fire and mid meaning in the center. This relates to us that the ancients saw the use of the pyramid increased Life Force energy at the center or core of the being or other things set within it.

Egyptians used the Pyramid structure to help preserve life force of those who were dead and help transport them to the next world.