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Crystal Garden - Build Your Own...

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Crystal Gardens for your Magickal home.... Crystal Gardens ~ grow your own...

1. Choose your Crystal Garden theme... a purpose for your garden.

Perhaps to: celebrate spring? act as a point of focus?
create a clear meditation garden? radiate peace? or a place for dreams to grow?

Choosing one or a combination will give you healing stone colors with which you can build your little world.

2. Choose your Crystal Garden container...

Small plates or bowls work well; but so do flower pots and decorative trays.

If you have a plant who needs a boost of love, that is lovely, too, and will focus on healing growth.

I used a blue agate slice for 'water' and added an orange Carnelian for focus to the Magick of Amethyst for this winter-worn Christmas cactus...

I used a tiny birdbath for one to welcome spring with moss, tree agate, moss agate, Bloodstone, and Citrine.

3. Choose your Crystal Garden medium... and stones...

Sanitized Sand is available in craft stores or you can simply use sand or dirt from your yard or a favorite Magickal spot. (Be aware there may be spiders and other creeping critters in it.)

Crystal Gardens can be set outside or in, so water is also a lovely medium in which to grow your Crystal Garden.

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Rough Stones & Clusters
Wands & Tools
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Healing Stones by Category

Here I have used a clump of moss from Old-Earth...

When using moss or other sturdy medium, use a knife or pick to make a hole first; your crystals will be easier to stand.

4. Place your Crystal Garden in the Realm for which it was made...

Once you have set the stones the way that seems best to your eye... place the Crystal Garden where you can enjoy it and bless it often.

"Crystal Garden, a blessing be - to all who come near. Crystal Garden share ____"your theme"____ with me, and all those I hold dear."

A small bowl filled with Citrine and a golden calcite sphere has an accent of Aqua Aura Quartz for joyful changes...

Use beach-smoothed stones with rough minerals, tumbled stones and why not add a Healers Tool...

This small garden holds Quartz clusters, Orange Elestial Quartz tumble, and Lapis Tumble... Charming Dreams grow here...!

Add drops of my Aroma Aura Oils for added Aura support...

Amethyst clusters and crystal points rest on Amazonite tumble with clumps of moss and a large Quartz Crystal...

I added a Sunstone Tiny Angel to help with blessings of directed energy to this garden with a Faceted Quartz Standing Point...

This pretty glass candy dish holds tiny tumble as a medium and Quartz Crystals and Green Calcite Rough for rewards from all Realms!

A brass Cauldron incense burner is just the right size for a tiny Crystal Garden... this one is also a rest for my Ruby Zoisite Pendulum and wand...