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Dragon Altar - Dragon Scream: How to build a Dragon Altar

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Dragon Altar: How to build a Dragon Altar
and call forth the Dragon Scream

Dragon Altar:
Here is information on how to build a Dragon Altar for aligning with Element of Fire, the attributes of the dragon and to call up your inner strength and power with the Dragon Scream.

You Will Need:

  • selected place - in the South Direction
  • Red, Burgundy, Orange fabric
  • Dragon totem accessories (see left column)
  • Dragon's Blood Candles
  • Red, Burgundy, Orange stones and crystals
  • VITAL FIRE Oil / burner

When you are:

  • frustrated
  • hurt
  • overwhelmed
  • put upon
  • worn out
  • recovering
  • saddened by injustice
  • When you have simply had enough...
I suggest that you make yourself a Dragon Altar and learn to do the dragon roar...

1. Stake claim to a table in the South of your space and cleanse it.
(see Preparing your space... Points of Direction...)
Outside space is wonderful to use, too.

2. Drape it with your chosen cloth and place as many candles as safely possible. Collect Dragon totem accessories, all kinds of things which bear the image of dragons; and as you acquire them, bring them to your Altar where you are developing a well of deep Fire Elemental Energy.

3. Use Copper, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Red Tiger Eye, Red Tiger Iron, and any of the Burgundy/Red/Orange Fire stones place them in bowls, piles, arrange them as you please. Your Altar needs to reflect your energy.

4. Light the candles and use my Red Magickal Meditation and my Red Vital Fire Oil there often and also visualize your own Dragon meeting you there.

5. Learn to release the Dragon... (see below)


The Myth, Mystery and Guardian of the History of Magick.

The Dragonfly was once very large, pre-"historically". The myth connection is that they are the same creature.
The Mystery has to do with the use of Light as a Magickal tool; they both have the green/blue shift of color refraction which marks them as useful allies in shape shifting, color magick and Light Energy Healing, the Dragonfly on it's wings the Dragon on it's scales.

They are both guardians of the TREASURE- enlightenment. ...and the workings of the Realms of the Faer Folk. They both "speak" in riddles.... the Dragonfly with it's flight patterns (very flighty and illusive) and the Dragon, with it's dragony voice, always poses a riddle before letting you pass. Answer the riddle correctly and you will be rewarded with the TREASURE!

Dragons are guardians. They protect and carry the energies of Fire; their very breath is Fire. The represent Life Force and fierce duty to protect those things that may be harmed; especially you.

Dragons are not ferocious; but will be so if provoked. They are easily provoked by insolence, insipidness, falsehood and deceit. But they are greatly entertained by logic, music, reasoning and that is why they love riddles an and use them to test us.

A Dragon Riddle
The village of Havendel is bordered on the North by the River Garin. It is bordered on the East by Lake Logasn. On it's Western border is the Great Gray Swamp, which stretches on for as far as any have ever been. The Mountains of Misery lock them securely on the Southern border, a fine protection but also isolation. Why did the people of Havendel decide to dig a well in the center of the village?

Your Dragon has come now to help you with this frustrating Life riddle you are facing... the one thing you need to do is call him forth with a Dragon Scream...

Dragon Scream: release the Dragon in You...

When you are weakened, you must re-awaken your Life Force.
Do this with a Dragon Roar.

Take a silent scream and a growling roar from way down under, at your perineum, within your body, visualize a Fire Dragon there. This dragon is your fire and you need it now...

See it swirling Red and Orange, glowing, prowling, growling... you know it is there... waiting to be released; to come to your rescue, to defend and protect you.

Imagine, now, the growling, deafening roar as this powerful dragon begins it's fiery ascent up your body... inside of you... a billowing, slowly weaving primal Fire... living, fire-breathing Life Force... releasing... calling.... screaming power Dragon made of flames... Let this bellowing scream roar within you as the Dragon winds its way up though your body... now let it push up past your throat/neck and right out the top of your head!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr-ooooaaa-rrrrr!

It is not necessary to let it noise come out of your mouth as sound... the release comes from within... It creates a physiological reaction to the mental stimulus in your mind.

It is not prohibited either... If at some instances you need to give sound/voice to your Dragon, do so. but always in private and never to harm and or frighten anyone. That would not be honorable. The Dragon Scream is for your healing not for attacking others.

As you become familiar with this practice do not be surprised to see things become warmer in your relationships and more ambitiously productive in your life.

The Element of Fire:

Fire is the power of all Life Force. We are made from it. All the energy coursing through the Universe and our very beings, body,soul,spirit, is a force of Elemental Fire Energy and in need of this primal element.

When we try to be quiet and good, dutiful and self-effacing; we lose part of our Fire.... we spend it; we burn it up as the energy it takes to hold our tongue or be still.
Re-vitalization is restoring that Fire. It brings Life Force, vitality, drive and creative ambitions to the surface once again. Balanced, we return to our 'sunny disposition'!

Out of control, Fire will destroy for that is its nature... it uses up, and causes destruction. When old patterns are no longer needed, Fire helps us to be rid of them. That is how it should be.

Disciplined, Fire warms us, comforts us, gives a light to walk by. It takes away fears of the darkness and unknown. Fire brings us romance and life springs from the ashes.

Healing with Red Color Energy:

Energy Healing using the color Red brings Fiery Power, Ambition to Create and Sexual urgency.

The Energy Healing Properties of the Color Red bring you Drive, Ambition, and Motivation when you work in the Red Color Energy Realm. It means that you are dealing with energies affecting your creative Life Force, and your sexual desires.

The meanings of Red tell us that sometimes we think that we must obey the rules of others blindly even if it means denying your self-expression. Use the Energy Healing Properties of the Color Red when you need to rev up your motives and bring creativity to self-expression; figure out a way to express and create while still harming none.

Key Word Meanings for Energy Healing with the Color Red:

  • Primal Life Force Energy
  • Physical Disciplines
  • Ambitions- Creative Fire
  • Root Chakra
  • Sex Drive
  • Motives, Movement

Meanings and Old-Code of the Color Red:

Realm Name


Body Area

Pelvis, Hips, Genitals


Fire, Candle Magick and Shape Shifting


Daeg-    Immediacy...

Realm Direction




Zodiac Sign

The Lion (Jul. 23-Aug. 21)

Major Festival


Time of Year

Early to Mid-Summer

Time of Day










Gemstones and Crystals

Ruby, Red Jasper
Fire Quartz, Red Tiger Eye

Use the Red Energy available to you to CREATE a NEW THING.

What would be best to Create?

Red Life Force is Potential. It is Fiery, Potent Power.
Will you choose to wield your power with discipline and honor; being mindful of the results of your actions? Check your motives. What is the cause of your move? What moves you?

Surround Yourself with Red Energy...
Eat Red foods, Use red crystals, wear Red clothing and think Red Thoughts through your Red Meditation.

Gather Red Magickal Items...