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Aventurine Healing Gift Basket

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Our Lady of Gracet

A Time to Heal Gift Basket...$59.95
Picture is representational - total value of items over $69.00


Healing Gift Basket
Fern wood basket - shrink-wrapped

Dearest Calya,
Thank you, thank you so very much!!!
I just opened my Time for Healing gift basket and I am absolutely blown away. As always, the stones you placed in it are beautiful and amazing.

One particular stone I was holding instantly brought "Avalon" to mind and I had happy tears in my eyes.

The egg you included also has a strong and loving power to it, and as I was turning it the markings whispered "Isis". More tears.

I am so grateful for your intuitiveness in packing the basket for me as well as including the healing prayer ~*~
Many blessings and much love to you, D~*~

Gemstone Healing Gift Basket..........$59.95

A Time to Heal... A Gift for Mending and Changes...

Each gemstone gift basket contains items from Green Realm...
including Aventurine- the Stone of Endurance
and from Yellow Realm...
with beautiful Citrine- the Stone of Change

Metaphysical Meaning of Aventurine

  • 1.25 lb of Green & Yellow Realm Gemstones
  • Aventurine/Citrine Jewelry
  • Pendulum
  • Votive candle
  • Glass Candle Holder
  • A Time to Heal Message

"Whom do you love, Calya?" Tesque asked, stopping on the newly soaked path. "Tolus." I said, irritated at the delay.
"Stop and think."
"Oh, fine!" I said, frustration showing. "I love everyone. I want what is best for everyone, of course, Tesque. Is that the answer you want?"
"Is that the answer you want to give?"
"Tesque…?" I blurted, "I'm so tired."
"Calya, you are in my Realm of Medicinals. I am Chieftana. The fires have been frightful; horrid death and destruction, and YOU are Regal Lady!" she said firmly. "Aren't you shaken? Don't you need help? Isn't there something you want to ask me?"
I softened my stance and felt dutifully guilty. "How fare the suffering?"
"Most will live," she softened, as well, "but that is not what I meant. You are in Green."
My chest ached with fatigue, so I said, "You're right, Lady Tesque." and gave in to her reasoning. "Duty," I sighed, "Green Journey-work should come first, shouldn't it?"
"I am not trying to shame you into doing your Green work. In my Realm, there is healing and re-structuring, comfort and joy. Tell me what you need to fix, ask to be taken care of and let me help you heal. It's my job!"
Calya Journey-Wsie: Follow the Crystal Path.

Healing Gift Basket

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