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Homecoming Gift Basket

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Carnelian Gift Basket

Gemstone Homecoming Gift Basket
Picture is representational - total value of items over $69.00


Angel Gift Basket
Fern wood basket - shrink-wrapped - gift bow

Gemstone Homecoming Gift Basket.....$69.95

A Gift for Celebrating Home...

Each gemstone gift basket contains items from
Orange Realm...
with wonderful Carnelian Gemstones and Sunstone Gemstones.
And Red Realm...
with beautiful Jaspers.

  • 2lb of Red/Orange Realm Gemstones
    Carnelian,Sunstone,Red Jasper, Orange Elestials,Mugglestone, Red Tiger Eye
  • Carnelian/Jasper Jewelry
  • Spice Votive
  • Silver Glass Candle Holder
  • Bee Natrual Soap
  • Gem Chip Bottles/ Hearts

Picture is representational - total value of items over $60.00

Metaphysical Meaning of Carnelian

We had Tranzed in a whirl of Orange mist to an island off the south east coast of Hammeril. When we landed, the mists swirled and danced away and we found our unicorns waiting to take us to the Desert Dwellings on the Isle of Owna, to the village of aCope in Zaphir's Realm of Mastery.
~ softly and quietly, relax
~ move all over for a last release of tension
~ Breathe a deep Breath of the Moment with me and deeper we go

With the next breath the mists begin to swirl and dance away and you find yourself riding to the Desert Dwellings of Owna. Feel the warmth and dryness of the air, see the rusty rocks and high mesas. You know that all the debris, dampness, emotional clutter are about to burn away in the intensity of the Fire of your Focus.
You are are about to find the dry bare bones of your wants, needs, desires.

It is time. Waiting is over. Wavering is done... You are going home!

Angels Watch Over You
Gift Basket...

Find Your Magick
Gift Basket...

Time for Healing
Gift Basket...

Gift Basket...

Wish You Well
Gift Basket...

Expect Miracles
Gift Basket...

Child of the Universe
Gift Basket...

Passage to Calm & Crown
Gift Basket...