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Gemstone Calming Gift Basket

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Gemstone Calming Gift Basket
Rose Quartz/Fluorite


Fern wood basket - shrink-wrapped - gift bow

Picture is representational - total value of items over $60.00

Gemstone Calming Gift Basket.........$69.95

Passage to Calm & Crown... A Gift for Transitioning...

"What kind of Realm shall you build? What kind of Realm do you want?"

Each gemstone gift basket contains items from Pink Realm...
with gorgeous Rose Quartz...Stone of My Highest Good
and from Violet Realm...
with beautiful Fluorite...The Stone of Soothing Calm.

  • 1.25 lb of Pink and Violet Realm Gemstones
  • Rose Quartz/Fluorite Jewelry
  • Rose Quartz Acra with Instructions
  • Lepidolite Rough Cluster
  • Jasmine Votive
  • Silver Glass Candle Holder

Metaphysical Meaning of Rose Quartz

"The snows were all but gone along the coast. Days were warming; spring was tiptoeing nearer; changing seasons do not wait for us to be ready and time doesn't care what else is happening in our lives.
"Time…" I mused aloud. "Dith's riddle in the Journal, remember?"
"What about it?" Jaedn asked, brows askew.
"Well, you can't outrun time. It always arrives before you do, and doesn't care if you are not yet ready to go." I laughed. But, just then, we topped a sand dune and before us was the sea; a length of rocky coastline, jagged cliffs, and restless, dark waters with Fahaltryn crouched beyond the waves.

At the landing was the ferry and a boatman in shadowy robes, waiting for us. He was tall and gloomy and his face was completely hidden by a dark purple hood. In his hand was a pole oar and, looking like a harbinger of death, he slowly beckoned us to come aboard. It seemed a dismal decision to leave the steady horses and get in the boat.
...And Then... The Magick in Violet helps us to let go; and, moreover, to be mindful and aware of what is. It softens our desperate emotions, and re-aligns our thinking." Roebia began her telling. "Sometimes we fight and strive so much that we forget to stop to see how far we have come. Here, you will find a soothing place to be alone and gather your wits." Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path.

Angels Watch Over You
Gift Basket...

Find Your Magick
Gift Basket...

Time for Healing
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Wish You Well
Gift Basket...

Expect Miracles
Gift Basket...

Child of the Universe
Gift Basket...

Passage to Calm & Crown
Gift Basket...