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Green Man- Lord of Forest and Field

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Trees of Evermoore

Hie! The Green Man
His Face you'll see
Protector of all things wild and free.

The Magickal Life:
The real Magick on Earth is that Time changes everything.
Those things of the Ethereal Realms are the constants, the never-changing Truths and the Immortal Beings who remain the same, untouched by decay, deception or the ravages of Time for Evermoore.

Use Green Healing Magick
and stones for a balanced flow of money, trust, ideas, and love.


Lime Aroma Aura
Oil ...$15.95



ABUNDANCE ...$15.95

Green Man Jewelry, Readings, Posters, Magick Spells, Oils, Candles

The Green Man is the God of the Woodlands.

Green Man is the symbol of the Magickal Male powers of Life and regeneration on our wonderful Planet Earth.

Green Man is the consort of the Goddess; joining with her in Spring Fertility Rites so that she may blossom and bear bountiful Summer fruits and enter the Autumn Harvest with abundance and prosperity; then rest the long Winter through always protected by her love, the Green Man.

Often Pictured as "the foliate head", a face at once human and tree, Green Man is also known as Tree Man, Green George, Jack in the Green, Robin in the Green, the Horned God for the animals he guards, and Lord of Forest and Field as he is the God of the Hunt and abundance.
He is sometimes shown with leaves sprouting from his mouth--- he speaks to us in Nature-speak to tell us his wisdom.
Found honored in every culture, there are many Green Man Heads in the christian cathedrals of Europe.

Our Ancestors knew that Male and Female are not rivals but consorts; each needing the other to complete them, according to the Rules of Nature and so the God and Goddess worked together in a balanced relationship with mutual recognition, respect and reliance.

The Green Man has raised his head.

As defender of Nature and of Mother Earth, we need to call on him to help heal the planet once more. Remebering that we need to work with and within him and not strive to control him.

  • Work some Green Magick
  • Use your Wand
  • Wear his symbol
  • Learn his story
  • Honor Trees
  • Live simply, with Nature

Plant something green for the Green Man.

Tree of Life symbol for all ages...meaning...


Green Money Pyramid...$7.95

This Blessed Money Spell Candle takes the Sacred Geometry shape of the pyramid which signifies a new financial creation becoming stable,
and uses Green Color Healing Magick Spell for:

  • Money
  • Prosperity
  • Financial Success

Green Man Poster...$8.95

8.5 inches x 11 inches ...a beautiful way to honor The Lord of the Greenwood.

This Green Man Poster tells Myth and Lore and is printed on heavy cream-colored stock, also shows some of the different ways the foliate head is depicted.


Celestial Trees... See Collection

Handcrafted Tree Art with Gemstones and Crystals to Honor the Ways of the Wild and Free!

Let the Sunlight stream into your Healing Grove through these incredible pieces and increase the Gemstone Healing Magick of your Sacred Space!