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A Crystal Grid is used to amplify intentions and Spirit Energies.

A Crystal Grid can be placed on a very small space or on many acres of land.
The whole planet is a grid.

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Past Life Blocks:

Obsessed with a love?

Obsessed with a location?

Obsessed with a fear?

Same Mistakes?
Choosing Wrong Friends?

Too Trusting?

Can't Trust?

Sacred Purpose?
A Healer?

A Psychic?

A Teacher of Ancient Wisdom?

Personal Questions?
Where and when were my past lives?

What am I supposed to learn this time around?

Is there something I need to correct?

Am I connected to ____ from a past life?

You always have the key.

Be sure to lock the door behind you!

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Past Life Reading...

Past Life Crystal Grid- Free Grid Instructions

Charge a Crystal Key to unlock information from Past Lives that will help you to overcome hindering patterns now.

We are a conglomeration of trial and error and success; and it is all about choice.
Use Past Life information to untangle yourself and make repairs.

Crystal Grid- Unlock

Note the pattern of the grid shown above. It is like a clock.
Read:  How to Construct a Gemstone Power Grid...

Construct your Past Life Key Crystal Grid:

You Will Need:

  • Mini Quartz Cluster
  • 4 pieces Golden Tiger Eye
  • 2 pieces Marium Stone
  • 2 Turitella Fossil Stone
  • Quartz Natural Point
  • Golden Brown Pouch
  • Instructions
  • Paper and Pen
  • Question or Block
  • Quartz Mini Cluster: This represents you.
    Quartz is a universal gemstone with a powerful action of connecting to the Etheric Realms, Spirit Guides and the Energies of the Un-seen.

    A cluster clears away unwanted energies, creating Magickal Movement and helping to access the Etheric Records.

    • Carry the Quartz Mini Cluster with you for three days. Think about the hindering pattern about which you seek information.
    • Place the cluster in the Center of your space. Put your question paper under it.

  • 4 Golden Tiger Eye: These pieces represent Past Life Records.
    Tiger Eye in this golden brown color has the power to connect to your "permanent record". It helps you to know what to ask and keeps you stable when you find out the answers.
    • Place the pieces of Golden Tiger Eye at the 10- 2- 4- and 8 o'clock positions ( as if on the face of a clock.)
    • Each of these is a Doorway to a Past Life. Imagine these doorways floating above you... each different in style, color.

  • 2 Marium and 2 Turitella Fossil Stones: These represent your Sacred Path.
    The Browns connect to the Tower of Records and the scrolls and fossils help to lock onto the genetic codes of our ancestors as the dark black colors help protect you from being overwhelmed by a rush of information. These are to help keep your feet safely on your Sacred Path.
    • Place these pieces at the 9- 12- 3- and 6 o'clock positions.
    • Each of these is a safe bridge between the doors, between the lives, that always connects back to this plane and this life now. You know they are safe; you are already here in this life.
      (You can do nothing to change the past... only learn what you need to change now.)

  • 1 Quartz point: This is the Key which will open the doors.
    Quartz is a magnifier of all energies and makes connections to the Spirit Realms.

    • Breathe and relax and focus upon the Quartz Cluster. Think about the hindering pattern about which you seek information. Imagine the Quartz pulsing with Magickal Energy.
    • Touch the small end of the Quartz Wand to the cluster and begin transferring the Light to the other stones in the grid; starting with the Marium at 9 o'clock and moving in a clockwise direction.
    • Envision the Light Energy flowing and moving faster and faster until the whole grid is activated and "humming".

  • Ask your question and Request to be shown which of the doors will give you the answers you seek. One of the Tiger Eye stones will become very important.

  • Place the Quartz Wand to point at it from the center cluster to the 'chosen door' like the hand of a clock.
    This is now a Crystal Bridge Key. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state.
  • Envision yourself unlocking the door with the Crystal Key, entering, and re-locking the door behind you.

You may get an immediate flood of information or a steady stream or just a few drops.

Answer these questions:

1.What do you see around you?

2.Where are you? ...When are you?

3. What is your name?

4.How are you dressed?

5. Who is there with you?

6.What is your position in life; what do you do?

7. Then... What is happening in that specific moment?

8.What is the answer to your question?

Write it all down; these are your answers.

Leave the Past Life Key Grid in place.
You will continue to receive incites for as long as it remains set. Watch also for direct information about time and locations of past lives to arrive from everyday conversations and meetings and your thoughts and dreams. Do not over-tax yourself; 15-20min. is long enough to stay in the vision. When you leave it, un-lock, come back through the door and re-lock it. Every time.

Try another DOOR!

Past Life Crystal Grid


Crystal Grid- Unlock

Past Life Key Grid...$ here

 Past Life information helps us to know our history,the Karma we carry
and how to repair mistakes.

Genetic Memory stored in our Body/Soul/Spirit can affect our motives and intentions in this life...

According to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, our DNA stores all of the thoughts and events that have ever occurred in our ancestor's lives, and 99.99 percent of our DNA is identical to everyone else in the world. This is our direct access point to the AKASHIC records.

As we pass from one life to the next, trauma, joy, and Free Will choices combine with our persona to form our Soul, our Etheric Body. We are learning.

We are learning to create; creating Help and Harmony and sometimes Hindrance and Harm. The knot-work patterns we willfully create have consequence (Karma). If the harmful knot is not resolved in one life, it's energy remains in the Etheric Body and shows up as a pattern in the next. Use Past Life information to untangle yourself and make repairs.

We are Body - Soul & Spirit... A Storm in any of these Realms will cause imbalance and, if not alleviated, will manifest as Dis-ease.
Gemstones, by means of their chemistry and color, will share their own auric energy to help us heal.

Gemstone Healing in the Physical Body - composed of:

  • Solids (bones, muscles, organs)
  • Liquids (blood, plasma, hormones, body fluids)
  • Energy (nerve impulses- which link to soul reactions)

    Is there injury, malfunction or simple aging?

Gemstone Healing in the Soul- which is our:

  • Intellect (ability to reason and remember)
  • Emotions (how we feel or react for survival)
  • Will (how we choose to act- which connects to spirit being)

    Certain belief structures, locked in emotional reactions from old wounds or inappropriate choices may cause distortions which hinder well-being.

Gemstone Healing in the Spirit - which is comprised of:
  • Universal Life Force (makes us alive)
  • Human Life Force (makes us Human)
  • Individual Life Force (makes us Unique Expression of the Oneness in Physical form)

    Here there may be mis-understandings about our deep connections to each other and the Source.

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