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Magick Jewelry: Pewter Charms, Lucky Medals, Amulets...

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Celtic Solstice Pendant
Celtic Solstice Pendant...$18.95
ON SALE $12.00

Gemstone Jewelry

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Healing Wands

Magick Jewelry: Pewter Charms, Lucky Medals, Amulets......under $30.00

An amulet is lucky jewelry...!

Crafted with Magickal intent, charms, medals, and amulets are pieces of jewelry to help protect us against evil, injury, or disease. They are blessed with the specific intention to ward off bad luck and change your fortunes. They are lucky jewelry!

Here are some of my favorite Magickal Pendants, Pewter Charms, Medals and Amulets; all under $30!
Magick Spells on Sacred blessed medals for your health, wealth,love and well being.

Affordable metals and stones - light weight - but so very attractive.

...more to come...

Chains & Chokers...

Spiral of Life Charm

Spirals of Life Charm Pendant...$22.95

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Spirals of Life Charm Pendant...$22.95

In the never-ending spirals of life, we dance!
There is a boundless Magick... a profound force, flowing through the multi-verse... and we are a part of it.

Square the Circle Charm

Squaring the Circle Charm Pendant...$18.95

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Squaring the Circle Charm Pendant...$18.95

We merge Spiritual Realms and Physical Realms... squaring the circle... bringing spirit into our daily life.

Wishing Wheel Charm

Wishing Wheel Charm Pendant...$18.95

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Wishing Wheel Charm Pendant...$18.95

As our thoughts converge into intentions, we clear our hearts and allow our Spirit to join with the Magick...

Win Your Love Pendants...$12.95

Win Your Love Power Pendants

Pewter Amulet inscribed with Ancient Spell.
Win the Love of your Choice

Win Love of Your Choice Medal...$12.95

Intricately inscribed with an Ancient glyph Spell to empower you as you search for your One True Love.

Pewter medallion is inscribed on both sides.

Wear it to attract your Love or to keep the Love you have already found.

Cosmic Tree of Life Pendants...$12.95

Cosmic Tree of Life Medal...$12.95

Beautifully detailed with Sun and Moon, here is a 1.25 inch Tree of Life Medallion in Silver-plated Pewter.
Celebrate you connection to the Green Man and all of the Natural World and to the whole Cosmic Family!

You, Your Family, Your Ancestors, the Family of Man and All Things, intimately bound together by the Laws of Nature. You are never really separated... You have the right to be here...

Egyptian Pharaoh Amulet...$12.95

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Egyptian Pharaoh Amulet...$12.95

What is being hidden from you...? Draw in protection.

Zodiac Amulet...$12.95

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Zodiac Amulet...$12.95

Blessed to draw in all the powers of the Cosmos... and hold them until needed...

Magickal Moon Amulet...$12.95

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Magickal Moon Amulet...$12.95

Magick of the waning Moon calls on rest for the weary and an end to strife...

Sun Burst Amulet...$12.95

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Sun Burst Amulet...$12.95

Solar Energy charges everything we are, everything we use... charge your Magick