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Chalice Well Pendant

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Chalice Well Pendant

Chalice Well Pendant
New Delicate


Sold Out


1.25 inches
with black cord


Lead Free Pewter

White Energy Healing...

The Healing Sign:

vesica pisces

As you meditate and gather your Healing Light Energy over the next few days, please attach our healing sigil, the Vesica Pisces, to the Sun when you see it.
This Healing Sign will follow the "Sun's Path" connecting us all as we participate in worldwide Healing Events.

Thank you for your time, effort and blessings.

Chalice Well Pendant...$22.95

Vesica Pisces Pendant- Chalice Well symbol

Magickal Bridge between Heaven and pewter with exquisite details.

  • Union of Divine and Human
  • Union of God and Goddess to create
  • Union of Spirit and Matter
are all symbolized in the symbol called the Vesica Pisces. I have found a company who hand pours each of these special pieces.

High quality, lead free Pewter with exquisite details of the Chalice Well cover. 1.25 inches... comes with black cord and prayer:
"May all your thoughts be blessed with the Divine Desire to be kind and as you cross the bridge between the Worlds seeking for healing, may you return with an answer to your prayer... may it come to be as you have said."

Mystery, Magickal Awareness- This is the Mystick Symbol worn by the Healers of Evermoore.

Chalice Well Symbolism...

Chalice Well Pendant
comes with cord

Wearing this pendant and meditating with this sign is part of our Healers of Evermoore practice. It helps draw upon those healing energies said to reside within the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, also known as the red well of the Goddess.
Cord included. Pewter. 1.25"

Chalice Well is located by the Tor (Chalice Hill) near Glastonbury, England.
The Tor is said to be the home of Gwynn ap Nud, the Fairy King. The area is known as an ancient Druidic site and is famed for it's Magickal Gardens as well as the healing properties of the Well.

A story is also told that Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail there, and the site has been associated with King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and, the Isles of Avalon. In modern day it is still known for it's healing properties and fairie lights and UFO's are said to frequent the area.