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Silver Wire Wrapped Pendants

by Watersedge...Wire Wrapped Pendant
photo by Lee-Ann Kozora

Metaohysically: the water's edge is the mystickal place where the conscious meets the unconscious - where Faerfolk mingle with us. By Water's Edge, you can stand with one foot in each world...!

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Calya welcomes the artisan jewelry of

Carol Nash: Watersedge Jewelry
Carol Nash
Growing up in the 1960ís in Milford, Conn., Carol Nash developed an early appreciation of the ocean and its beauty.

Moving to Charlestown, Rhode Island in 2001, She was inspired by the rural character of South County.
Photographing wildlife, beaches and garden scenes, she delights in taking advantage of the marvelous things all four seasons have to offer.

OUR PRODUCTS  Quartz Cluster

Silver Wire Wrapped Pendants...................................................$24.95-$34.95

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry...

by Watersedge...
Find Your Treasure!

Silver-wire spirals and plays around the edges of these gemstones...

Expertly wrapped by jewelry artist Carol Nash,these glorious Agates, Jaspers, and Seaglass are accented with sparkles of glass beads and charms.

Choose from 10 one-of-a-kind pieces

Wire is silver plated jewelry wire, lead-free, tarnish resistant.

Wire Wrapped Agate


Aurora & Agate...$34.95

  • 3 inches
  • Purple Aurora Beads/Pearl accent
  • Purple Agate with crystal center

Purple Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate


Sun Spiral Red Jasper...$28.95

  • 2 inches
  • Copper Wire Spirals
  • Dark Red Jasper

Red Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate


  • 2 inches
  • Dragonfly and Crystal Bead accents
  • Crystal Aquq Blue Agate


Aqua Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Jasper

Jasper & Pearl...$34.95

  • 2 inches
  • Faceted Crystal/Pearl accent
  • Black Jasper

Black Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate

Sunset Shore Agate...$34.95

  • 2 inches
  • Black and Orange Bead accents
  • Brown Agate

Brown Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate

Water Blue Spirals...$34.95

  • 2 inches
  • Silver Swirls and Spirals
  • Water Blue Agate

Blue Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate

The Pink Pearl...$34.95

  • 2 inches
  • Pink and White Pearl Bead accents
  • Rose Pink Agate

Pink Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate

Tree of Life...$27.95

  • 2 inches
  • Copper Wire Spirals
  • Dark Orange Agate


Orange Color Meaning...

Wire Wrapped Agate

Timeless Seaglass...$24.95

  • 2 inches
  • Burgundy Bead accent
  • Crackeld White Seaglass

White Color Meaning...

Wampum Necklace

Wampum Necklace...$28.95

  • 3 inch shell
  • Purple Glass Beads
  • 16 inch Black Cord

Indigo Color Meaning...

Rhode Island Quahog Shell and bead necklace. These shells were used by the Narragansett Tribe to make the form of currency known as wampum