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New Age: Spiritual Journey-Work - page 2

New Age Journey Work

Above is a map of the Color Realms in
the Calya Journey-Wise System.

Here, in this imaginary land, you can travel to each realm to learn all of the intricate details of how the color effects you and how you can use it to affect changes in your life.

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How Did I Get Here

Sometimes we fall into a pattern of self-defense in order to survive in some kind of state that permits us to be our own person, our own self. All of this Journey-Work is about the one goal: getting to be just who we are.

It is a Journey of discovering our deep self and the action of releasing our deep hidden self form the "prison" that we create over us to shield us from society and to conform to society so that we will not be thrown out. We learn in life how to live with others and survive; but no one teaches us how to do this; we are thrown into the torrent at the tender age of 4 or 5 and many sink, some swim and some prefer to get out of the water!!!! This torrent of Lifes waters surges us along until we arrive at the point of saying, "I need something to change!" That is when we know we have arrived at a Spiritual Crossroads and are ready to Journey.

Through the Journey-Quest, we learn to undo the trap, use the key and unlock the "prison" by discovering that we are still in here... and learning to say what it is we do want and how we really feel. AND THEN accomplishing our life by participating in the shifts of Life Energy instead of being tossed about by them. Our Journey helps us to form our own life the way we want it to be but at the same time learn to not trample another under our feet as we do this. We learn Spiritual Truths, we learn the color code key, we learn self-awareness and we become empowered; not to trample or over power another, but to participate in the great Oneness and bring comfort and joy to all.

Where am I going? We must travel step by step and not expect to understand the end from the beginning. But how do we know when to speak and when to be still? ...when to risk confrontation and when to hide away? How can we tell how our voice or actions will be excepted or which way to turn at the next crossroads?

The Calya System provides us with a coping mechanism. A system that draws from ancient, tried and proven Mystickal symbols and codes. It's fun and adventurous and can be used by everyone regardless of belief system. The Calya System gives rhyme and reason to your daily life and the color code helps give purpose and most wonderfully, a way to work with the ever shifting energies.

You have the regal right to take part in building your own life, your own Realm. You have the royal responsibility to take part in your own Journey-Quest, for it is your destiny and the task belong to no one other than you.

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