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New Age: Spiritual Journey-Work - page 3

New Age Journey Work

Above is a map of the Color Realms in
the Calya Journey-Wise System.

Here, in this imaginary land, you can travel to each realm to learn all of the intricate details of how the color effects you and how you can use it to affect changes in your life.

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How Does it Work

The whole of the Color Healing System is actually rooted in Quantum Physics. I will not pretend to be able to give details about how such things work. I only know that science continues to explain Magick and that the Metaphysical is coming closer.
Ancient cultures all have their rituals and myths and belief systems which try to explain the Super-Natural Metaphysical world, connect to it and use it to better our condition.

We want to earn things... get gifts... win the reward... be noticed and recognized as valuable. BUT...

We do not earn things, we participate with kindness in the ebb and flow of the Universal energies surrounding our own lives and in that way we become co-creators. That is the glory of Journey-Work. The Universe has not given you anything that you did not produce yourself; by the intricate energy patterns you created and released, perhaps over several years.

Unfortunately, this applies to areas, countries, groups, families, as well as individuals. So you can see the swirling, knotted, intricate web of energy patterns surrounds you and all things at all times... affects you and is affected by you... the good and the bad. For as kindness, gentleness, and caring create waves of energy so do selfishness, envy, and greed.

Balancing- All is Intertwined

Gemstones, Crystals, Oils, and Meditations other Holistic modalities work on tiny vibrational levels. The effects are subtle and best suited to subtle energy distortions.

Everything that exists Vibrates in different wave lengths or frequencies called colors; including our Body/Soul/Spirit. These Color Patterns make up our Auric Field; our Chakras, or REALMS.
If we don't know that we can correct the distortions which continually occur, they can go on for a long time. Balancing Daily is best, but sometimes we need direction.

Knowing the Body Area where the Dis-ease has manifested, shows the Color Healing Magick needed to best bring that Energy back to balance, diminishing pain and restoring Comfort and Joy!.
Any Change for the Good is called a Healing.

We are Body - Soul & Spirit

A Storm in any of these Realms will cause imbalance and, if not alleviated , will manifest as Dis-ease.
Gemstones, by means of their chemistry and color, will share their own auric energy to help us heal.

Gemstone Healing in the Physical Body - composed of:

  • Solids (bones, muscles, organs)
  • Liquids (blood, plasma, hormones, body fluids)
  • Energy (nerve impulses- which link to soul reactions)

    Is there injury, malfunction or simple aging?

Gemstone Healing in the Soul- which is our:

  • Intellect (ability to reason and remember)
  • Emotions (how we feel or react for survival)
  • Will (how we choose to act- which connects to spirit being)

    Certain belief structures, locked in emotional reactions from old wounds or inappropriate choices may cause distortions which hinder well-being.

Gemstone Healing in the Spirit - which is comprised of:
  • Universal Life Force (makes us alive)
  • Human Life Force (makes us Human)
  • Individual Life Force (makes us Unique Expression of the Oneness)

    Here there may be mis-understandings about our deep connections to each other and the Source.

The One and the All

We all are the many parts of the One, the Divine. Separated by choice, we come here to the Earth Plane to work out knots in our character, our individual souls, until we are ready to go back and re-join the Oness. We are each other.

We can not fool the Divine Universe; our true motives and intentions are always known. The most important quality to develop is kindness...
Being truthful is kind. Being Honest is kind. Being responsible is kind.
Being grateful for something received is honorable but it is not a means to get things in the future, now is it?

Show true gratitude for the blessing by being kind and passing on the very energy you received. For instance if you asked for a job and got one--- pass on the energy by trying to help another to get a job; something like that. That is Justice and Justice and Mercy are kind.

As we move into a global society we need to develop a world or universal system of morality; one that is based on scientific observation as to what is good for the planet and all of it's inhabitants. One we can all agree to objectively and which is not dictated by religions or countries or persons. A system of decision making and participation which benefits all as fairly as possible .

Shouldn't this system be based on the order of Nature, Quantum Physics; and strive to include the rich and poor, high and low?

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