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New Age: Spiritual Journey-Work - page 4

New Age Journey Work

Above is a map of the Color Realms in
the Calya Journey-Wise System.

Here, in this imaginary land, you can travel to each realm to learn all of the intricate details of how the color effects you and how you can use it to affect changes in your life.

Color Magick Pictures...

Find your Personal Color today

Color Readings...

Aura Readings Help Find Answers

Color at a glance...

Find Metaphysical Information

Color Therapy Products...

Purchase Items You'll Need

Color Meditations...

Shift your Aura Energies

Calya's Quest... Fantasy Role Play to Solve Life Problems

What Do I Do Next

To put it in modern terms, I have developed my Calya Journey-Wise system and web site to work like a type of Fantasy Role Playing game... Fantasy Role Play to solve real life problems.

It is very important to understand that these changes are not instantaneous...
They will come... but you must stay focused and continue the Journey.
It took you your whole life to get where you are--- it will take time and effort to get where you want to go.


How can you better your life condition? What is it you want?

Here are the next steps on Your Quest:

  • Go to the Quest Home Page
    Present your issue and follow the directions

  • Choose the Color Realm
    One of the Color Realms will grab all of your attention

  • Gather Tools for Your Quest
    Crystals, oils, healing kits... all help to better your condition

  • Find the Wisdom Message
    Solve the Realm Riddle - tie the Wisdom to your issue

...then Journey on, O, Seeker... Go to the Quest Home Page

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New Age Teachings and Articles...

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