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New Age: Spiritual Journey-work

New Age Journey Work

Above is a map of the Color Realms in
the Calya Journey-Wise System.

Here, in this imaginary land, you can travel to each realm to learn all of the intricate details of how the color effects you and how you can use it to affect changes in your life.

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What is Journey-Work?

Life is Magickal... Time is Magickal...

Living here in this Earth-plane and learning the lessons of aligning with kindness, gentleness, and balanced self-sufficiency keeps Magick near at hand and it is called Journey-Work.

Living a life of awareness and entering into a true participation makes everything Magickal.

When we become aware and willfully participate in the flow of energies surrounding our own living Life Unit- (our being)- every moment then has the potential to make changes for the better which is healing; which is Magick.

Breathing is sometimes all one needs to do to send out willful energy and thought; and that is all that Magick is... and that is why it is so powerful and needs us to be so caring and kind.

Sometimes Journey-work is affectionately called the trip through hell!

Traveling through hell is not quite how I would put it, but yes, there are certainly going to be challenges for the Seeker and those challenges come to our ego.
This begins the Shaman's Journey to the other worlds to obtain and retrieve graces... It begins your Awakening.

Learning to let go of the fears that twist our Sacred Path into knots and distortions and to embrace our own Ascension is what our Journey holds. We are called to love, be kind, and be our strongest most independent self while fulfilling our unique role in the Universe.
Only we can say what that is and only we can choose to participate.

The major point is that we journey, and do so with open eyes and an open heart.
Mundane peoples, non-Magickal folk, Journey to please themselves and have a good time and show off.... They want the attention of 'look what I am doing!" and "See how spiritual I am!" and that is not the reason to journey.

The reason is to Ascend... to Seek, Find, Open and Use...

1. you Seek for the Way you must go the way that suits you and tests true - that is discern it and know it by it's fruit it bears. Does it work?

2. you Find your Way the way that seems good to you and you hold onto it you Journey even though it is hard, seeing the truths around you learning the code.

3. you Learn to Open the treasures you are given, all of the gifts and graces.You learn of yourself all of the strengths and weaknesses and you decide to grow and make the needed changes.

4. you step out and Use what you have Found and when knowledge of helpful good is used with kindness and compassion, for the Love of just one and the good of all, it becomes Wisdom and you Ascend - one step at a time...

"Know Thyself." As we travel here in this world, in this life, our Journey-work is the process by which we develop first knowledge then a connection with the Natural and Supernatural; Realms of the Other Worlds where Beings of Spirit and Light dwell.

To do this we use Spiritual exercises in Metaphysics and Healing.

Once we believe and know and connect then we are able to build a deep, beneficial relationship with the Guides and friends willing to help us find our way to love and honor. A relationship that is reciprocal and real. That is Journey-Work.

The more we build the more we see the benefits and Spiritual progress - the more we progress the more we believe.

Participate in Your Life

When I teach, I tell the Seekers, "Life is a river. Sometimes it is wide a smooth flowing, then the current swirls and hurries you along. The waves toss you high in the air and you feel light and free; then plunge you under water and scrub you along the bottom, bruised and wounded. Then back you go to the surface where you gasp for a breath... slosh along for awhile then all of a sudden you are out to sea.... Better to get in the boat.

The Calya Journey-Wise System is your boat. It helps you to navigate, see what may be ahead and be prepared. But most importantly, it helps you to participate in the Energies of your own life; not to be just tossed around by life, but actually participate and progress on your spiritual journey so that you arrive at the place you want to be.

Daily Aura Energies

Amazing isn't, when you can actually feel the shift and know you have been doing the work that has made it happen? I always feel that it is so important for us to feel that we can actually affect our own lives and not be tossed about beyond our control.

The Calya System is all about working with the daily changes in your Aura; finding the color that needs your attention, learning what that means and where in the body you might feel it, what daily life issues may be attached and then how to balance and smooth it all out.

Changes and shifts happen daily in the Aura, much like the weather patterns of the planet; a HIGH here pulls in energy and creates a LOW there...and so on...

These shifts signal a Spirit Color Message to you and guide you on your Journey-Path.

Your Destiny

Our Destiny is not fixed or unchangeable nor is it a thing already set in stone. It is a work that we must attempt to create, to carve out of the situations that life brings us.
As we do, we come to understand that the best works we achieve are accomplished when we are not contriving to make things happen in our own time or in our own way but allowing our Body/Soul/Spirit to move and act as one without desperation or thoughts to control another.

You Can Do It

Knowing the Secret Color Coded Message allows you to participate in the flow of your own life and be better prepared to use the Life Force Energy available to you at any time.

No one else can tell you when you are ready to make changes, face shadows; only your own body, soul, and spirit can say; and just knowing that you need to change or understanding it intellectually, doesn't mean you know how to change! Healing with Life Force Energy is the real Magick... and you can do it.

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(©Calya Journey-Wise System is a copyright of Catherine Avizinis)